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Dutiful Councilors

Post by TwoB » Mon Sep 02, 2019 2:31 pm

The council has unanimously voted in favor of the Dutiful Councilors law making it an official part of our law book.
At day 50 of the term, the Viceroy will issue cash grants or have checks issued valued at 300 Fz to those councilors deemed to have successfully fulfilled their responsibilities. These councilors will have provided notice of absence, and had few or no instances of failing to check their offices or perform their assigned duties. Disagreement with the Viceroy in debate, public or private, does not constitute a legitimate reason to refuse to pay councilors for their service. If a councilor is denied payment, that creature may appeal to the council on day 51 of the term. A later appeal is only acceptable if the Viceroy has failed to perform the duty of issuing payment, or if the creature was in retreat on day 51 of the term. A simple majority vote of the council in favor of paying the petitioning councilor will permit the FM to then issue payment to the creature in question.

At day 50 of the term, if the Viceroy wishes to seek payment for service, the Viceroy will open a vote in council following the rules laid out in the Constitution to approve or deny payment to the Viceroy. A simple majority approving will permit the FM to issue payment.

All payments should be issued prior to the end of the relevant term.
All councilors will have the ability to earn extra money by serving on the council and working hard. If you would like to serve our Viceroyalty, the Viceroyalty will reward your server. Continued service to the Viceroyalty may also result in a Senator title given as well. Please remember this for future list building opportunities.
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