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Post by Grazilda » Sun Jul 14, 2013 12:38 pm

Days have passed since their trade trip and Grazilda was happy to be home as sat on a chair in her tent and thought of nice things. Life wasn't perfect but it wasn't so bad either. She took a deep breath and leaned back. She closed her eyes and sighed with a furrowed brow. There were a lot of things in her mind and somehow, she wanted to rest. There were a lot of things going on and sometimes, she wished that the world would just stop for a moment so that she can cease worrying about some things in life.

She bent her knees and placed her feet on the chair. She wrapped around her arms around her legs, hugged her knees and placed her forehead on them. She let out another sigh.


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Post by Grazilda » Wed Jul 17, 2013 12:58 pm

Grazilda checked her backpack and made sure that everything's there. She packed enough food and other things for their trip. Satisfied with the contents of her backpack, she secured her tent.

As she stood in front of her tent that she called a shack, she bent down to hug her dog. "Oreo, I'm setting you free. You can go where you want and live where you want. You know your way around but if ever you need something, you can look for Rieron and he won't kill you. I hope I'd see you again when I come back. If not...Then I understand. It's time that you find your own destiny, little mutt. Until we meet again..." She picked up the dog and hugged it one more time.

Then, she left the tent not knowing if it's the last time that she'll see Oreo.


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Post by Oreo » Sun Jul 21, 2013 5:43 am

Oreo looked at Grazilda and lowered his tail, the tips of his ears bent as he looked down. He did not understand why did she set him free. Did she not want him anymore? She doubted that. Never in his life did she make him feel unwanted, at least privately. He knew that something was not right. This was not the Grazilda that he knew. There was something odd and he will just leave her. In fact, he wont' leave her at all.

But what was he suppose to do since Grazilda would be the one to leave? She did not look for anyone specific to look after him this time. She just mentioned Rieron as a last recourse. He slowly walked toward Grazilda's feet and gave it a slow lick, as a sign of giving thanks.

As her cart rolled away Oreo barked his farewell to her. He turned his back and looked at the other way, for if he didn't he would just run after them, contrary to her wishes.

And then Oreo started to walk away from the tent which he once called home.


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Post by Grazilda » Fri Sep 20, 2013 1:53 am

The sun's rays just started to bring light to the dark sky when Grazilda woke up with a headache. She reluctantly opened her right eye and squinted. She turned and covered her head with a pillow. As she did, her stomach growled. She let out a sigh. She tried to hide it even before going to bed. She could hide it no more. She should face the fact that she was hungry. And thus, she tore herself away from the comfort of her pillow and her bed. Reluctantly, she got up, her eyes still closed, and stretched her arms out so that her hands can search for that basket of bread that she had by her bedside. It was something that she started to do recently.

For some reason, her hand could not find the basket by her bedside. Still sleepy, her eyes still closed and hungry for some bread, she bent forward to further search for the missing basket of bread. Then, she heard it.

She heard a soft moan of a dreaming animal by the floor. Now, fully-alert, Grazilda's hand quickly grabbed her dagger, one of many that were hidden nearby, and aimed the blade toward the intruder, her ears served as guide.

Her hands moved toward the source of the noise when she opened her eyes. She quickly pulled back when she saw a sleeping puppy in the middle of a dream with his paws that slightly moved as if he wanted to run in his dreams. She forgot that Oreo was back with her in the tent. Yet the horrible fact was that the mutt hugged what was left of her basket of bread.

"Oreo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Grazilda screamed in frustration at the mutt, headache and all.


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Post by Grazilda » Fri Oct 25, 2013 12:57 pm

Grazilda lifted the large knife and with all her might, her knife cut through the bones and flesh of her poor victim as blood splattered all over. To an observe, it was another ordinary day in her life as a butcher, but for those who knew her really well, it was something else. She did her job the way she knew how: with precision and might. And it was in this fashion that she spent her days barely and talked to anyone, except for business matters.

For some reason, she enjoyed the feeling of blood on her apron as she continued to murder the cow carcasses on her table.


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Post by Grazilda » Mon Nov 04, 2013 12:47 pm

Grazilda sat on her bed as she held her broken arrow. It was a sign that she saw months ago and she knew the meaning of this. She knew this was coming. She thought she can fight with fate or destiny, yet her actions were futile.

She stared at the broken arrow. It was a symbol of her power during her glorious days with her people. Everyone who saw her arrow, which was her symbol, trembled in fear if they did something wrong. Her arrow meant death to the treacherous. And it meant victory during battle. She was the demise of the imperfect. She was the savior when it comes to war.

However, it was prophesied that one day, her arrow will break in two. It was the sign of the end of her triumphant days leading her people.

She and her arrow had something in common. They were both broken. But unlike her arrow, she was still useful. At least, she still thought that she was useful. However, she could not deny the fact that she was not whole. Will she ever be whole again? She wished that she would.

For years she served and lead a group that only venerated perfection and bloodshed. She worshiped gods and goddesses and offered sacrifices to them for a better future. But what has that led her to? Was she more successful now after all of the offerings that she presented to the gods? Was it worth bowing to the gods of the people who murdered her very own family? Was it really wise to walk the path that lead to her father's death?

Her father was perhaps the only person who truly loved her among her people. Yet he left this world as a victim. She wanted to avenge his death but there was no real way to do it. No matter how many thousands of tribe leaders that she beheaded, it was not worth it. And it would never bring back the life of her dear father.

"Embrace your destiny, my child," her father once told the young Grazilda. She was only seven and had no clue about the internal conflicts that happened in her own family. She had no idea why her father had to find a secret place where he told her about his family. She didn't understand anything at that time. She was merely an innocent child following everyone.

And the child grew up and now understood.


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Post by Grazilda » Tue Nov 12, 2013 2:57 am

“Do you trust me, my daughter?” Grazilda's father asked her. “Yes, Papa,” the wide-eyed five year old girl replied. “Then close your eyes and leave everything to Papa. Whatever happens, Papa will not let any harm happen to you.” Her father assured her. “All right, Papa. I trust you.” She said. “Then close your eyes and stand up straight. No matter what happens, try to stand up straight and don't open your eyes until I say so.” He instructed.

“I'm ready, Papa,” she nodded at him, stood up straight and closed her eyes. “Very good, Grazilda. That's how you do it. I am always here beside you, no matter what happens.” Her father's deep voice said and then everything went quiet.

The little girl waited. And she waited for a very long time. She stood still and did not open her eyes.

Six hours had passed and little Grazilda kept her eyes closed and did not move. She was getting tired and hungry yet she did not complain. Her stomach rumbled in protest and her knees went weak, yet she did not mind them and tried to ward off her hunger from her mind and stood up as straight as possible.

Another six hours passed and she was still surrounded by an eerie silence. There was no word from her father yet. The girl did not complain. She had full trust on him and his word. She kept her father's face in her thoughts and distracted herself mentally to fight against the urge to sit down, take a rest and look for food. Her knees started to shake. She slowly felt her head pound. She needed to eat, but she was told to stay still. She tried to keep her knees strong and she was failing badly. Her aching head did not help her situation, as well.

She tried to keep still and kept her eyes closed for some more hours until she felt her head spinning.

She collapsed on the ground.

Grazilda suddenly woke up from her dream. She felt so weak. She sat up on her bed and took a deep breath. She shook her head. “It was not really a dream...” she whispered. And it wasn't a dream, indeed. It was a flashback from her past.


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Post by Grazilda » Sun Nov 24, 2013 3:02 am

((ooc: The post below took place days ago. I only had the time to write it today.))

I opened my eyes and saw darkness. It was the middle of the night and the whole caravan was still wrapped in silence. My shack, which how I called my tent, felt somewhat different. Perhaps it was not the shack but the what transpired the whole day that rendered me sleepless tonight.

I have decided to let go of the things that I was trained to do---from the various and seemingly useless rituals that took too much of my time, to the mundane habits that were unnecessary. Rieron advised me to let go of the bad and keep the good. Thus, instead of painstakingly scrubbing in my bathroom three times a day with long rituals, I reduced that to a once a day bath before bed with hand washing when needed throughout the day and the common cleanliness routines commonly done every morning.

While I was still keenly aware of my surroundings, I have reduced the paranoia that made me feel like everyone was bound to kill me. Although it could still be the case, particularly outside the caravan, I have learned that there were some people that I could lay down my guard with and could trust. That of course still meant that I had daggers at bay. And yes, I have finally learned to trust again. I lived my life with the idea that I could trust no one. The last person that I fully trusted was my father and he was long gone. After his death, my mother's family taught me that to trust is to commit suicide. However, with the things that I've gone through as of late, I found myself begging to differ from my warrior family's ideals. I've recently realized that it's not how many lives that I've killed that made me a man---or a woman for that matter--- but with the lives that I have and could touch and inspire.

My father's death marked the start of my life of sorrow. For the life of me, I could not fathom how did my parents get along with their opposing ideals. Moreover, I could not understand why my mother did nothing when my grandfather plotted my father's death. Did my mother really love my father? What did my father see in my mother? My father's life was filled with magic, mystery and love. While my mother's life was filled with power, wariness and blood. I guess that was why I was an unlikely product of such a union. I have lived most of my life in accordance to my mother's ways, which rendered me lonely. The only time that I really felt joy was when I met someone who was my war partner during my past life. We met again in this lifetime, well my lifetime but it's his same lifetime, and fell in love. That didn't end up well, though. Anyway, that break up was like a wake-up call. I did something wrong in my life. I followed a mistaken belief. It was time to start all over.

So far, the life in the family of the druchii was fulfilling. Besides, I could not leave the family due to an eternal contract. The family's way better than my biological one. At least this family's united despite its diversity. Thus, there was only one thing that I could change which might actually lead me to the path of happiness---to unlearn what I was trained to do. And there was one thing that I was trained to do : HATE magic.

My mother's side of the family hated warlocks, sorcerers and the like. They called them abominations. Which again brought me to wonder why did my mother marry my sorcerer father. Anyway, they knew that my father taught me some forms of sorcery in secret at a young age where everything was easily absorbed. I was taught to hate and do away with everything that my father taught me and that included sorcery, kindness, sincerity and love.

Now that I have decided to shun those warrior beliefs, I found myself dreaming of my past as if something inside me wanted to be unleashed. As I stared into the darkness in my shack, I recalled a catalyst that ignited what whispered in me which slowly sparked and wanted to burn into flames. It was that curious stare of the baby druchii.

That precious little baby was born in a world of sorrow, of despair and of struggle. How my heart went out for that boy. And as I recalled the way his curious eyes searched mine, I felt teardrops escape my eyes. I wiped them quickly and shook my head. I could not believe I cried for a baby...for an innocent and precious little one. And he's not even mine or my blood. How I wish I could do something to protect that little creature from the pains of the this world. How I wish he would have a better life than I had.

I got out of my bed and wiped again the tears. I knelt and searched for my small chest of clothes and found a necklace. I held it in my hands and felt warmth from the necklace. Some may call it an amulet. Some may call it an artifact. I called it my lucky charm as it was given by my father to protect me from harm. As I held the necklace tight and whispered some secret words, a form of light, as if reflected from the moon, flickered from me like a shy aura that lasted for one minute.

And then, it was dark again.


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Post by Grazilda » Sun Jul 20, 2014 10:11 am

Grazilda came back from a surprisingly fun training with Serene. It was not the training itself that surprised her, but the fact that she actually had fun that day. She didn't smile for months nor did she find a reason to get out of bed for almost a year.

Was it almost a year? She asked herself. She could not believe how fast the dreaded months quickly passed by. She had to emotionally endure the pain of a broken heart. It was as if the highest form of sacrilege. The once great Grazilda, the strong Grazilda, the uncany Grazilda actually felt pain in her heart. She swore to the gods and goddesses that her father's death would be the last time that she'll make herself vulnerable.

And she was wrong.

It was all in the past and she now managed to become whole again. Instead of succumbing to the pain, she focused all her might to become productive and powerful. She spent months doing things against her will for the sake of improvement. She went against her previous beliefs and fought against her inner being for the sake of uncovering and strengthening her core being.

As she chewed a small piece of strawberry, she read a note that was sent to her. "Thawed??!!!" She clenched her fist at the description given to her. Under normal circumstances, she would have marched straight to the culprit's manor and cut his head right then and there. But she knew better. She relaxed her fist and laughed. She found humor in a letter that would usually wreck havoc. But the humor was not in the seemingly insulting word but the fact that she was now different.

She was suddenly quiet. She wondered how many people knew the new Grazilda.


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Post by Grazilda » Sat Aug 16, 2014 10:48 am

Grazilda stopped by the shack to collect some items. "Stay there, mutt! You better behave or you'll be beheaded!" She warned her dog Oreo.

Truth be told, she loved Oreo so much she hated to admit it. No matter how grumpy she was, she had a soft spot for the dog. A lot of people gave up on her, yet her dog stayed with her and never left her side. Several times, she sent the dog away, but he always came back home.

She had an issue with trust and it took a lot of effort to trust Rieron the druchii before she decided to join his family. She bit the bullet when she joined the Dalakoi family and it was the best decision that she made as of late. She slowly learned to trust the members of the family, all because a little mutt decided to follow her and gave his trust to a cold and grouchy human.

There was more to Grazilda than what meets the eye. Perhaps it was only the druchii who knew a lot about her. Perhaps not. And with that thought in mind, she found herself in a contemplative mood since the start of the year. Her musings sometimes struck a nerve that she decided it was best to keep herself busy instead of embracing the silent pain that she still carries.

And no one will ever know about the pain that she kept hidden deep inside her heart. It would take a lot for someone to be totally trusted before she would divulge that secret. Or she could just kill whoever knew her secret.

Thus, Grazilda took her family list and started checking on some family-related matters instead of being susceptible to certain situations that might destroy her due to an error of judgement.

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