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The World of Secfenia

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The World of Secfenia: A Fantasy Based RPG Browser Game

he world of Secfenia starts off all new creatures with basic choices - what to eat, work, and some side actions. Visit the Traveler's caravan for some extra money or maybe even get some questions answered. Decide if you wish to become strong, intelligent, charismatic, or even dexterious. These choices can build your new role in the community.

As you progress, you can choose paths for your role in your existance. Want to be a Mayor or Monarch? Gather the support and loyalty of your fellow creatures. Want to be a religious leader? Take the path of the Overseer or Priest. Want to lead an army? Become a captain and cause fear in your enemies.


Jul 13, 2014:
Mobile Release 8 is now live

Jun 26, 2014:
Mayor's will notice a new series of screens with r35

Jun 05, 2014:
Don't forget to play the S14 game every day for a chance to win items, money, or even a raffle ticket.




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What is Secfenia?
The world of Secfenia is a massive multi-player Fantasy Renaissance role playing game set in the 1650's. Start a character in game, meet your neighbors and tell your story on the forum.

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