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Re: Serene's house and workshop

Post by Serene » Wed Feb 20, 2013 7:25 am

Serene woke up from a terrible nightmare, or was it real?
"I think I was abducted by aliens?!...." Serene slowly says to herself as she sits up in bed.
She looks around. A lot of stuff is gone... Just plain gone. Could the nightmare really of happened? Did she really go on a mad donating scheme and then leave the world of Secfenia in a spaceship?
Her memories were fuzzy. She had a bad headache. "It has to of been a nightmare."
She rolls over and covers up her head.


Re: Serene's house and workshop

Post by Serene » Wed Feb 20, 2013 9:17 am


Serene rolls over. " Knocking go away," she mumbles. Her head hurts, she is cold and tired.

A grumpy voice says, "I have a letter for you. It looks important."

Serene takes a few minutes to realize who the voice belongs to. "That sounds like my steward and he seems grumpy." she whispers to herself. In a loud voice Serene says, "Slide it under the door. I will read it in in a bit."

Aiden, her steward, replies, "When are you going to pay me? I can't work for free forever! Too many weird things going on here. Things are missing and I didn't take them!"

Serene just wants to roll over and go back to sleep. "Give me some more time please to get things sorted out."

Aiden slides the letter under the door. He walks away in a grumpy manner stomping his feet.

Serene rolls over and tries to get back to sleep. "I need a drink!!"


Re: Serene's house and workshop

Post by Serene » Wed Feb 20, 2013 11:03 am

Serene peaks out from under her blanket, reaches for the letter and opens it.
She reads it and rereads it. It is a letter from Rieron. He seems angry with her. He thought she was dead. He didn't know she had been abducted by aliens.

She gets up and looks in her drawers. They are empty. Feeling cold in her rags, she wraps her blanket around her and ties it over the shoulder.

She looks out the window and sees her veggies waiting to be harvested. "I better get them in before they freeze."

She goes out and harvests her fields. It is cold. She wonders where Aiden is. What is he doing?
What am I going to tell Rieron? Will he believe me? Do I believe me?

Thoughts race through her mind as she harvests her fields.

She puts her veggies in the cupboard for safe storage.

She checks the mirror. She looks ok but not great.

"I better start getting my life back on track." Serene realizes that she has let things slip.
Her life is a bit of a mess right now. "If Rieron is angry with me others probably are too. I can't deal with his anger right now... I will go check in with the army first."

Serene put in an application. While she was waiting for an answer she went to the outskirts of town.
The caravan caught her eye.


Re: Serene's house and workshop

Post by Serene » Wed Feb 20, 2013 11:43 am

The caravan looked different. They had quests you could do. "Just what I need some quests! I love the find the bean game! And it is a quest too!". After a while, she won 5 times! She went to turn in her quest and they gave her silver too! "Maybe my luck is turning around!"

She went on several quests while she was waiting to hear back from the army. Anything to delay her having to deal with displeasure.

She broke some windows at the temple, she cleaned some windows at the temple. She attended mass. The amazing thing was is they gave her silver for doing this.

After several hours of fun, she went back home to write a return letter.

The letter was sent on its way. She worried at his response.


Re: Serene's house and workshop

Post by Serene » Wed Feb 20, 2013 5:54 pm

Serene was happy. She heard back. Rieron wasn't mad, mostly worried. She was happy that she remembered that Cassandra was the one who saved her. She used her magical powers to invoke the power of Zachrin and bring her back to Secfenia.

She would have to find Cassandra and thank her. She must of been who tucked her safe in her bed.
Serene wished her thoughts and memories of what happened were clearer.


Re: Serene's house and workshop

Post by Serene » Sat Mar 02, 2013 4:02 pm

Serene had muddled through her days. Working in fields, her workshop, and in the army. Time went very fast.
It wasn't pleasant having such a grumpy steward. Aiden was always stomping around the house in a bad mood. She gave him a small bonus. It didn't help his mood much. She wished she had more but she didn't. Maybe she should let him go.

The whole thing seemed like a dream.

She had a couple duels with Zechin. She had lost one and won one. She was so surprised that she had won. She must of distracted him somehow. A butcher knife could be a good weapon at times. She had lots of practice the the workshop butchering. Maybe it paid off. Her steward through did not have his mind on his work at all. A bumbling dullard he had become with a bad attitude. She would show him the simplest of stuff and it would be so difficult for him to do. Well at least her butchering helped her dueling it seemed.

Serene worked her field and thought rambling thoughts. She was glad no one else could see how confused her thoughts were.


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Post by Serene » Sun Mar 03, 2013 8:45 pm

Today, Serene woke up and went to work on her second field. The veggies looked so good she munched on some as she harvested them.
She was feeling lonely. Aiden, her steward, was too grumpy to be much company.
She wondered about her sister as she worked.


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Post by Serene » Wed Mar 06, 2013 5:02 pm

Serene decides she have been feeling lonely long enough. So she enrolls in a university class on How to Win Friends.
She was not aware that you could win a friend as a prize. But it was worth a shot.
Damien_Braeden was the teacher. He seemed rather interesting.

On a break, Serene had gone to the tavern to get a drink and read some of the work. She found out from Dway that to win you had to pay and give the teacher an apple. Not having an apple, Serene pondered which would be better to go to Widu or Bravia for a different fruit or to try to give the teacher some Broccoli.

She loved to watch the bubbles pop in the green ale she ordered. Most of the bubbles were gone by the time she actually drank it.
Then she headed back to finish the class and dream of a big roulette wheel that she could spin to get a friend as a prize.

Anything was better than facing a grumpy steward.

Apoc had given her back some of her weapons that she had donated in her alien rage. He had also given her two roses. She would have to challenge him to a duel once Zechin responded to her last request.

Things were going well.

She wondered if she won if the new friend would help replace the lost toad...


Re: Serene's house and workshop

Post by Serene » Thu Mar 07, 2013 1:09 pm

Serene had a kalhua that Pandora had bought as a round.
Since she had already had an ale, she took her drink to go.

When she got home, she set it on the counter. She would save it for a treat after her work was done.

She went out to her veggie fields and got to work.
She thought the broccoli liked the colder winter weather better.

When she was done in the fields, she went home and enjoyed her drink. She put her feet up and rested in front of the fire place.


Re: Serene's house and workshop

Post by Serene » Fri Mar 08, 2013 7:30 am

Serene was tired from working her field. She had another field of broccoli waiting to be picked.
Aiden was still wretched and grumpy. She was tired of his bad mood.
He wasn't very bright when it came to butchering. When he was grumpy, he didn't help in the fields.
Serene had had it! She was letting him go. She really couldn't afford to pay him.
It was for the best.

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