Invite: A Royal Sleepover

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Invite: A Royal Sleepover

Post by Aishe » Fri May 15, 2020 3:44 pm

RP link here. Any questions, please contact Aishe!!
Dear all female creatures of Fenia,
and friends to Queen Aishe and Queen Akos beyond the border:

You are invited for an unforgettable night at the Imperian Castle!

In the vast royal gardens, we shall gather under the stars with bonfires, drinks, and music. Your good company is desired as we socialize and party into the night. Tents, food, and drinks will all be provided, we just need you!

Sorry males, this is a ladies night only!
(Neutral genders allowed.)

Arrive at sunset and stay as long as you wish.

Ready to party:
The Queens
Aishe and Akos
Aishe Ehsan Winterbourne née Sanchari | Married to Akos & Zuan | Mother of 14 ⟺
♛ Queen of Fenia | Vicerine of Fenia | Countess of Attica, Lady of Wisp Marsh
Kralisi Kaer of Boreens Durri Roma (BDR) ☾
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