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The World of Secfenia

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The World of Secfenia: A Fantasy Based RPG Browser Game

he darkness has risen and the renaissance has begun. It is up to the people to determine who will rise as the new leaders of this golden age or who they will allow to govern them either in a republic, monarchy, or theocracy.

One must select the role in which they wish to play in society and how they shall play their part in either disrupting or encouraging the foundation of law, society, trade, and religion. With support of others, almost anything is possible if one sets their mind to it. The question sits... what will one resolve to do or not do?

From Mark Manuella (Historian)


Aug 11, 2016:
Travel changes go into effect on August 12th reset. Details

Aug 03, 2016:
Server Downtime/Sluggishness is being address. Part of it has been fixed. Working on it more.

Jul 07, 2016:
Ability for VR's to interact with the peasant VR's.. Details

Jul 03, 2016:
A new little feature is now active. Players who wish to put "Ask at your own risk" as a Pregnancy status can do so now. Details

May 03, 2016:
We now are publishing some game news events on twitter and facebook. It's a great time to follow us. FB: Twitter:




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What is Secfenia?
The world of Secfenia is a massive multi-player Fantasy Renaissance role playing game set in the 1650's. Start a character in game, meet your neighbors and tell your story on the forum.

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