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Spring Fling

Posted: Sat Mar 30, 2019 3:15 pm
by Grayson
Grayson walked around town looking for the right spot, He thought and wondered what would be the perfect spot to have this years Spring Fling? It had only been a couple weeks that the new council had taken over and Grayson had been elected as Viceroy. He wanted this to be a special party, the VR had not had any real fun in a long time and it was needed. Also what was needed was the VR to join to relax and have some fun. There were plenty of creatures living in and around Bravia and Paz. He was hoping that this year with all the pesky snowmen that people would join in the revelry and merriment at the time of year since it was now spring and time to renew things.

Grayson made his way to the garden of the Castle. He smiled when he thought of how pretty the Garden was when it was in bloom. Yes this would be the perfect place to hold a Spring Festival. A little bit of this, a little bit of that and we would have the perfect area. We will need music, food and definitely a dance floor; He knew that if he did not dance with his wife there would be trouble for him. He looked at the fountain and wondered if there was a way that they could use the fountain as part of the dance floor. Some lights in the area to make the water and mists sparkle and change to heighten the effect of the spray on the party. Some one can make this work, who would be the question. He would have to get hold of Mateo_Umia and have him get the word out. This needed to happen! He summoned a falcon and wrote a message for Mateo to meet him here at the garden and to bring the council if he could message enough of them to come out and help get this working. Sending the falcon off he started.

The fountain was a round one with beautiful statues; that would be the focal point of this floor with the use of some magic and thought he began to rearrange the garden in this area. He widened out the walkways until the whole area was paved over. With the use of some of the trees and such he began to create a circular dance floor around the fountain. He used the bigger, older, more majestic trees as corner posts and then laid more planks out across as flooring so that it would be a wooden floor. He then formed up steps that went all the around as well so that folks would be able to reach the floor from any side. Grayson smiled at the idea and then admired it for a few minutes. He hoped that it would work out that the others would see the concept, the idea was sound and looked ok but you never know.