(ORP) Awake and Come Forth

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Re: (ORP) Awake and Come Forth

Post by Maxx » Tue Oct 29, 2019 9:38 am

Maxx heard speaking below deck as he walked the ship topside. He decided he better check on Salina and their new guest. He drew his jacket tighter about him, the cold wind of winter was slowly coming to Paz. There was so much to finish on their house.

As Maxx approached the cabin of their new guest, he heard Salina. Standing in the door way of the cabin, Maxx made a soft cough so they knew he was there. Everything seemed very delicate with their new guest. She has been thru quite an ordeal. He was glad the port hole was open to let in fresh air and sunlight. The cabin was very comfortable but small as ship cabins always are. Salina had decorated it very nicely with nautical objects.

Good day ladies, I hope everyone is well and rested. I am headed off to work on the house but if I could be of any assistance let me know. How is our guest doing today? I hope better and maybe your memory is coming back.

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