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Post by Grazilda » Tue Sep 09, 2014 9:52 am

Grazilda finished her post-duel bath and dried her hair with a towel. She winced when she saw a cut still bled. She shook her head. "Grazed twice and I have an infection! This is insane!" She dabbed the wound with a clean cloth. The herbs that she used did not make her feel better. She groaned in extreme annoyance.

After some time, the bleeding finally stopped and she covered the wound with a clean bandage. She grabbed her axe and prepared to go to the tavern to look for Rieron.

She stood up and pondered on a thought. Her fingers gently ran over her axe. Her faithful axe has been her companion for a very long time. She looked gloomy as her eyes stared at the axe. She sighed heavily. It was one of those few moments when she let her emotional guard down. She closed her eyes as a drop of tear escaped and found its way to her cheek. She held the handle of her axe so tight that her knuckles were white. She shook her head and stopped herself. No one has to see this. No one has to know about this, she silently commanded herself.

She wiped her cheek, walked straight and tall and went to the tavern.


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Post by Grazilda » Thu Sep 11, 2014 12:39 am

It was already late at night but Grazilda was wide awake. She sat in the middle of her bed surrounded by parchments. She had a set of parchments for family stuff, a set for her university notes and another set for market and trade. Soon, she would add another set of notes for another set of things that she needed to learn. She yawned and rubbed her eyes with her right hand which smudged some ink on her right cheek. She lazily grabbed a handkerchief to wipe her face clean. She had a lot of things to do and more to do on the next day. She yawned again as her eyes struggled to stay open while her mind already drifted somewhere else. A slight jolt woke her back from her reverie and she reluctantly stared at the notes in front of her.

She realized that she had a lot of things to do. Sometimes, she wondered if she developed a habit of biting more than she can chew. She knew she can make things happen. And whatever responsibility or duty that she embraced, she did it and she did it well. She worked so hard particularly in the recent days. She drained her body through training and her mind through studying. In a way, she was killing herself, but for what purpose?

She was unhappy.

She was satisfied with her family and she couldn’t ask for more. However, despite and in spite of it all, she still longed for something. She couldn’t figure out what she wanted. That or she refused to acknowledge her wants and denied herself of it. What she longed for sounded frivolous, if not outright selfish or stupid. Thus, she diverted her attention to something else until she could not contain it anymore.

She grabbed the various sets of parchments scattered on her bed and neatly placed them in different boxes. She set aside the boxes under her bed. She noticed that Oreo fell asleep watching her. It was time for her to sleep. As she closed her eyes, she suddenly burst into tears. A few minutes later, she fell asleep as she was physically, mentally and emotionally tired.


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Post by YongRui » Fri Sep 12, 2014 1:25 am

Sep 9, 1654 6:02 am: You have donated 2 fish to your army. (#751)

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Before departing Silverdale Yongrui seals the two wagon sized fish, and pockets the letter in one of his sleeves. As he arrives at Lady Grazilda’s home he knocks thrice to ensure she hears him then sets the cart down in front of her door with the fish leaving the letter above the cartbed.
Hopefully you were not too disappointed with the dance of blades, although I do hope you will be interested for another round that I do. For the next time around, it shall not be so easy.
Yours truly,


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Post by Grazilda » Fri Sep 12, 2014 9:28 am

Grazilda was buried under layers of parchments. Her list of things to do seem to pile up one after the other. She was eternally busy, so to speak. She groaned when she heard a knock at her door. "Who dares to disturb me at this time?!" She grabbed her axe, determined to give the culprit a lesson he'll never forget. Fortunately for YongRui, he already left when she managed to dig her way out.

She frowned when she saw no one and raised an eyebrow at the cart. She noticed the cart and took the note. She quickly unfolded it and read what was written. Her dark expression quickly changed as her face radiated into a smile.

Wasting no time, she grabbed a parchment and quickly wrote a reply.

“Noah!” She called her steward and realized that she sent him to purchase items in the market. She had no one to send the note for her. Of couse she could send one of the thousand troops, but considering that this is a personal matter, she decided against it.

She saw the napping Oreo and shook the dog quickly. “Get up, little mutt! Sniff this parchment and remember the scent of the sender.” She waved Zechin's note in front of the dog, careful that the note be kept at a safe distance. “Bring this other note to him quickly,” she handed the mutt a carefully sealed note and took care of the fish.


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Post by Grazilda » Sat Sep 13, 2014 8:06 am

The sky was clear and the moon was beautiful. The caravan was quiet except for the guards that patrolled the area to ensure their safety. Grazilda left her tent and enjoyed a moment of silence as she left the safety of the caravan and walked leisurely to the edge of the forest, her axe ready to strike should an enemy cross her path. She whispered a quiet spell that produced a defensive aura to initially and partially ward off an enemy from a distance. This would serve as an early warning should she need to refocus her energy to an adversary.

She was silent as thoughts filled her head. She wondered about the meaning of life… of her mortal life to be exact. She had some bits and pieces of memory from her past life which was, in a way, related to her current life. What lesson did she miss last time that she was once again born in this world and lived a life of a warrior once again? She felt as if things were merely a repeat of the past, but for what purpose? She shook her head and tried to gather her thoughts to figure out what went wrong, be it in her past or current life.

And it hit her. She trusted too much. It may come as a surprise, for she was known to be doubtful of everyone. Trusting someone led her to her physical death in the past life. This also led her to the death of her heart in the current life. Since then, she felt as if her soul was wilted. She woke up just to fulfill her duties and to make everyone around her happy, if not content.

Then it happened.

She gradually found again the will to live. She savored each minute of each day. She felt a renewed purpose in her life. She placed her hand over her chest and was glad to feel the rhythmic beat of her heart that told her that she was alive.

What brought her death also brought her life. The difference though, was that she applied calculated risk. The irony made her abruptly stop walking. She sat on a rock, her legs crossed and looked up at the moon shining above partly covered with trees. She wondered if it was smart for her to trust again. Half of her told her she was right, the other half told her otherwise. The dichotomy of her emotions led her to stare at the silver moon as if it held the answer to her questions.

Throughout her life, her decisions were mostly made with the help of her axe. Considering her situation, it seemed most fitting to let her axe decide her fate. She looked down at her diamond encrusted axe. Her fingers lightly traced the handle and the blunt parts of her deadly weapon. The diamond reflected the moonlight on her face as if revealing the answer to her question.

She got off the rock and headed back to the caravan with a rare kind of smile on her face…a smile more precious than the diamond on her axe.


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Post by Oreo » Sun Sep 14, 2014 10:22 am

Oreo was excited like the previous day. They will be hunting in a few days just like last time. He never joined a hunting activity before yesterday. All he was told was that he would be looking for yvyrms and zyrks. Grazilda brought home some of them from her hunt before and he marveled at how those were hunted. He was curious about this hunt. He always thought that there would be lots of running and barking and fun.

He knew that it was a little too early but he woke up earlier than usual. He wagged his tail and waited for Grazilda to wake up. He wanted to start this day right away. He looked at her and she was sound asleep. In fact, she was smiling on her sleep which was rare. He wondered what made her smile. Was it the delicious food that they ate that night? Was it the thought of hunting? He could not really understand the emotion of human beings. All he knew was that he was faithful to her and he will help her in every way that he can.

He was a patient dog, but his instincts told him that it was time for Grazilda to wake up. He once tried to wake her up and she almost slit his neck with her axe. He didn’t want that to happen. He should have a leverage of some sort.
He had an idea. He raised his nose sniffed the air. He caught the scent of his target and followed it to the source. He carefully bit the object, but made sure that it was not damaged. He saw how she looked at that item of interest and smiled each time.
He stood by the side of her bed and lightly barked. ”Woof!” He waved the object, a piece of note, to be sure that she won't try to slit his throat again.
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Post by Zechin » Mon Sep 15, 2014 3:50 am

Zechin was kind of angry with Rui, despite understanding the complications of the matter, Rui should have known better than to be smoking Klah leaves within the vicinity of the workshop especially with it being just next to sawdust. However what was done was done, and according to risk management this is considered a minor setback rather than a catastrophic event. Which means Zechin felt obligated to forgive him…though it could have been worse…however it will be simple enough of a fix. Zechin shall set regulation areas where it’s okay to smoke klah rolls and where it’s not.The walk helped calm Zechin by a considerable amount, because he was in a amiable mood by the time he approached the Caravan's outer perimeters.

Sighting a guard stationed wearing Dalakoi colors Zechin waves his hand in greeting and shouted, "Ohyi their, could you help me request an audience with Grazi for me please?" Thankfully the guards granted his wish though he had him await by the outer reaches, as they went to alert Grazilda of Zechin's appearance.
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Post by Grazilda » Mon Sep 15, 2014 5:44 am

Grazilda slept like a baby, at least relatively like a baby. She could still be easily roused with just the slightest sound, but she knew when she was in danger. However, that night was different just like the previous night. Although she still had at least three daggers hidden somewhere under her clothes plus more within reach, she slept comfortably. And why wouldn't she? She had two very satifying days. In fact, her days have been great and actually happy.

The two nights ago, before she went to bed, she managed to have a week-long hunting challenge with Zechin. To her delight, he accepted it and all was well since she had something to look forward to, if not an excuse to see him again. Then they would travel to Widu on the condition that Rieron's steward Leo would join them. As if her luck was not good enough, she encountered Teide in the tavern which resulted to them having a temporary truce. And the night before, she went on a hunt which she lost. The good thing about it was that it was only a practice hunt. Luck was definitely on her side.

She was in dreamland, with her precious arrow and lead an army. Her arrow was intact, to her surprise, for that arrow was broken in two about a year ago. She looked around and she was back to the tribe that she lead. She saw her father cast a spell against the enemy and smiled at her. She hasn't seen him in years. She reached out her hand to him...

And her hand grasped the neck of Oreo who tried to wake her up. “What's wrong, mutt? I told you not to disturb my sleep!” She opened an eye and let go of the canine's neck. He waved a parchment and she smiled. The parchment was Zechin's letter and she treasured it like it was gold. “You really know what will save you, mutt. Now give me a few more minutes as I'll go back to bed.”

The problem was, it was an all or nothing for Oreo. Either he woke Grazilda up or he let her sleep. Thus, he let her sleep and did not bother to wake her up.

Grazilda returned to dreamland longer than she planned. She was seated with the Dalakoi and they were enjoying a sumptuous meal when she was woken up by a knock at the entrance of her tent. Something was amiss and she got up with a dagger in her hand. One of the guards told her that Zechin was looking for her at the entrance of the caravan. She grabbed a robe at once and rushed to the entrance of the caravan, the guard running behind her as she brought her axe.

“Zechi!” She said when she got to the entrance of the caravan with guards looking cautiously at Zechin. She didn't know which was worse: waking up late or seeing Zechin by the caravan's entrance at this time.

“Zechi! Is everything all right? " She was puzzled because Zechin's face showed no signs of emergency yet she smelled something burning. She brushed some soot that was left on his right shoulder.


The Proposition

Post by Zechin » Wed Sep 17, 2014 2:34 am

As the guard left Zechin in the audience of a silent sentry it gave him time to pace and worry, for what if Grazilda did not accept his terms and agreements? However that was the last thing he worried of as he saw her fast approach. Blushing slightly as Grazilda brushed some soot off his right shoulder, Zechin then hugs her tightly for a few moments before letting go and saying, "Missed you Grazi that I did, everything is alright now that I have you that It is...well sort of..."

Zechin blushes even more and grins wolfishly, "You see just the other day I was quite busy that I was with Yongrui he decided to throw the butt of his klah leaves into a pile of saw dust, I am sure you can guess the rest based off of the soot on my shoulder."

Raising a hand to his defense, "I mean this isn't to say I didn't go hunting!, because I did for I have a zyrk, and a yvyrm head at home if you would like to see it as proof that I did go out for a hunt yesterday, however it is to my belief that I wasn't doing it to the best of my capabilities therefore I would like to offer you a proposal!"

Zechin notices the guards making a funny face as they overheard his words and winces, "Not that kind of proposal of course, merely a new proposal to the Hunting Challenge. Feel free to let me know how you like it." Reaching into his tunic he pulls out a letter and offers it to Grazilda,
Proposal of Changes: In term of the Hunt
-In thoughts of the fact that we are merchants, artisans in our own respects, as well as landowners, it is my wish that we only hunt on Wednesday, and Friday's. This way we all have time to attend to our needs and studies.

Grinning wolfishly he states, "Do you find these terms acceptable dear? If so I should be on my way to ready for the hunt that I do."


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Post by Grazilda » Wed Sep 17, 2014 9:41 am

Grazilda noticed Zechin blush which she found endearing. She smiled as she hugged him back ever so tightly. She listened to him, her face filled with concern. "I missed you too, Zechi," she told him and listened further. She frowned when he mentioned about the soot. She wanted to ask more but there seemed to be a matter of greater importance than the fire. She'll ask him about it later on.

Her jaw almost dropped when he said that he was not doing the best of his abilities. She was in a slight panic, for she failed on their first day of hunt. She blinked. She blinked and she was wide-eyed when he mentioned about a proposal. Good grief! And I thought we were taking things one day at a time, she thought.

She breathed a sigh of relief when he explained that the proposal was regarding the hunt. "You scared me there for a bit, Zechi!" She playfully punched his left arm. She took the letter, unfolded and read it.

"Shouldn't men kneel when offering a proposal?" She teased and let out a short laugh. "I'd say yes to this one, Zechi. I though you'd never ask! I believe that you went hunting. No need for proof. Truth be told...well..." She slightly stammered. "I failed on the first day. I saw you during the hunt and...Well...I went home empty-handed." She was embarrased to accept the truth, but she won't lie to him.

And it was then that she realized that her hair was all over the place as she just woke up. She did a quick fix on her hair and hoped that he didn't notice. :oops:

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