[ORP] Breaking Bones - (Grazilda's Shop)

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Post by Grazilda » Sun May 31, 2015 11:37 am

Grazilda was about to explode, not that it was new to anybody. Since the start of the year, she has been very upset about something that was beyond her control and no one, not even her family, can do anything about it. Well, the only thing that her family could do for her was to prevent her from breaking more stuff or help her to move on and get over with it.

With that in mind, she planned to do some post-spring cleaning.

Unknown to others, she was a sentimental type of person and she was not yet ready to let go of some things in her vardo. Thus, she went to her shop and did an inventory. "Leo! This is a shop, not a storehouse! Why do we have a lot of things here that are kept unsold? Sell them in the market once you're able. And I hope you would be able to do it before the week ends." Her tone became mellow by the time she finished talking.

She left shop and walked to the library. Perhaps reading would divert her attention and would help her move on.


Re: [ORP] Breaking Bones - (Grazilda's Shop)

Post by Grazilda » Fri Jun 19, 2015 10:15 pm

Noah quietly cleaned the counter top in the shop when Grazilda opened the door. "Good evening, Noah." She smiled at him and remained quiet for a few minutes.

Grazilda went to the room to finish the inventory list for the day. When she was done, she gathered her things. She found Noah waiting for her by the door. She cleared her throat. "We shall close the shop tomorrow and on Sunday. Go and spend the next two days as you please," she told him.

She looked at him straight in the eyes. There was no need for words. He understood her message. She gave him the weekend to celebrate a holiday in their homeland in silence. He was a father and the upcoming holiday crushed his soul and Grazilda's.

"Be back on Monday in one piece," ordered Grazilda. Noah nodded.

And the two left the shop in silence.

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Re: [ORP] Breaking Bones - (Grazilda's Shop)

Post by Grazilda » Sun Jul 26, 2015 12:45 pm

Grazilda banged her fist on the counter top with so much strength that her hand was red from the impact. "Why are we losing money?!" She demanded an answer from Noah. "We're selling corn but we're still losing money. Where did all the money go?!!" She was mad and was ready to attack Noah like a raging bull.

Noah could give a hundred reasons why Grazilda's question was wrong. However, he was wise enough to know that at that moment, the best answer to Grazilda's questions was silence. When she would calm down later, he would explain that they were not losing money. He would tell her that their expenses were merely investments were they would expect gains in the long run. He would also remind her later that due to a huge supply of corn in town, prices went down as the demand was low.

Grazilda did not give Noah the time to respond. She did not need one, anyway. She just needed someone whom she could talk to. Noah would listen to her but these are times when Noah was not the best sounding board. She left the workshop in haste and headed the only place where she could go to at that moment.

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Post by Grazilda » Sun Aug 02, 2015 6:23 am

Grazilda grabbed her arrow and aimed for the bear. She was about to release her arrow when a wolf suddenly blocked her view. The wolf ran away from her.

The bear was suddenly forgotten. "Wait!" She ran after the familiar wolf. "Hold on! Why are you running? Where are you going?" She yelled while she followed the wolf. The wolf was gaining speed and her legs were starting to fail her. Out of the blue, the forgotten bear attacked the wolf. She could not understand how a bear could run so fast. The bear had an evil laugh and mercilessly killed the wolf who was thrown aside.

The wolf, wounded and breathed for the last time, suddenly turned back to his human form. "Zechin!!!" Grazilda cried to the wolf as she ran to his lifeless body.

Grazilda woke up in tears.


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Post by Oreo » Sun Aug 02, 2015 6:27 am

Oreo sensed that something was wrong. His ears perked up and listened quietly. He slept by Grazilda's bed and he felt some movement. He did not sense an intruder but he felt that something was amiss.

When Grazilda stirred while asleep, Oreo stood up and looked at her. He sense her distress. He was about to wake her up when he heard her call Zechin's name and woke up.

Oreo barked and jumped beside Grazilda. He wondered what was going on.


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Post by Noah » Sun Aug 02, 2015 7:21 am

It was still dark, but Noah decided to go to the shop early that day. When he unlocked the door, he proceeded to the room at the back where he usually leaves his bag and other stuff. He finished changing to his work clothes when he found Grazilda's cloak. He frowned. It only meant that Grazilda slept in the shop. For some reason, he noticed that she has been sleeping in the shop for some months now. He dared not ask why.

He suddenly heard Grazilda scream a name followed by Oreo's bark. He rushed to Grazilda's room with a lighted candle. He placed the candle on the table and sat by her side. She looked distraught. He had never seen her look that way in decades. He wrapped an arm around her shoulder. "It's all right, Grazilda. Everything will be all right," he kissed her forehead. He knew that she would not verbally admit that she needed his help, yet he knew that she would let him help her.

He made a silent vow to keep an eye on her all the time until she found her inner strength back. She was there during the worst part of his life. Now, he would be there by her side at the time when she needed him the most.


[ORP] Breaking Bones - (Grazilda's Shop)

Post by Grazilda » Sun Aug 02, 2015 7:33 am

Grazilda's dream paralyzed her. When she woke up and suddenly sat up, she saw Oreo beside her. Soon, Noah rushed to the room as well.

When Noah came by Grazilda's side and kissed her forehead, she leaned on his shoulder and sobbed. She could not find the right words to express what she felt. She thought she was all right. She thought she could handle the sadness. She thought she was able to move on. Her dream was a reminder of the bitter reality of her loss love. And for the first time, she did not know what to do nor what to say.

Fortunately for her, Noah understood her without the need for words. She knew she could rely on him. Noah would know how to bring her back for Noah understood her pain. He was once in her shoes and experienced much worse. There was nothing that she could do but let him lead her to the healing process. She needed him and she knew that he knew that, too.

She closed her eyes and sighed. She stayed in his arms and clutched his shirt tight. She cried on his shoulder and told him her pain and her fears.


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Post by Grazilda » Fri Dec 25, 2015 8:19 am

Grazilda asked Noah not to come to the shop that day as it was closed. She smiled and looked around the shop. She hummed a merry tune.

She stepped outside, closed the door and locked the key. She had a smile on her face and kept on humming a merry tune. Her dog Oreo trotted happily with her.

She remembered the things that happened to her the whole year. She recalled the pain and other dramas of her life. She was glad that just like the past year, she has finally moved on.

And as she walked along the streets of Cork with her dog, she hoped that she and the rest of the citizens of Cork would have a season filled with lots of happiness.

((ooc: Merry Christmas/Season's Greetings to everyone!))


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Post by Grazilda » Sun Feb 21, 2016 2:55 am

Grazilda stared at the items that she has been selling in her workshop. She was mortified upon the realization that she has been selling corn and roses more than meat products. "What is it with this so-called Love Day that people want more roses than food? Did people start adding rose petals to their meals?!" She wrinkled her nose in disgust.

She wondered if there would be a possibility that other types of flowers would be available in the market.

She wondered why roses were so popular.

She wondered why barely anyone was visiting her shop these days.

She wondered why was she suddenly wondering about things.

She wandered absentmindedly until she was back again in her workshop staring at the roses.

She wondered if she should change her workshop to a flower shop, instead.


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Post by Gorm » Sun Feb 21, 2016 12:26 pm

Gorm strolls past a shop while taking a break to drink his rose petal tea, and waves at Grazilda in passing. As he walks he checks on his list for the next target. :mrgreen:

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