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Re: Bravian Assistance Programs

Post by Aybara » Sat Dec 26, 2020 11:20 am

Second Field Assistance for Residents of Bravia

Name of Applicant: Aybara
City of Residence: Cork

I,Aybara, request assistance in the sum of 350 freznics from the Republic of Bravia to gain a second field for the improvement of our economy and towns. In return, I will sell my first two harvests directly to the Town Hall at a price to be determined by the VR upon approval of this application. If I fail to fulfill the terms of this agreement, I understand that I will be required to repay the full sum of the assistance provided by the VR in full within 10 days of written notice. I further understand that if I do not follow the terms of compensation laid out by the elected council of Bravia, that I may be held liable for crimes against the Republic, including, but not limited to Public Disorder as covered in section III.iv – Theft from the Viceregal inventory which carries a Mild Punishment as described under IV.a.

Signed: Aybara
Dated: December 26, 1660

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