Preview for 3.1.009

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Preview for 3.1.009

Post by Zachrin » Sat Sep 07, 2019 11:10 pm

We are working on getting 3.1.009 ready for release...

Here are some of the Highlights of the next version...

- Add in Viceregal New Player Introduction section (Viceregal Leaders will be able to create text for new players to entice them to their VR)
- Add in Progress of Stats for Level Checklist
- Add in new Help links for Checklist page
- Add in Storage Box link to Inventory and Vice Versa
- Add CKEditor to NPC Profiles
- Add Links to Forum Pages for Level 0 to help them get started on forum
- Fix for Mentor Ready to Level letters not being mailed out correctly
- Fix for Patron Auto renew settings not being recognized
- Fix for Level Referral Bonuses not working on level up
- Fix for incorrect price for Traveler's Caravan's 21 game
- Fix for Level 5's Social Points not showing correctly in Mentor Page

It is anticipated that the release will happen this upcoming week.
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