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Help Wanted

Post by Suu_Nee » Thu Nov 12, 2020 11:50 am

To all Beings, Citizens of Cork:
I, Suu_Nee, Overseer of Kaylia, have the greivous duty to announce the death of a longtime friend, and leading resident of Cork, Logo. As Priest of Cork, his passing will be heartfelt to many. As a longtime friend, his passing will be long grieved.

At this time, as there are contractual obligations that bind me here, I have no way to immediately come to you.

Therefore, we are searching for a being who will undertake the role of Priest or Deacon in the Temple at Cork. This being must be active, honest, preferably with an interest in Priest or Magic, who will endeavor to hold regular masses and perform all duties required of priests or deacons.

Please send a letter to my home address to notify of your interest, or to inform of a likely candidate.

Thank you all for your support and attention, and my full condolences to us all in our loss. May it not be permanent.

Suu_Nee, Overseer of Kaylia
Thanks: Drazenka Kimpel, Aida (& balerion)

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