[ORP] New Year Resolutions for 1659

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[ORP] New Year Resolutions for 1659

Post by Grazilda » Thu Jan 03, 2019 3:53 am

It's the New Year and once again, it's time to make those resolutions, whether they will be followed or not.

Thus, Grazilda made a very huge parchment and nailed it somewhere near the middle of the town where everyone can see.

She cast a magic spell so that the parchment will be protected from rain, snow or any forms of natural or manmade destruction. She also provided a magic quill and ink.

Write your resolutions and we hope that the gods, spirits and mages may help us fulfill them.
She adjusted the parchment until it satisfied her and wrote her own resolution.
Grazilda - I will continue to sell discounted items and continue to expand my network so that I can have other people/creatures to rely on aside from my family.
She read her resolution and look forward to read what others will write.
Thanks for the banner, Teide!

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Re: [ORP] New Year Resolutions for 1659

Post by Oreo_TheGhost » Thu Jan 03, 2019 5:06 am

Oreo read the note. Yes, the dog can read.

He wrote his resolution by smudging his paws with the magic ink.

Oreo - I will stop following random creatures around. There were things that one just cannot unsee. Ignorance can sometimes be a bliss. I now understood the meaning of privacy.

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Re: [ORP] New Year Resolutions for 1659

Post by Ghost_of_Genova » Mon Jan 21, 2019 6:48 am

It was more than half of the first month of the year when Genova found the parchment about New Year resolutions. She squinted her eyes and wondered how can she write there if she's a ghost.

If she could write her resolution, she would have the following:

Genova (ghost) - I will knock before I enter. I recently learned that ghosts cannot enter all properties.
Thank you, Scarlet, for the beautiful banner.

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