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Post by Karcier_Aisu » Sun Feb 03, 2013 7:37 am

Dear Citizens of Bravia and viewers of other lands, once more here is the special guest of the week ! Today we have tesla I hope you enjoy this special guest interview !

Q “Hello Tesla, how are you ?” he smiles and nods his head to him ”Been up too much recently ?” Karcier proceeds to sit down motioning to Tesla to sit in the other chair. “So, tell me Tesla. You are from Widu and you are currently the Sheriff of Widu. What duties do you preform as Sheriff, how do these help the mayor with their duties ?”

"Thank you Sir" Looking around he sees a comfy looking chair and sits. Pulling out a flask he takes a sip. "As Sheriff I mainly hire militia and maintain the town walls. We have options to hire out the work to our fine masons or have unskilled labor do it. I always tend to let the masons get some work in. I try to help to mayor by offering reduced price points to help with the day to day operations.

Q “How long have you lived in Widu for ?” he pauses then resumes. “The Arrival of the Kienian Refugee’s must’ve changed quite a bit for you, tell us about those times how did things change ? he checks his papers. “What do you think of the last four mayors of Widu them being. Shion… Locien, Genova and Rickfok from these four is there any that you feel did an outstanding job ?”

"I can't remember for sure how long I have been in Widu but I was one of the refugees. I started my life in Bravia then left to start a new life in Kiene, it was sad to have to leave to leave that place. The only mayors I remember was Locien and the late Genova. Of course I work with Rickfok now. They all have done an excellent job of making Widu a new home for the people who moved here from away. I never really spoke to Locien but the market was always stocked and the locals spoke highly of him. I moved into the sheriff position under Genova and have stayed on.

Q“I see, well we all know that Widu left Fenia to be with Bravia, do you think Bravia is any better than Fenia ?”he pauses again checks his paper and listens to Tesla’s reponse. “You were the Leader of the army that freed Widu, what are your thoughts on this event. What could have gone wrong or better ?” he smiles. “What has Widu done or given to Bravia since they joined ?”

Taking another drink he leans back and closes his eyes, thinking. "I suppose it is only my opinion that I enjoy the freedom that Bravia offers us as opposed to Fenia. I know past people have butted heads with laws from a monarchy. Yes sir, I raised an army after I was ordered removed from my office as sheriff by the monarchy. Tesla's Tainted we were called. That was a proud moment for me and those who joined me as we were able to pull it off under the noses of the ruling family and it's council. I suppose us failing is the only thing that could have gone wrong. At the time of planning the coup we were unsure if we should try to just hang on to the town and make it independent of both lands. In the end it was best to side with Bravia. I think there are people in Widu that wishes the town was back under a crown but I have heard that Fenia does offer a generous relocation plan. I also am still on friendly terms with some citizens who were not really happy about what happened."

"In the end I think we have expanded the Bravian border and have taken more of an interest in making Bravia as strong as we can. Of course this also means that now Widu is the gateway of Bravia and we must be willing to secure the border and always be on alert."

Q “Tell me Tesla, do you have any family…that special someone ?” he winks and chuckles. “We know of your role as Sheriff and what you do but what about you as a person. Tell us about yourself, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time ?” Karcier grabs his glass of water and takes a sip from it and puts it back down. He grins “What about the duelling arena’s do you visit them often and duel anyone in particular ?”

"Alas I have no family or a special someone. I have little spare time as working in my office and workshop takes up alot of time. I am working on a couple of new inventions and running experiments on the power of lighting. I think one day I will be able to harness that power for the good of all creatures."

"I duel when I can but it seems everyone is either busy or tired from the workout it gives you. Anyone is free to challenge me, I would never back down from some practice"

Q “Right last question !” he smiles. “As a whole, how can a council help its towns to run more effiecently, do you have any suggestions or concerns you’d like to mention.” He pauses “Right well lets wrap this up…unless there is any thing else you’d like to add ?”

Taking another drink he thinks on the question. "The only thing a council can do is support the towns and their leadership. Whether that be through mentoring or making sure certain foodstuffs and supplies are readily available. I think now they already do well with making sure the towns are secure from any danger. I have heard little grumbling about the way the council does it job so until I do, it is hard to find solutions to problems that don't exist."

Standing up and putting away his flask he reaches his hand out to Karcier. "I hope I have answered all your questions and brought some insights into our lovely town and it exciting past. Good day Sir"
Leaving he grabs the flag outside that had Tesla's Tainted painted on it.
Next week I will have Scarlet with me ! What shall be asked, what will happen ! All will be revealed next week in Special Guests !


Re: people's representative council report

Post by Karcier_Aisu » Sun Feb 03, 2013 9:59 am

Please note, I made a mistake when typing out the title of the 'broadcast' (IG news) instead of scarlet it should be Tesla...obvious signs of me multitasking



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Post by Karcier_Aisu » Fri Feb 08, 2013 3:58 am

Temple Report

Temple Overseer's Report

Paz Temple
Willow and Gawain, have been working on their upgrade - they now have 26 mason jobs and are collecting stone.

Cork Temple
Grendel and Bekah, have been working on their upgrade - they now have 17 mason jobs and are collecting stone.

Bravia Temple
Ember and Grayson, have been working on their upgrade - they have 47 mason jobs and 12 carpentry jobs and they are collecting stone and wood bushells.

We are hoping to achieve our plans of upgrading all the temples, so we can increase the available masses for the citizens of each town and change them from Basilica to Cathedrals.

Thank you
Willow Braeden
Temple Overseer and Priestess of Paz


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Post by Karcier_Aisu » Fri Feb 08, 2013 5:15 am

From the Desk of the Rector
Hello and welcome Bravians and Students! Welcome to the University of Bravia. Classes are open to all who have professions and a way in life (aka level two and level three).

If you haven't heard, the Mages have released a new study series in Horticulture. Horticulture classes will help you in your fields to produce more and work better for you. So we are presenting classes in each lesson in order to find a master to build and create the books for us. As soon as we have another Horticulture Master we will move on to Horticulture II as the book for Horticulture I is written. This week I have added in Animal Husbandry Classes for those that want to work on their animal fields as well.

As always if you have any comments or suggestions please contact me via mail or find me in the tavern. Thank you.


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Post by Karcier_Aisu » Sun Feb 10, 2013 6:08 am

Council Reports
Collection of recent/within this week reports.

Viceroy –
No Report submitted

Mines Manager Treant

The mines are in an excellent state of repair and there are no reported safety hazards. The county thanks those who mine for us and also those who hunt yvrym that plague the mines from time to time.

From Williow Internal Affairs Minister
IAM Report

Corruption: 0%

Chickens (25 f each): 8 (Health: 94%)
Cows (25 f each): 8 (Health: 100%)
Sheep (25 f each): 4 (Health: 77%)

Wheat - to breed and feed the cows
Corn - to breed and feed the sheep and chickens
Wood bushells and 2 pillars - needed for the VC Upgrade

General Balerion

Military been paid. Nuff said.

From Judge Logo

Izza accent improveratin' substanishy. Good workses.
Sounds a little like Aunt Flem speakin french-like.

Izza only two itemses. 1)The continuating court case against the Balerion accuseded offa treason - wazza stalled from last council an' hazza changeded the judge anna prose-creature.
2) The first civil onion ... ehrm... union inna republic of Bravia izza made application. Woo HOO!

legal-like inna council izza reviewses anna discussions pertainin' to a statement of rights anna scope of the constitution.

From the Scarlet Office of the Finance Minister:

We as a council are working on upgrades for the VR of Bravia and are in the stage of compiling data to ensure that every Bravian Citizen and Bravian Town has the best resources at their disposal. As always we are looking for fodder for breeding so if you are hiding any Corn or Wheat, why not get paid for it? Contact your mayors for buying information.

Thank you.

P.R Karcier

I’ve got a list of people for special guest currently, Scarlet – Callie and Logan_miller. I will be mailing them with topic choices they wish and get that started. Otherwise not much to report, forwarded a concern to the PP talking to people in taverns… reports and more reports..yay…*chuckles*


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Post by Karcier_Aisu » Thu Feb 14, 2013 4:13 am

Sorry for the delay I've been very busy !
“Greetings Scarlet !” He extends his hand with a smile to shake hers. “First of all thank you for accepting to be this week’s Special Guest! I’m glad to have people wanting to partake in this fun interview!”
As always dear readers, I am Karcier Aisu Bravia’s People Representative. I will ask a set of questions to Scarlet, she will provide us with an answer and hopefully help you learn more about certain area’s of our home! So without further delay let us get started!”

“I am very excited and pleased to be here. I must say I have found your other interviews very informative and entertaining.” Scarlet smiles as she shakes Karcier’s hand.

Karcier motions to Scarlet to take a seat opposite him, a small round table separates them both. It holds a jug of water and two glasses and a small plate of Berries. He smiles to Scarlet and asks the first question.

Q – “So Scarlet, what do you do for a living. If I’m not mistaken you are the Rector Bravia. What sort of duties do you perform?”

A - “Yes I have been rector since September of last year. As rector I set up the class schedules and make sure that there is an assortment of classes for all ranges of study levels and the like.”

Karcier waits for her answer then resumes. “As Rector, you maintain the quality and ensure that there are lessons on is that correct. Please tell us in more details the importance and how this impacts citizens?”

“The lessons taught can affect every aspect of life in the citizens of Bravia. There are a wide range of classes besides the way classes most people think of when they see the university. We are hosting classes currently to help citizens make the most out of their fields. More yield means more profit in someone’s purse. Also we have books and classes on the different workshops to incorporate new ideas and to make their workshops more useful and more productive.” Scarlet laughs trying to not sound too impassioned over the work. “I just am glad I am in a position to be of service to citizens of Bravia.”

Q - “Good, you are also the Finance Minister of Bravia, how often have you taken this position? Do you prefer this position over other council offices?” He pauses to listen to her. “ What sort of duties do you perform whilst in this office?”

A - “I have been Finance Minister last council and the current council. I enjoy helping the towns of Bravia get the goods they need and to help create more stable markets. Currently we have been working through a fodder shortage. The mayors are helping how they can but if there are citizens that have fodder in their homes they aren’t using the Viceroyalty could use it to breed animals. Otherwise, I and the council are looking into improvements we can do around the Viceroyalty. Though you and your readers will have to wait for more details on that.” She grinned at Karcier before continuing, “I haven’t really ever had any other position on council so I don’t know how I would like the other jobs. I requested Finance Minister to be an active helper to the towns and indirectly the citizens.”

Q - “You must meet many people!” he says with a chuckle. “I wouldn’t make a good Rector, I’m much too noisy.” He chuckled. “Anyways, I remember you mentioning that you are part of the Roma Family?

A- “Yes … I am part of the Te'sorthene Roma. Which is a name that means we are family through spirit as well as blood. All that are in my Caravan are part of that family as well as some others that do not live with the Caravan as of yet.”

He pauses, “Who is currently in your family, how did these family members come to be part of your family?” He takes notes himself and nods.

“Well in my immediate circle is my mate … you would refer to him as my husband, Rieron. We are expecting our first which makes things very interesting. Then I have two sisters and one brother. Aishe is married to Akos and Aingeal is married to Anessen. Devereaux is just newly in Secfenia and is working on getting settled.”

“Interesting, how would you describe your family?” He pauses and listens to her answer.

“They are all the loves of my life. Each one holds a very dear spot in my heart. Though we can be chaotic at times as well as our own discussions and disagreements. Like any other family. I would never change it for the world.”

“I see, Its quite the family you have isn’t it, I’m sure there are other beings whom are part of your family, what would you recommend for any other Roma family members whom have not come forth yet?”

“If there is any Roma; may you be called Traveller, Tinker, or Gypsy; out there that is looking for a caravan you are welcome to find home in our Caravan. Or to at least look into the possibility of it. Not every caravan is a fit for everyone but if you need family, well that is something I understand all too well.”

Q- “Speaking of Family, Aingeal and Anessen have recently married have they not, how do you feel about this?” he pauses once more, listens and resumes.

A - Scarlet laughs a bit, “I am happy for them of course. They are very much in love and seem to work well together which is good for a marriage.”

“Where can we find their wedding I’m sure many creatures would be happy to partake in such a happy event!” He smiles to himself knowing that one day both himself and Faia would marry as well.

“Well the wedding was a secret ceremony for the Roma only, however, we have days of feasting which you can find in our Caravan where the other family activities happen. All are welcome to the feasting and the more the merrier.”

“Is there anything you’d like to say here for any future couples who will marry?”

“A successful marriage is built upon a willingness to work through things. Sometimes things will get difficult and seem like there is no end to the roughness. But in the end with work and love things will always turn out right in the end. No matter what path the mages see to put you upon.” Scarlet replies with a smile and takes a sip of her water.

Q - “Tell me Scarlet, do you use the duelling arena’s often?” He pauses. “I myself use them many times but I’m sure a fair amount of our readers do not know the advantages of duelling!” He smiles. “What are your thoughts on Duelling, do you duel yourself often and What are the pros and cons of duelling?” He pauses to think “What of the training grounds themselves, what are your thoughts on that. Do you feel that citizens should visit this place often, what are the advantages of training at the training grounds?”

A - “Before I got pregnant I was in the dueling arena very often. Always dueling stronger creatures to improve my skills and hone my talents within the ring. I found it entertaining even though most of the time I was the one limping out. I find the advantage of learning how to defend yourself and your home outweigh any discomfort one might feel after being in the dueling ring.” She takes another sip of her water before answering some of the other questions.

“There aren’t many cons to me other than you might get an infection, however, priests are always helpful and clear it up quickly. After a few days of recuperating one is ready to go again with more knowledge under their belts.” She laughs before continuing, “The training grounds are a wonderful way to get ready for the dueling ring. There is so much out there for creatures to learn that I feel it is important to just reach out and grab it. Even if you aren’t a warrior it always adds a bit of fun to your day and gives the body great amounts of tone and flexibility that they might not have otherwise. I feel every citizen should take advantage of duels and training every chance they get.”

Q - “Right so before we wrap up, is there anything else you’d like to add?”

A - “Again I would like to remind citizens that the Viceroyalty is looking for fodder and we are also on the lookout for wood. They should contact their mayors for pricing and the like. Also check out the University for schedules and citizens are more than welcome to request any class they think they might need or if they have any questions I am more than happy to answer. Otherwise, I had a wonderful time Karcier and thank you for giving pizazz to your position on council.”

He smiles as he gets up and extends his hand to shake hers. “Well Scarlet, I hope that with this interview you will hopefully find other Roma Family members, it was a pleasure to have you today!”

“The pleasure was mine as well.” Scarlet smiles as she shakes Karcier’s hand back.


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Apologies for the delay, I've been very busy (RL taking up a lot of my time for work.)

Here is Logan Millers Special Guest interview ! I'm sure you'll all find this very interesting ! I do !
“Welcome to this weeks special guest ! Today I have Logan_Miller ! Welcome Logan I hope you’ve been well and keeping safe ?” he motions towards the seat and goes to take a seat. “So first of all it’s a pleasure to have you here with me. Lets get started eh !”

Q “So first of all, Logan you currently live in Widu is that correct? Now, Widu was at one stage the centre of attention. “He chuckles. “You opposed Genova’s decision to leave Fenia and join bravia, could you explain to us your view on this. Do you feel changing to Bravia made any difference good or bad? Have your views changed since?”

A: Yes I am currently a resident of Widu. That day when I saw the Fenia flags being taken down by the soldiers of Telsa's army I was quite shocked and when I learned more on the situation I was quite furious on how things were going. I felt that the town had been betrayed by the mayor that we had elected into office. I had always the highest respect for Genova and when I saw her orders to leave Fenia without a single vote, I was very annoyed and angry with her. If I had wanted to live in Bravia after all I would have moved there, not stay in Widu. So I voiced out seeing that some people might have been too nervous or afraid of the consquences, even joined the army to take it back, but due to a miscommunication it seemed that myself along with a few other of soldiers were left out of the battle for the town due to not knowing where the main rally point was. So when we heard the attack had failed and that they were pulling the army out of town, I stayed to keep voicing out against the occupation when the Bravian army came in, trying to rally the town to fight back and take the town back from the invaders as I saw them. I did not like some people in Bravia and their attidutes to my voicing out against them did not help matters, they argued with me in the taverns and claimed to want to take my head, which would do more then a stake through the heart for a vampire like myself. However I started to change my opinion due to the fact that I saw more corruption in Fenia when they did not try to talk with Bravia at all and kind of cut themselves off from the town. I think though the biggest factor was going to Fenia with Teide when I saw Genova on trial was when my view completely changed due to the fact that the case was a complete scam. The judge was biased and the judge essientely through the book at her, seeing the look of hurt on her friend's faces and even looking back at her choices, I see that she was just doing what she believed in her heart was right for the good of the people of the town even if that made her a enemy of some of her closest friends. I now consider myself a man with no country, not wanting to call myself Bravian or Fenian, just someone who wants to live my his own morals.

Q “Right so next I want to talk about you personally. Please tell us about yourself, what do you do as a hobby …is there anyone special? “ he winks wondering if Logan is still going after Teide. “I see, interesting. Do you have any family ?“ there is a pause and he nods. “What can you tell us about your past, I personally don’t know you very well!

A: Well as a hobby I like to train, always training trying to better my skills as a vampire and fighter because seeing my family a few years ago die and knowing that I could do nothing to protect them really hits a young kid like me. Its why I want to be strong to protect my friends and people I consider to be family. I also like to write different stories, a little hobby of mine since I used to read them as a young kid, but still a good past time with me...just wish I could finish one of them since it seems that I can never keep my mind on track to finish one. As for someone special there is actually, although most people call me crazy, it is actually Teide. Although she may not return the same feelings as my own for her, that doesn't stop me nor does it stop us from having some fun together with our fun chases. I would do anything for her and if anyone tried to hurt her I would do very bad and unspeakable things to them, lets just say they would suffer....a lot. I am just hoping to win that date with her once I can beat her in a duel.

Looks down a bit thinking about his family and then looks back up. No I don't have any family Kacier, the only family I had was my mom, dad, and sister, but they were killed the same night I was turned into a vampire. Its also why I am a vampire hunter, to make sure no more familes are ever destoryed by something like that. My past is very intersting due to the fact that I cannot remember to much of my past life, strange as it is. Really my life wasn't as exciting until I turned into a vampire and I came to town. Espically all of the vampires here hearing that there was a vampire hunter in town that was looking to hunt for a particular one. However after telling my story I was trained by Victorious and Faltaral who helped me focus on keeping my humanity as well as making me stronger so I didn't turn into the monsters I hunt. I can't thank them enough for their help, they probably saved my life if I had not been able to feed or control my hunger.

Q “Ok, next question. Between Bravia and Fenia, which do you feel is better if either. Seeing as Widu is currently in Bravia, what do you feel Widu has given to Bravia since they joined ? What are your views on a republic method of governing..what are its pros and cons ? “ there is a pause as he listens to logan. “Compared to a monarchy which do you feel is better ?”

A: I don't feel like anyone is better really. I don't really like politics and seeing Widu going to Bravia hasn't changed my mind on the issue. I think Widu though has given Bravia a example of what a strong could look like if they can get work on their other towns. Widu is a great place and I love living there. As for the comparison for a republic and monarchy I believe there is a time and place for both, most of the time a republic is good, but when the time for tough calls are needed no one wants to be the bad guy or there will be so much arguging that nothing will get accomplished. This is when you need a strong leader to take charge. So really I think both are good systems, I just don't feel like either is better or worse.

Q “Tell me Logan, are you much of a follower of the faith ?” he smiles and looks at him. “Do you reguglaly visit the temples and go to masses ?” he pauses and checks his paper. “Do you know what the Order of Mucaz is ?” he raises an eyebrow. “I see interesting, what makes you interesting/not interested in The Faith ?”

A: I am not a follower of the faith. I do not go to temples or go to masses unless I have sickness to be healed by the healers. Sadly I do not, but they certianly have a intersting name. As for not intersted in the faith, I guess I don't want someone telling me how to live my life, I like being a free spiriting without being really bad or good, I just want to live by my own morals instead of someone else's who says that is the right or wrong way to live my life.

Q “Last questions !” he smiles. “Do you have any future plans ?” he pauses and nods. “MSF that’s interesting, what does it stand for ? What are you hoping to achieve with this MSF ?” he nods and listens again. “Ok, and why would you recommend people join MSF ? What is the groups motto ?”

A: Yes, I am actually interested in starting a Private Military Company that will be like the lights that no one has ever seen. It will have a different structure and some new ideas to shake things up. It will be called, Militaires Sans Frontières or MSF. I am hoping to provide a company that will not only be a home for mercs who may be disowned by their kingdoms, but also to provide a military force that will stand up for the people since they can be ingored when a war sweeps the land. The name means Soldiers without borders and that is what the company will do, there won't be under the power of any country, they will be independant and will stay that way, acting as a third party to diplomatic events if nesscary or trade mission or even providing a military to help protect people who wish to remain netural in the war. To enter the MSF, you must give up your ties and loyalty to your old country and pledge loyalty to the company and brothers and sisters that you will be working with in the MSF because we don't want biases. We are not Bravians or Fenians, we are a family that believe that we live by our own morals of lending a helping hand instead of oppressing the people. I would reccomend anyone who is intersted in helping others to join, and you don't have to be a soldier, you can be a trader, diplomat, priest, or anything, we will accept people who want to


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Post by Karcier_Aisu » Sun Mar 03, 2013 11:30 am

"Greetings Callie ! Welcome to special guest interview ! I must say I am surprised to find one so young here with us but it makes this interview all the more fun !"

He gets up and brings a smaller chair for Callie as the usual one is too big, he smiles to her and motions for her to sit down. Infront of them is a table with some cookies and a jug of milk with two glasses.
Callie giggled and clapped her hands, very excited to be interviewed, though she still wasn't sure how she felt about anyone looking at her insides, or why they would even want to. It didn't matter, she was told that talking would be involved, and Callie love, love, loved talking to anyone. And Callie was convinced that Karcier_Aisu was someone, not just anyone, so surely talking to him would be fun. And fun was good for Callie, always and forever.

Hewwo. Callie ish a good gestt, mommy and daddy say Callie hab good manners, dat Callie know how to minded manners. So Callie do dat and be good gestt for yew, obiekaybie? Ohh, wook at dat, yew gotted cookies for Callie? And miwk, miwk good for yew, make yew grow big and strong. Only Callie no big or strong yetted, Callie still widdle. Dat be obiekaybie, Callie ish good at being widdle and cute too, wite? The child giggled again, the curls bouncing around on her head as she laughed, energy brimming and even running over from her dimpled pudgy body. Hopping, skipping and jumping over, Callie has a seat in the tiny chair, her little legs swaying back and forth and forth and back in her excitement, because as most of her friends knew, and Karcier was about to find out, Callie had not learned to sit still, it just wasn't in her makeup. Not that she wore makeup, she wasn't old enough for that, but you know what I mean.
Q "So, I have to ask. What made you want to be in this weeks special guest ? You are very young after old are you ?" he says and smiles. "So tell me where do you live, do you have any parents ?"

Callie wikes being speshil, Callie ish good at dat. Callie ish four, yew four or are yew older dan dat? Callie wibs in the Cork. Callie hab a nice howse in the Cork. Callie hab a daddy, Awfur and a mommie, Wynna. Dey wibbed wif Callie but den Callie gotted sik and dey had to go getted her medeshin to make Callie getted bedder, and dey no wanted to getted sik too yew know. Dey ish in Fenia now, but Callie wikes the Cork, so Callie wibbing hewe wif Nodwin. Callie points to her baby hippogriff, who is busy sniffing around for whatever odors Nodwin's nose might find interesting while the child chatters with Karcier. And Awish wif Callie too, dat Callie nanny wat daddy and mommie say hab to stay wif Callie so Callie no getted in twoble, only mommie and daddy say Callie no gotted to find twoble, twoble find Callie ebery time.

Thirsty after talking so much without taking a breath, she bats her eyelashes at Karcier, trying to be polite and charming. Yew can getted Callie miwk wite? Callie no can pour miwk, Callie spill miwk and dat bad, and Callie no wan be bad for yew.
Q He nods and pours some milk in both glasses he takes his and downs the milk. "mhmm yummy. Anyways, next. In your town, who is your mayor ? Do they do a good job ? What about you, what sort of things do you do to help your town ?"

The tiny toddler took a cookie, and happily accepted a glass of milk from her host, immediately drowning the cookie in the milk to get it good and soggy so she could eat and drink at the same time, and hold the glass with both hands so she didn't drop it and break it since it was glass and probably did not have a spell on it to make it bounce like the ones at her house did after she broke way too many glasses to count. Not that she could count very high, remember she is just a little girl.

Idra ish the mayor in the Cork, yew know her? Her ish an ork, just wike Callie bestest fwend Hod. Orks ish fun, yew know dat wite? Dey wikey eated fings wat ish deaded. Callie tell Hod iffy Callie ish deaded, Hod can eated Callie, but Hod hab to wait till Callie ish deaded. Orks ish good mayor peepwes in the Cork. Callie wikes making muddy pies for town, dey wikey Callie muddy pie, dey ish yummy. Just wike dis miwk and cookies ish yummy too. Callie wikey going to see Wogo too, him gotted a dewi wat Callie wikes to pway in and Callie hewp Wogo in dat dewi. Dewi growed for Callie too, dat was wots and wots of funnnn.

Luckily for Karcier, Callie needed to take another breath by this point, and decided a good breath deserved an even better drink of the now soggy cookie milk that the child gripped so tightly in her hands. And she was right, it was just as yummy as she had anticipated that it would be, though anything that had to do with milk or cookies was bound to be yummy in her tiny toddler mind.
Q "If I remember well you are a yvyrim Hunter !" he chuckles "Your very young to be doing this yet you won a prize for killing many yvyrmins, I was curious what is your secret? what do you do to vanquish these nasty creatures ?"

Her legs swinging even more vigorously than they were at the beginning of the interview, the tiny toddler practically dancing in her seat as excitement ran rampant through her body, Callie took a deep breath to get lots of air, and told her secret, not that it was a secret because Callie wasn't good at secrets. She didn't want to be good at secrets because her mommy and daddy had told her that secrets can hurt people, and Callie did not enjoy hurting anyone on purpose.

Callie no hab a sekret. Callie finks dem yeyvebywims was cuties. Only Callie went and hunned dem yeyvebywims and yew know wat dey was doing to Callie? Callie onwy scoopeded dem up and gibbing dem hugs, and dem bitted Callie. So Callie dwopped dem on dey noddins, and dey no getted bak up. So dat why dey deaded wike dat. And den Callie dwag dem bak so Callie can gibbing dem deaded yeyvebywims to Hod to eated. Dat cuz Callie the bestest fwend dat wan make Callie fwends happy and letted dem eated wat dey fink tasted good. And Callie bestestest twoll fwend Wogo gibbing Callie a wibbon to wear saying Callie ish the bestestest hunner eber after Callie go and do dat.
Q "Do you like games Callie ?" he askes curiously. "What is your favorite game that you play ? What about friends, which do you think are the best of friends...what do you think would be your ideal friend ?"

Another swallow of milk and cookie, and Callie was ready to answer the next question. Of course, at this point I am betting that Karcier had no idea that answering a few simple questions would get such long, drawn out answers from the pretty pipsqueak sitting with him, after all, he hadn't really met her before.

Ohohohhhhh...Callie wubbbssss games. Callie wubbbss fwying wif fwends and cwimbing up hi in Wogo's dewi and Callie wubs, wubs, wubbbsss twirling round and round and round an round in circles till Callie fall down an go boom. And Callie gotted wots of fwends. Callie bestestest fwends ish Hod and Wogo and Hod and Bengmin the tawking piggie dat Hod gotted and Ggwa and Wuna, dem ish Hod petted fwends. Callie gotted a fwend in Nodwin too, Nodwin take Callie hi in the sky to fwy and hab fun. And Nodwin sweep wif Callie too, all cuddwy in Callie bed. And Callie gotted a dwagon fwend too. Ohhhhh, and Callie gotted an aundie Axix, her ish gweat fwend too, and her hab a boy wat Callie wike, him name is Gwayshin. Yew know all dem? And now yew Callie fwend too, dat be obiekaybie wite?

The dimpled darling smiled her biggest, brightest, most dimpliest smile at Karcier, quite pleased with her answer, and knowing in her little heart that she had found a new friend in him, after all he asked her questions and gave her cookies and milk and listened to her, so he had to be a friend right? Well, if he isn't, please don't tell Callie, it would break her little heart, and no one should ever break a four year old's heart, whether she be fully human or fully halfling, or a mostly human halfling like Callie was.
Q"Last question ! What do you hope to be when you become older ? A mighty warrior ..a huntress or maybe a wise mage ?" he smiles. "Dreams are always important for your future ! Is there anything else you'd like to add ?"
The child paused and gave serious thought to the final question asked of her, at least as serious as Callie could ever get. Which meant she paused and thought about it, then giggled and fidgeted in her seat, and bounced her head so she could feel her curls bounce, then thought a little more, then answered.

Callie no wan getted old. Callie wikey being a mostly hewman hawfwink dat getted to pway and hab fun all the time. Callie wan to be a fwend to eberybody and hab fun for eber and eber and eber an eber. Callie dweems of habing fwends eberywear and dem all gibbing Callie huggles and saying Callie ish the bestest fwend eber. The tiny toddler placed her now empty glass down, hopped out of her seat and gave Karcier a great big hug (well as big as her tiny toddler arms would allow her to give), and leaned really close to whisper quite loudly (because she is four, and she has no idea that whispering is supposed to be quiet); Callie gwad yew no wook in Callie inners too, dat still be icky, and Callie no wikey icky inners. Callie wikey tawking to yew and ish gwad yew wan tawk to Callie. Yew can tawk to Callie any time yew wan and asked Callie wots and wots of queshins too iffy yew wan. Fank yew for letted Callie be yew gestt.


Re: people's representative council report

Post by Callie » Wed Apr 03, 2013 6:33 pm

Wookie dat, Callie was lasteded one dat had inner vieweded, now Callie ish on Consil and ish hewe to tell yew wat Consil say. Dis be Callie firsted time tawking to yew from the Castley pwace dis time. Dis wat Callie hab for firsted time tawky to yew all.
Hewwo eberybody, Callie ish yew new Peepwes Rep...umm...Callie ish the new tawky peepwe for Consil. Iffy yew hab queshins for Callie, Callie ish happy to tawky to yew any time. Yew just say Callie, me needed to tawky to yew, and Callie will be dere for yew. ]

Callie ish going to keep some of wat Apoc say to yew, cuz him say it bedder than Callie do:

Apoc Say: "Good people's of Bravia, there is a dire need for wood! It is needed for maintenance, upkeep, and the growth of our fair nation. I implore you to take to Cork and gather wood as much as possible. There are axes available and the work can be prosperous. If you need help please let yew Mayor, Callie or any other councilor know and we will try and accommodate and assist as we can."

Iffy yew wan to tell Callie wat be bad or good or justly tell Callie wat yew fink we should do, yew contact Callie. Callie be yew contak wif Consil and wif yew iffy yew need Callie. Callie will hewp yew wif anyfing yew want, and if Callie no know wat to do, Callie will asked other peepwes how to hewp. Dat Callie promish yew.

Consil Peepwes dis time:

Viceroy [~Aishe~]
General [-Johnstone-]
People's Representative [-Callie-] (Dis be me!!)
Public Prosecutor [-Balerion-]
Judge [-Logo-]
Finance Minister [-Scarlet-]
Mine Minister [-Othneil-]
Internal Affairs Minister [-Kane-]
Councilor [-Idra-]
Councilor [-Willow-]

Iffy yew hab ideas for polls yew fink Callie should do, yew pweeze tell Callie dat. And games too, Callie wikey mini games, dey be fun. Yew say and Callie will try to do.

Fank yew all!



Re: people's representative council report

Post by Callie » Sat Apr 13, 2013 4:37 pm

The Bravia Consil askeded and yew tole us...

We askeded yew: Wat yew wikey yew bwain food topped wif?

And yew all say:

Ketchip, wemons or squiggwy wormies tied for top at 23.53%
Candy ish nexted at 20.59%
Lasted pwace was kinnypoor kimshee at 8.82%

Callie betted iffy we askeded Snak and Nodwin, dey would bof say kinnypoor kimshee, dey wubs dat stuff wots and wots and wots.

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