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Version 3.1.017

Posted: Thu Oct 07, 2021 12:51 am
by Zachrin
Version 3.1.017 is one of our bigger updates rolling out and it will be pushed live soon. Here are some highlights:
  • Caravan Sell States what Price they want (eliminating the bid process)
  • Caravan Shop exchange will now allow multiple quantities at a time
  • New Items: Candles (Baker), Wooden Candelabra (Carpenter), Stone Candelabra (Mason), Golden Candelabra (Blacksmith), Iron Candelabra (Blacksmith), Bone Candelabra (Mason)
  • Add in Location in Item Guide for Fruits/Veggies
  • CKEditor added to: Give Gift pages, Mayor Caompaign Screen, Town/VR Grant Screens and MyNotepad
  • Upgraded CKEditor and added AutoSave
  • Essencer allows to cancel study, self-milking, shearing and slaughter
  • Add "Town Buy Recommended Price" to item sell page
  • Add "Town Directory" to easily see and sort who has what field/workshop in that town
  • New Quests: Dice Master Games Against and Family Quest
For full details, check out: ... sion_id=71