[ORP] Breaking Bones - (Grazilda's Shop)

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[ORP] Breaking Bones - (Grazilda's Shop)

Post by Grazilda » Fri Oct 03, 2014 11:22 am

Grazilda's hands were on her waist as she looked up. "A little more to the right, Noah," she told her steward who was up on a ladder and adjusted the new sign of her workshop. She has been a trader since she moved to these lands and mastered the tricks of the trade. However, she usually did personal deals with family and friends. This time, she decided to open her door to other possible customers. Business is business and it's definitely booming. Thus, she found a new shop near the heart of the town that could be easily seen by citizens and visitors.

It was a two-storey shop but it was wide enough for her to do everything that she needed. The second storey was had two spacious rooms. One was wide enough for her to make various bone armors as well as encrust weapons. The other room was big enough to serve as a storage room. If needed, the wood bushels that she also sold could be kept there, as well. However, she preferred to deliver the wood bushels straight from the forest to her customers. The front part of the first storey was the shop where customers were free to purchase meat and other items or pick up their orders. The back part was well hidden from the front where she chopped the plucked chickens and cow carcasses delivered fresh from her ranches. She made sure that it was always clean and smelled fresh. There was also a spare room just in case some armors and weapons needed a sturdier room for crafting. There was a small sitting room where she can have a private meeting with her customers as she understood the secrecy demanded by some when money was involved. And there was a small room for emergency purposes when she should spend the night at the shop to finish her work.

"There! It's perfect!" She said and stepped back to get a better view of the sign. "Aye! It's great. Now you can get off that ladder and we can get back to work. We have lots of orders. today," she said and went back in the shop where she washed her hands and started chopping some plucked chickens.

After Noah returned the ladder, he placed a sign on the door that said, "Come in. We're open!" And he was stationed by the entrance to welcome customers.
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Re: [ORP] Breaking Bones - (Grazilda's Shop)

Post by Noah » Thu Oct 09, 2014 3:14 am

Items sold:

Fried chicken legs
Sweet corn
Bovine Bones
Bushels of wood
Bone armors
Bacon (please provide materials)

Services offered:
Conversion of uncut stones to gems
Weapon encrusting

Price for items and services : negotiable
Noah adjusted the sign in the shop to match the note that he was given. After a few minutes, he finished wiping the counter top with a clean cloth. He made sure that it was spotless. He knew how Grazilda can be meticulous when it comes to cleanliness. He thought it was funny for someone to be so clean yet won't flinch when she was covered with blood and sand in the arena, if not in the battle field. He knew and understood why. In fact, he might be the only one who witnessed and understood the dichotomy of the woman's character. At this point in time, he was certain that she told her past to the head of the Dalakoi family, but he (Noah) was the only one who saw how much Grazilda can do, and how little she has become now compared to who she really was, or was destined to be. He laughed at the thought. Destiny had a way of changing things. He was curious on how Grazilda's life will change with the recent events. He stayed quiet and merely watched from the background. There were times when he offered an advice or two, yet he was careful with how he chose his words. He knew how lethal she can be when angry. And it was in the same light that he owed her his life.

Noah looked at the purchase order list. He knew that Grazilda would be very busy in the coming days. This meant extra work for him. He didn't mind. He would be there to help as much as he can, for she's like a sister to him.


Re: [ORP] Breaking Bones - (Grazilda's Shop)

Post by Grazilda » Sat Oct 11, 2014 9:45 am

Grazilda arrived in town and headed straight to the shop along with the items that she bought. Trade trips usually made her happy. This time, she was fuming. "How dare does she leave when I arrive!" These were her opening words when she opened the door and unloaded her sack of goods. "I came here and she leaves! That horned creature just missed me by a few hours...Just when I'm in the mood to put her in her place in the arena!" She gritted her teeth and unloaded the items. She banged her fist on the counter. "I want blood! I want to break someone's bones!" She roared and scowled at Noah. "And do we have any news about my other trade deal?" She asked him and did not wait for a reply. "Aye, no reply and you did not do anything about it." She groaned with so much irritation and grabbed a butcher knife. She pointed it at Noah's direction. "Tell me why did I not let you die, instead?!!!" Her angry voice could be heard outside.

She headed to the other room, grabbed an apron, wore it and smashed her butcher knife against the innocent plucked chickens.


Re: [ORP] Breaking Bones - (Grazilda's Shop)

Post by Oreo » Sun Oct 12, 2014 2:44 am

Oreo dreamt of steaks. He rolled on the floor on the private room of the shop and was in a world of his own. He woke up at the sound of an angry voice. His ears perked up. He heard that Grazilda was back in town. He stretched his wee front and back limbs and shook his body. He left the room and was about to run to her when she barged in like a raging bull. He had to lean sideways to be out of her way, or he'll find himself flying in the air. That hasn't happened to him yet and he didn't want it to happen that day as well.

He moved his head sideways and looked at Noah as if asking what happened. Noah understood his gesture and quietly said, "She must have lost in the arena." He shrugged and followed Grazilda to the room where she was busy splattering blood with her butcher knife. "Careful with the fried chicken legs. Remember, quality is still of utmost importance to our business," he said as gently as possible.

"Leave me alone!"
Grazilda's voice boomed. "Not when you're ruining our products like that," Noah retorted. He walked towards her, unaffected by her rage. He stood beside her and was very much aware of the sharp knife in her hand. "Grazilda... Defeat is not always a bad thing." He said in the most gentle way possible. At the same time he whispered a magic spell to protect himself just in case the knife would fly toward his direction.

She struck the butcher knife against chopping board with such a force that it broke in two pieces.

Oreo sighed. He wondered when will there be peace and quiet so that he can go back to sleep.

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Re: [ORP] Breaking Bones - (Grazilda's Shop)

Post by Noah » Sun Oct 12, 2014 7:04 am

The crisp air was perfect, at least for Noah. Things were quiet and everything was running smoothly. He woke up earlier than usual, despite the fact that the fields needed no tending that day. Oreo was happy playing with some wool at the back and Grazilda was probably asleep in the room.

Noah shook his head. Grazilda should be resting in the caravan today and in the next few days until Rieron heals her. She arrived that morning in the workshop, her face pale with some cuts and bruises all around her body. It was a miracle that she was even able to get up and walk to the shop. She said that she had to take care of some trade deals. He saw her writing some letters, probably for her trade deals, an hour ago. It was very quiet now, though. He took a peek at the room and saw her asleep, her hand still held a half-written letter. He sighed at the sight. She looked dead, had it not be for the slight movement due to her breathing. He did not like the idea of her having a duel without armor with Rieron. It was a death wish for anyone to do that, yet she still insisted on having a training duel with him, without magic to make things worse. She's probably the bravest woman around. She always wanted to stretch her limits.

He looked at the parchments spread all over the table and he slowly arranged them in the most quiet way possible. She wanted them neatly stacked after she was done. Maybe he would prepare some chicken soup for her later to make her feel better. Then, he heard a knock at the door.

He left the room without a noise and went to the front door of the shop. He frowned. He saw no one. He opened the door and looked for anyone who might have left. There was no one on the street. His eyes made a quick scan to check of something was missing. Everything was there. He stepped back to close the door when he saw something interesting.
He picked up the box of rose from the floor and searched for a note. There was none. He frowned and looked closely to see if there was poison in the flower. He knew who might probably send her a rose, but that man always sends a note with whatever package he has for her. No, it was not him. It might be someone else, Noah thought. After he deemed that it was safe, he closed the door and placed the package on the table beside Grazilda's bed. He quietly closed the door and started to prepare some chicken soup for her. "What an interesting way to start a rainy day," he said.


Re: [ORP] Breaking Bones - (Grazilda's Shop)

Post by Noah » Sun Oct 26, 2014 5:49 am

Noah could not understand how can a woman be so physically strong yet show panic with the most mundane things.

He made sure that he walked with Grazilda to the arena before every fight. And he was on stand-by just in case he had to assist her on the way back. However, he knew that she would never asked to be carried either on a stretcher or on whoever's arms after a battle. She wanted to maintain some dignity, as she claimed.

Thus, that morning, he walked with her to the arena with her second duel with Karicer. And when the duel ended, he offered his arm for her to hold on as she limped her way back to the workshop. "You know, you need to rest," he told her as they walked. "That's a unique way to say congratulations, Noah," she replied and added, "Do I still look presentable?" He almost threw her to the ground as a joke but quickly remembered that she was in pain. Instead, he pretended to look shocked and shook his head. "You are unrecognizable with your wounds. I'm sorry," he acted like he was so serious but failed to do so. She grabbed her axe and lightly jabbed at his arm. "Not funny!" She groaned and laughed hard. "Really, Grazilda, you're so concerned about how you look? Since when?" He was brave to throw jokes on her that day because he knew that she won't mind. "What happened to the warrior covered with blood that I know?" He teased. "I'll cover you with your own blood, I tell you." Her words were threatening but she had a huge smile on her face.

They arrived at the workshop and he quickly helped her lay down on the bed. "I'll make some chicken soup while you rest for a few hours. Then, you have to start working. No slacking as we have lots of things to do, all right?" He said and she quickly obliged. She may have won the duel for two days in a row but she was drained that day. She tried to recall the whole duel and before she knew it, she was asleep.

Noah came back to the room with a hot chicken soup for her. He placed it on the table and gently nudged her. "Wake up, Sleeping Grumpy," he said and silently laughed at his own joke. She slowly opened her eyes and smiled at the chicken soup. "I heard you," she said and laughed. He left the room and came back with something that will surely make her smile.
There was a note with the roses that said:
Congratulations, Grazilda!

Pay me back at the end of the day.

Your only Steward,
"That will be 40f. It's a discounted price because you're my friend and I'm your right hand. Nope, it's not for free. Get yourself a lover to give you free roses or something," he said and handed her the bouquet of five roses. She laughed and said, "Thanks, Noah. It's scary that you're starting to sound like me," she winked. "I'll be damned!" He said and left her to take care of the workshop. "Be here in two hours, sharp!" He yelled from the other room. She shook her head and laughed. Then, she helped herself with the chicken soup and looked at the roses. She looked at the window and started to wonder...

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Re: [ORP] Breaking Bones - (Grazilda's Shop)

Post by Noah » Mon Nov 03, 2014 12:51 pm

Grazilda arrived at the butcher shop with a grim face and headed straight at the back to chop some steaks. Noah learned that she will have a duel to death with Ambra and this was with full mutual consent. He thought that Ambra was brave to have such a duel with Grazilda and that the latter promised to spare the former’s face and hair for her impending wedding, as per duel terms. He was still not happy with how fatal her duels were getting these days.

Usually, a duel would lift Grazilda’s spirit. That didn’t seem the case for that day, though. Something was terribly wrong and Noah could not shake the feeling off his head. He had known his friend since they were children and he could detect if she was gravely distraught. This was one of those rare occurrences.

The sound of the butcher knife against the chopping board was still as strong, yet it lacked something. He heard some rumors and he understood her distress. How he wished he could do something for Grazilda, but knew that it was wise to simply stay quiet and let her be, at least to a certain extent.

She was done with the steaks and headed to the other room. As he prepared the steaks to be sold, he smelled something in the air. He recognized the scent and an idea sent him rushing to his small cottage by Grazilda’s fields. He returned after a while with something which he hadn’t used for a long time.

He went to the back and saw in horror that Grazilda was on her knees in tears with sticks of incense burning before her. She was one who would not kneel to anyone, yet to witness her kneeling in prayer in such a state broke his heart for his friend. He silently brought his package near the incense and placed some powder to his bigger incense burner which sent more smoke to the air with a better scent. “I never thought that you’ll revert back to prayer to our gods. I thought your mother prevented you to pray to our gods and insisted on theirs. You’re switching sides now huh?” He attempted to humor her friend. She didn’t move, though. He whispered to her, “He’ll be fine,” and knelt beside her to join her in prayer.

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Re: [ORP] Breaking Bones - (Grazilda's Shop)

Post by Grazilda » Sat Nov 29, 2014 11:39 am

Grazilda suddenly barged in workshop at full speed while reading a letter. "Noah, we cannot afford to have to spend some leisure hours sitting on a chair. We have work to do." Her voice was serious and she went to the other room where she started to unload the items in the bag that she brought with her. "And move fast, will you?!" She sounded annoyed.

Noah shook his head and laughed. His shirt was soaked in sweat since he just finished chopping wood since sunrise. He knew that he could not disappoint Grazilda or she might do something lethal. He changed his clothes and made himself presentable. She didn't have to explain and he didn't have to ask. They've known each other since childhood that they could almost read each other's minds and body language.

Grazilda paused and waited for Noah to join her so that the workshop task would be faster. When he came back, he changed his clothes and smelled better. "What took you so long?" She was grumpy yet she smiled. "Now get to work!" She ordered then laughed. She was lucky to have Noah around.

Officially, Noah was her Steward. His duties were to assist her in every way that he can from field job to every humanly possible work available. Sometimes, she would summon him in the middle of the night to start a workshop duty that will be due by noon, and he would willingly help her. She would pay him for his work in return.

Unofficially, he was her childhood friend. They were convinced that they were distant relatives that they sometimes refer to each other as cousins. His duties as a steward were just the tip of the iceberg. He was around to help her as a friend, a cousin and a brother. He would die for her for he owed her his life and that of his deceased wife and son. It broke her heart to fail to save them, but he knew that it was not his fault. For security purposes, they lived anonymously when he accidentally saw her walking around Imperius. Now, he was her steward to strangers, and a cousin in the eyes of trusted people.

"This better be one of the best products that we'll have, Noah. Stingy ordered for these items. I should have charged him 50 freznics per day so that you and I can split them, but you know how stingy he can be," she smiled.

"Are you sure Rieron's the stingy one and not you?" He dared to ask.

"I can split your head right now with my axe. Give me a reason why I shouldn't," she replied.

"Because you need me to finish making these items that Rieron asked from you and you hate delays as time is very precious to you," he retorted.

"I hate it when you can give responses that are true!" She pretended to sound accusing.

"Because I only speak the truth...except of course when lying is the only option for us to live." He was defensive.

"Don't you dare lie to me, Noah. I can tell when you're lying." She waved an index finger at him.

"In the same light as I can tell when you're lying and I've covered for you since you were a bad liar," he teased.

"I WAS a bad liar. But I've developed that skill from you and when needed, some found it hard to figure out if I'm lying or not," she explained.

"So you admit that you learned something from me. That would be 1000 freznics for my skills." He smiled.

"What??!! You're charging me now for that? May I remind you who fed you for years when you were so down with your extended mourning stage?" She said.

"And may I remind you who defended you from that lion when we were a kid." He quickly replied.

"Yeah, the magical shield that you made which failed after a few minutes so I had to kill that lion so that you would not be lion dinner." She shot back.

And that was a typical scenario in the workshop. To those who do not know them, they could sound anything from two children fighting over a cookie to two savages threatening each other's life, depending on their mood. However, the aggression that they get from this unusually friend conversation fuel their adrenaline and make the more efficient and faster in their work. Thus, their unconventional work rapport always brought them excellent results.

It was almost midnight when Grazilda said that she had to go back to the caravan. She fixed some things for next day's work when Noah fell asleep in the sleeping quarters the minute that his back laid on the bed. She smiled and found a blanket which she used to tuck her friend for the night. She left some money for him at the bedside. In fact, she left him more money than she should.

She still felt responsible for his late wife and son's death. She never forgave herself for that even if he already did.


Re: [ORP] Breaking Bones - (Grazilda's Shop)

Post by Grazilda » Sun Dec 21, 2014 8:38 am

Grazilda opened the door of her workshop, her cloak covered in snow. She shook the snow off her cloak, got in the workshop and closed the door.

Noah was not around. He worked late the previous evening in the workshop so she told him to come by noon, which was a few hours away.

Grazilda enjoyed the silence. In an hour or two, people will come to purchase products for the holidays. So she only had a few hours to herself.

When she finished preparing the workshop. She stared at the window. Snow started to fall. This made her smile. She might be the type who complained a lot with sky-high standards, yet it was not hard to make her happy. The sight of snowflakes covering her face one by one earlier made her smile, as well as delicious aroma of food being prepared in different cottages that she passed by on the way to the workshop.

She missed the days when she was a little girl, when her mother would prepare a holiday feast for their family. She vowed that she'll do the same when she have her own family. She'll prepare the best feast that a lady of the house could ever prepare. But alas, it was not her time yet. So now, she rejoiced looking at wives preparing mouthwatering meals for their husbands, and mothers making sumptous meals for the fathers and the children.

"And where are those mothers and wives? Why aren't they here yet? Shouldn't they start buying my items?" She thought out loud.

Her mind was filled with thoughts of a warm household by the fire. She tried. She tried her best to make her current family have this warm feeling, at least for the holiday, yet she had to accept the fact that the House of Dalakoi was composed of warriors, not sweet people who genuinely care for each individual. They were composed of souls fighting together as one strong and solid unit. Outside battles, that was another story.

She sighed. She had so much to offer outside the arena or battlefield, but such talents have to be kept hidden for they have no use, at least for the time being. She was more needed as a warrior or at the very least, as a trader.

The woman in her had to bury herself in a cocoon hidden from the world, only to be seen by the worthy one. For now, she was a trader, a butcher, a warrior, a death-bringer.

And with these thoughts, she brought more deaths to the unknowing chickens. The blood that splattered around her made her happy once again.


Re: [ORP] Breaking Bones - (Grazilda's Shop)

Post by Grazilda » Thu Dec 25, 2014 6:56 am

Grazilda was alone in her shop. She sent her steward Noah home so that he can do whatever he wished for the holidays.

She was busy in the shop kitchen. She had some cooked ham, mashed potatoes and a bottle of wine. She lighted a candle on the table and served the food. She ate the meal all by herself. She placed some food for Oreo's dog dish so that he can enjoy the meal as well. "Merry Christmas, little Mutt!" She raised her glass and drank wine.
Merry Christmas to everyone!

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