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Re: Serene's house and workshop

Post by Serene » Tue Mar 12, 2013 8:52 am

Life around the house was looking up. Aiden was not around anymore. She could hear the birds singing. She had a smile on her face.

However, it was a little irritating that she could not find the steaks that Aiden had said he put on the market. She hoped they would show up later. She didn't have time to worry about it. Maybe he took them when he left...

Feeling in a feisty mood, she challenged Rieron to a training duel. He accepted, of course. He loved to duel.
She came home battered and bruised but feeling much more proficient. Now to go soak in a hot bath to get some of the knots in her muscles out. It looked like she cleaned her wounds well enough that they had not gotten infected. That would of meant a trip to the healer priest. "Oh!" Thinking of the priest made her realize that there would be mass tomorrow to go to. "I do hope I am feeling up to going to mass." she said to herself.

She found notes that both Zechin and Victorious were willing to duel her. She would respond as soon as she was feeling up to it. "Getting that grumpy steward out of the house really helped me feel better! Though I am having to do more work. I guess he did some things after all." she grudgingly admits.

She looks out the window and see that the broccoli fields need tending again. She sighs, "It seems that all I do anymore is pick broccoli." She heads out to pick her fields.


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Post by Serene » Thu Mar 14, 2013 7:41 am

Maybe it was because she was exhausted... Maybe it was the weather... Maybe it was her lack of knowledge... Serene wracked her brains to figure out why her harvest was so low.
"Three broccoli for a whole day working my field! The soil must be worn out! Good thing I did the work myself or I would of lost money hiring... It is a good thing I foraged around the town. That egg I found will help make a days wage." Serene muttered to herself. Serene tried to look on the bright side of things. Some days were harder than others.

A horrific thought occurred to her... What if the low yield was because she had fired Aiden!

She sat at her table and ate a delicious meal made from fresh broccoli. She was too preoccupied to enjoy it as she should.

She realized she had forgotten to go to mass! "I need an alarm clock to remind me to do things!"

Serene headed to her butcher shop and put her frustration into cutting up some cows she had gotten from Logo's steward at the market.


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Post by Serene » Fri Mar 15, 2013 7:44 am

Callie had such a cute smile that Serene couldn't help but to work her field for her.
She hoped Callie would be happy with her work.
Serene had walked by the university earlier to see if she wanted to study today. The rooms were all dark and there were no teachers yet.
On her way through town she found an egg. This made her smile thinking today was her lucky day.

She had a training duel with Zechin. Her loss confirmed in her mind that her one win against him must of been due to distraction. "I need to get better at the art of distraction."

Serene continued to work Callie's wheat field. She did her best.


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Post by Serene » Mon Mar 18, 2013 3:43 pm

Serene worked her field. She was getting tired of broccoli.
"Maybe I will switch my field... At least one of them."

Serene had challenged Victorious to a training duel. She lost of course.
Scarlet had told her in the tavern, that Victorious had just had twins. Serene was amazed that she was ready to train so soon after giving birth.

Despite this, Victorious easily won the duel to first blood. Serene wondered how focused she had remained. Scarlet's warning to go easy weighed heavily on her conscience. "How can I get better when I can't focus to get better?"


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Post by Serene » Thu Mar 21, 2013 9:23 am

She sat at her desk and worked out the math. At 3 broccoli per harvest and wages at 25, she was losing 1 frenzie for them when she sold at 8f. Her broccoli harvests were so low it didn't cover the cost to harvest it.
Talking to herself, "I love broccoli, but right now it is cheaper to buy it than grow it..."

After Serene harvested both her fields, she plowed one of the fields to grow corn.

Afterwards, She did a training duel with Zechin. She came home tired and pale. It was a good work out.


Re: Serene's house and workshop

Post by Serene » Fri Mar 22, 2013 9:00 am

Serene planted her new corn field. She ate extra food to give her energy to plow the field. It was harder work than harvesting her vegetables. There were tangles of root that she had to get out.

It was a mistake to stuff herself. Now she was feeling sick. She went to the temple to see if they could help her feel better.
She put in an application and sat down to wait in the courtyard.

Serene sat there thinking Grendal would come see her. She was pleasantly surprised to see Victorious. She had the most gentle touch. Serene was amazed at how quickly she felt better.
She was tough on the dueling field and gentle here.
"Thank you Victorious. I hope this donation can help the temple." Serene put in a small donation and decided to work at the temple.
Working at the temple would give her a chance to see the insides of the new cathedral. She marveled at the beautiful woodwork and gold touches. "They did a good job!"

While While she worked at the temple, Cassandra worked her field. It was a pleasant surprise.


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Post by Serene » Tue Mar 26, 2013 1:04 pm

Serene read a book about toning the body. She didn't really understand the book very well and did not advance much in the subject. "I will have to see if I can get in a class. It was so much more understandable. That was a waste of time!"

As she walked she picked up a mint leaf. She stopped to play find the bean game. She usually did pretty good at the bean game. She found the bean 4 out of 5 times. The day was looking up.

She walked by the dueling arena and put in a challenge to Apoc. More than likely he
win the training match, but maybe just maybe she would get better. She was lost in thought.

When she got home, she found a package and a letter waiting for her. She opened the package and found an axe. Smiling she realized it was the one she had mentioned to Apoc. He had written that he needed more wood. Serene could find no axes on the market. Evidently Apoc had found one for her. She set the axe aside and opened the letter.

It was a letter from Zechin. He wanted her to make some meat. She smiled and grilled up 3 to put on the market. She decided to cut up the rest of the meat she got from Logo. It would be fresh and delicious.


Re: Serene's house and workshop

Post by Serene » Wed Mar 27, 2013 9:10 am

Serene wrote Apoc note of thanks for the axe. The package didn't have a letter with it, so she only guessed Apoc gave it to her. She had won their duel! She must of thrown him off some how.

She picked up the axe and headed to the forest. Along the way there, she stopped by the market to sell some steaks. Rieron bought some steaks. That was a good sale.

She stopped by the caravan and got some holy resin made and played the bean game. She was not very lucky today. She only found one bean. How could their hands move so fast when they hid the bean? It was a mystery to her. Serene challenged , Zechin to a duel. She wondered if Zechin liked the steak she grilled for him.

She went by the temple and attended the prayer service.

Finally she arrived at the tree she wanted to chop.
"Lets see how this axe works.". She swings the axe and hears it twack against the trunk.


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Post by Serene » Thu Mar 28, 2013 5:04 pm

"7 pieces of wood! That is pretty good, if I may say so.". Serene talks to herself and looks around to see if anyone heard her. "I think I will keep chopping as it is a nice break from farming."
Serene drags the wood to the market. "if I had a cart, I bet I could carry more!"

As she arrives at the market huffing and puffing, she sees the salesrep sold 5 steaks to Evangeline.
"That was a good sale! I should probably cut up some more meat. To chop or butcher that is the question."

Serene goes to do her duel with Zechin. Unfortunately, things do not bode well in this training match.

Serene was so tired from hauling wood that she ends up hurt and pale by the end of the session. Maybe a bit more proficient. She heads home for a warm bath in the hopes that her wound would not fester.


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Post by Serene » Sun Mar 31, 2013 5:59 pm

Serene was out and about. She went by the steward market. She saw Aiden still there and appearing as grumpy as ever.
A new steward applicant approached her. She found out his name was Juan.

She had received an invitation to go yvyrm hunting. She would need a steward to take care of her fields.

They headed to her house and chatted to get to know each other.
She showed Juan around her house and workshop.

She wrote Idra a letter letting her know she would be taking a break from her army duty.

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