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May 1, 2023:
Twitter has depreciated some of their API recently which has resulted in the system no longer being able to post updates automatically from the game. As such, twitter may or may not be updated with new updates in rare conditions (i.e. Downtime). We are currently evaluating our future on the Platform and if there are other social media platforms that our players would prefer. We welcome players to join our discord server if you have not yet. Details

April 4, 2023:
We are currently experiencing an outage receiving emails from outside domains. As such, a temporary Gmail account has been created to deal with any issues. You can email us at [email protected]

April 2, 2023:
Final Phase of Cups of Cornmeal removal Details

April 2, 2023:
Version 3.1.024 is now live! Details

December 2, 2022:

Repair shops have been changed to give 4 Repair Points every main reset

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