Preview I for 3.1.006

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Preview I for 3.1.006

Post by Amaryllis » Mon May 13, 2019 9:54 am

As 3.1.006 approaches, here is a little preview of what is coming to our players.

=> Issue 1430: Add Ability to Sign Up for a university Class

This feature is one that a number of players have wanted to help get their classes in. As long as a class is being hired for, then players will be able to sign up for the class. Once a professor for the class arrives, the students are then automatically added to the class. If a professor does not take the job, then they will receive study equal to that of a book if the university has the book. This will help with professors who take classes late in the day.

=> Issues 1424 and 1425: Add Ability to sort by Workshop Books and Books in Progress [From the Suggestion Box]

In the University Library, you will now be able to sort either by the books that cover workshops or also by the Books that you have made some progress in.

=> Issue 168: Diocese Stalled Election Penalty

Dioceses that have stalled elections will now carry a penalty. The temples in the Diocese could be penalized with corruption increase, Holy Drinks stolen, Faith Points Stolen, Temple Money Stolen, and/or Aura/Window health damage.

=> Issues 1421, 1422, and 1423: Dice Master Improvements

With Dice Master, we've added 3 different improvements:

1) Added Bonus Text to make it clearer what the bonuses are
2) Added Green Highlights to show what rows are still needed in that game
3) Added Score Difference to the top

We hope you enjoyed this little preview and another will come. As always, if you have questions, please feel free to ask.

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