[ORP] Breaking Bones - (Grazilda's Shop)

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Re: [ORP] Breaking Bones - (Grazilda's Shop)

Post by Grazilda » Sun Mar 19, 2017 10:56 am

The thought of shopping made Grazilda smile. "We have Stingy's money to spend! That's a wonderful idea, Serene! Let's head to the market then!"

While Grazilda said those words, she grabbed Serene's arm and headed their way to the market.

It seems like the older Dalakoi was more excited to go shopping than the younger one.

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Re: [ORP] Breaking Bones - (Grazilda's Shop)

Post by Serene » Sun Mar 19, 2017 7:50 pm

"Hooray!" Serene yelled as she gleefully went along.


Re: [ORP] Breaking Bones - (Grazilda's Shop)

Post by Grazilda » Mon Jul 10, 2017 10:27 am

This post should have taken place last 8 July.
Grazilda came back to her shop with more wood. She found it relaxing to spend her time in silence surrounded by the trees lately. Thus, chopping wood has become her new hobby, aside from training with Serene.

As she opened the door, she was surprised to see some items. She pushed them all inside with great care. Then, closed the door.

She examined the first one. It was a package from Rieron. She read the note and was wide-eyed. She forgot that it was her birthday! She read again the short note that meant a thousand words. She penned a note of gratitude and grabbed the next package.

She had a huge smile after opening the next present. By this time, she already figured that the items were presents for her birthday. Serene never failed to make her happy. She really appreciated the item made by her sister's bare hands. It meant a lot to her. She wrote thank you note.

She raised an eyebrow at the next present. She looked around and wondered if she would open Teide's gift. She wondered if it was filled with something tricky like an itchy powder or something to that extent. Instead, she found a single item. And as crazy at is sounds, she ran to the next room and hid for cover, while she waited for an explosion. When it was still silent after a few minutes, she figured that the gift was safe. She read the note and laughed. She sent a reply.

Expecting no more, she grabbed the presents to bring to safe place when she saw another one. She wondered who else would take the trouble to send her a gift. To her surprise, the last present was from her friend Gawain. She giggled at the thought of another dice game with her friend and read his note. She thought it was very sweet and thoughtful of him and sent a note of gratitude.

She looked again to make sure that she didn't miss any other gifts.

She thought again of her family and friends who remembered her on her special day. She felt so blessed to have such nice people in her life.

She read the birthday greetings one more time and treasured them all.


Re: [ORP] Breaking Bones - (Grazilda's Shop)

Post by Grazilda » Mon Jan 29, 2018 6:22 am

The fresh roses on Grazilda's table were a failed attempt to bring life to her sad workshop. It highlighted the fact that most of the people who have been there were all gone. Even the pigs and cows that grazed the place have disappeared as well.

"So much for being called a meat shop when I've been selling corns," Grazilda grumbled.

She wondered if she should change her profession as well as her life.

"I'm dying of boredom and loneliness," she sighed. She had no plans and felt like she had no more purpose anymore.


Re: [ORP] Breaking Bones - (Grazilda's Shop)

Post by Grazilda » Fri Mar 23, 2018 2:05 am

"What?! The are no more cow carcasses?"!" Grazilda's furious cry echoed within her workshop. "What's a butcher going to do if there's no meat to chop and sell in the market?"

Exasperated, she just sharpened her butcher knives and then her sword. "Maybe I should just butcher someone in the arena, instead," she grumbled.

When she was done, she grabbed a parchment and wrote a note.

See you in the arena.

She sealed the letter and paid a messenger to bring it to Rieron's vardo.


Re: [ORP] Breaking Bones - (Grazilda's Shop)

Post by Neonea » Tue Apr 10, 2018 7:45 pm

Despite the weather, the child that approached the butchers shop was barely dressed. Her green dress was tattered, worn, and yet baggy on her tiny, bony frame. Perhaps eight at the most- and even then, much smaller than other children perhaps her age, Neonea was a peculiar child. Her straw blond hair was matted and nearly brown from dirt, but knotted curls did seem to frame a sunken heart shaped face. Her bright blue eyes were almost mystical against her dirty skin. The dirt was piled over her button shaped nose, hiding the blanket of freckles that had appeared over the days she had spent under the open weather.

She peeked into the butcher shop, gluing herself to the door frame. She couldn't read, but she knew places that harbored food when she saw them. Shyly, only half of her tiny face peered around the frame of the door, to see if anyone was there..watching. If the woman's back was turned, or perhaps not just in the room, Neonea crept into the place on her tip toes. Her bare, dirty and cracked feet. Her mouth was watering, she was so hungry. If she could just get her hands on something, she had stolen a flint from a blacksmiths shop, and had gathered enough wood that she could make herself a fire. And eat more than nuts and weeds.

The child was much like a wild animal, for the first time, entering a domesticated place. Lured in by the promise of food, but leery for a trap. She hadn't thought she might make it in this far, and now wasn't even sure what there was to grab. Her malnourished body stuck close to the walls, or shelves, or anything that she felt offered her some kind of protection from prying eyes.

Where was it? Where was the food? She looked baffled, her startling blue eyes narrowed in disappointment. She didn't like the idea of stealing. It was bad. But she couldn't take not even a moment more of going as hungry as she was.


Re: [ORP] Breaking Bones - (Grazilda's Shop)

Post by Grazilda » Fri Apr 20, 2018 8:35 am

The sound produced when Grazilda sharpened her butcher knife was music to her ears. "How nice it is to be a butcher again!" She told the blade.

She developed a habit of talking to any blade when alone. "Sometimes, I think I'm getting crazy," she smiled at the blade. "Today, I have to keep you away as it's corn day, not pork and beef day.

With her knife stowed away safely, she walked by the entrance of her workshop and inhaled deeply. The aroma of boiling sweet corn filled the shop.

Thus, Grazilda returned to cooking and baking room of her shop to remove the fire and cool the corn.

Grazilda glanced around. She had this nagging feeling that she's not alone.


Re: [ORP] Breaking Bones - (Grazilda's Shop)

Post by Neonea » Sun Apr 22, 2018 2:44 pm

Neonea froze, as stiff as a statue, staring wide eyed at the woman that passed. She held her breath and did not date to close her eyes, for fear that would draw the attention of the woman with weapons. Then, just like that, the woman turned away and went into another room. Neonea sighed, heavily and with relief. That was closer than she wanted. She gazed down at her dirty hands, and imagined losing them to the knife. Swallowing hard, she realized that even if she lost fingers, she still needed to eat. She was starving. The aroma of the shop was keeping her under a spell that had her feet walking before she even realized what was going on. Her little lips were sucked in, as if to seal away the water that was pooling in her mouth and had to be swallowed nervously here and there.

Each step was so light footed, so carefully planned out. This foot, that foot, this foot, that foot. Silent as a shadow. She would have been proud had she not been so hungry. Peeking around the corner, Neonea eyed the woman. How would she get her away from the corn? It smelled so good. Everything in here did. Maybe..maybe she could distract her? Maybe she could find a potato and throw it at something? She leaned just a little further around the corner.

Crrrreeeeeeakkkkk the floor board moaned under the pressure of her toes, and Neonea froze again.


Re: [ORP] Breaking Bones - (Grazilda's Shop)

Post by Grazilda » Mon Apr 30, 2018 1:11 pm

After checking the corn, Grazilda decided that it needed more time to be boiled. It could also be that gut feeling that she had company. She grabbed her axe, which she always had with her. Then, she stopped moving.

She held her breath and closed her eyes to heighten her other senses. She silently inhaled and caught a whiff of an unfamiliar odor.

She quickly opened her eyes yet the rest of her body stayed in place. She was right. She was not alone.

She was about to turn when the creaking floor broke the silence of the shop. She rushed to the front part of the shop with her diamond axe, prepared to shed blood, when she saw a girl.

Age has no meaning to her, for even a magical child has the power to kill, she squinted her eyes at the child with her axe ready to attack. "Who are you and what do you want?" She asked the young intruder.


Re: [ORP] Breaking Bones - (Grazilda's Shop)

Post by Neonea » Fri May 04, 2018 10:58 am

Busted. The older woman was now looking right at her, and not so kindly. Neonea had run into this before, it wasn't the first time she had been caught, and it probably wouldn't be the last. For the lack of words, she just stood there, staring at the woman and frozen like a statue. As if, if she just stood there and didn't make a sound, or movement, maybe the woman wouldn't actually see her. Neonea's eyes were stuck on the diamond axe. Beautiful, and yet, fearsome. Even as still as she was, the dirty child began to shake with that fear. Her jaw trembled, and her lips twitched.

"I.." her little voice was barely above a whisper, "I...I..."

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