Version 3.1.014 Release Highlights

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Version 3.1.014 Release Highlights

Post by Amaryllis » Thu Oct 15, 2020 8:39 pm

- New: Add in Volunteer Page to help explain Volunteer Options [Player Suggestion]
- New: Town Hall House Listings... This will show what houses exist in town to anyone in that town.
- New: Mayors will be able to view Town wants from other towns in their Viceroyalty
- New: Recycle/Repair Info added to the Item Guide
- New: Ability to Update Overseer Campaign Message [Player Suggestion]
- New: Ability for Overseer to Rescind Campaign [Player Suggestion]
- New: Add Completed (No Mail Needed) Status to Town Mentor Letters [Player Suggestion]
- Tweak: Removal of Sweet Corn Option in Quickplay

... and miscellaneous minor tweaks and bug fixes

One tweak going live in Today's reset....

Klah Fields are going to have the option to produce more Black Beans. In doing so, I've tweaked it so that the maximum number of Black Beans that could be produced are based upon the Field Health. The maximum will be raised from 1 to 4 per cycle.

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