Server Migration Phase III

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Server Migration Phase III

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Server Migration: Phase III

I am happy to announce that we will be migrating the main game and forums to our new server. With this, we will also get a new release. Want to know what the BUZZ is all about for Version 3.1.016? Here are some purrfect highlights:

- Town Apiary (for the creation of Honeycomb which can be made into Mead (Player Suggestion))
- Town Rancher will gain access to the Town Log
- New Quests for Foods (Player Suggestion)
- Add Ability to Donate Viceregal Tokens (Player Suggestion)
- Town Mayors can now mint gold into Money (Player Suggestion)
- Cats added as Pets (Player Suggestion)
- Election Clocks will no longer reset on Revolts where leadership does not change

To make the migration as painless as possible, we have put together a timeline of events leading up to this. We will also update on our Status Page (located at )

On July 26th at 4:55 AM (EST), the game will lock allowing no logins. Reset will run this night.

During July 26th, the forums will be locked as well. This will allow us to transfer both the Game and Forum Database to the new server, clean up databases and do necessary upgrades. Once complete, we will reopen the Forums (and tavern).

The game will reopen on July 27th about 5:05 AM (EST). The reset that would normally run 5 minutes prior will not run as no one would be able to log into the game. We will be giving everyone a food item as well as 25 Freznics for the transitional day.

Any problems that rise up on the 26th with the forums after they are reopened and the 27th for the Game Interface should be reported either in the Discord Server or the Forums special "Server Migration Bugs" thread. As always, I want to take a moment to thank you for playing the World of Secfenia
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