[ORP] Breaking Bones - (Grazilda's Shop)

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Re: [ORP] Breaking Bones - (Grazilda's Shop)

Post by Grazilda » Wed May 16, 2018 8:29 am

"You what?!!!! State your name and your purpose!" Grazilda demanded from the child.

By the looks and stench of the child, her the answer to her second question was already obvious, yet she would not dismiss the possibility of deceit.

"If you are not going to answer, you shall die!" She threatened.

Part of her wondered if she was overreacting to a youngster who might just wanted to fill an empty stomach. The other part of her ordered her not to be deceived by appearance.

She waited for child to respond. She did not want blood to be shed in her workshop today aside from the cows and chickens for economic purposes.


Re: [ORP] Breaking Bones - (Grazilda's Shop)

Post by Grazilda » Thu Aug 16, 2018 9:01 am

Months have passed and Grazilda focused on her trade. She produced more items and food that she opened her workshop to all the lands. She could not believe that she had customers from other towns when she had a sale for a few weeks.

The prices were back to normal, and she barely had any customers. She didn't mind that at the moment. It was rest period for her now.

She gathered the bushels of wood and brought them to the market. Things were unusual in town that day, but business should run as usual.

She found her Steward Kevin by the shop on the way to her fields. "Kevin!" She beckoned him. "I need you to look over the workshop for today. You have already hired people for the task."

Grazilda left her shop right after giving the necessary instructions.

As she walked, she wondered what adventures were waiting for her.


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Post by Serene » Wed Aug 22, 2018 5:23 pm

Serene skipped by and gave Grazilda a huge hug!

(Just saying hi to let you know I am thinking of you. Don't have time to play though right now. Hope you are well! Hi to others too!)


Re: [ORP] Breaking Bones - (Grazilda's Shop)

Post by Grazilda » Tue Nov 27, 2018 10:23 pm

Grazilda stared at her unsold steak slabs. Business has been weak as far as steak goes and she could barely find plucked chickens in the market.

It broke her heart to resort to wood chopping and corn selling. At least corn was still moving despite the loss of profit. Break even seemed to be the name of the game.

She missed the people who used to come and go to her shop. She missed Serene who usually dragged her around any time of the day.

She glanced at the window in silence. She will bring back the noise in this shop through another sale in a few weeks, just like what she did a couple of days back.

For now, it's time to look for plucked chickens.


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Post by Grazilda » Fri Dec 14, 2018 1:17 pm

Grazilda ran as fast as her feet could take her. She slipped on the snow a lot of times and she didn't care. She could hardly breathe yet she didn't mind. All she wanted was for the snowballs to stop flying toward her direction like some curse for a misdeed.

She grabbed the door and fumbled. "Open up.... Open up." Her hands shook when as she struggled to open the door.

In a few seconds that seemed like forever to a fleeing soul, Grazilda finally found peace, not in the graveyard, but in the safety of her workshop.


She jumped when she heard a loud thud of snow ball on the roof.

Then everything was quiet.

Grazilda raised her hands in surrender. "I admit defeat!" She said to no one in particular.

Her heart was still pounding and everything seemed to be a blur.

First, she heard the dead.

Second, she could communicate with her beloved dead.

Third, she was attacked by snowballs.

And lastly, an unknown ghost wanted to speak to her.

She blinked and wondered what in the world is going on.

She knew that only Rieron can answer her question. However, something more pressing should be done.

She glanced at the shop. Removed some items. Restocked some in turn. And she looked at the draft that she created from Zechin's wisdom from the other side.

She smiled. She was ready for another sale soon.

Happy with her final restock before the sale, she closed the door, left a note for her steward to take over for the day, and went to her vardo.

She hoped that she would be safe in the vardo from snowballs and ghosts.


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Post by Grazilda » Wed Dec 26, 2018 10:16 am

Grazilda returned to her shop and did a quick inventory check after she closed the holiday sale.

Since she ran out of some items, she decided to remove them from the list. However, she wanted to remember the menu and made a list for future reference.
(subject to change without notice)

Holiday rates, exclusive of Mollie's 4% additional charge:

1. GAP (Got All Perfectly) (1 thanksgiving meal) - f 20.00
2. CD (Chicken Delight) (1 fried chicken leg) - f 5.00
3. DB (Delicious Bacon) (1 bacon) - f 5.00
4. DB (Delicious Bread) (1 loaf of bread) - f 4.00
5. YSL (Yummy Steak Loin) (1 steak) - f 12.00
6. GUESS (Great Unspoiled Eggs So Special) (1 egg) - f 2.00
7. MK (Many Kernels) (1 sweet corn) - f 2.00
8. CK (Corn Kernels) (1 bag of corn) - f 2.00
Grazilda frowned at her list. She just noticed that two items were named "DB." She shook her head at her lack of creativity. She also doubted the rate that she wrote for the corn.

She leaned back on her seat and sighed. She realized that there was no need to worry about small details. What was important was that she was able to sell a lot of her items that she quickly ran out earlier than expected.

The interesting part, at least for Grazilda, was that she only had two customers for the holiday sale: Logo and Wyllow. She thought that people would grab the chance to buy items at the discounted rate. She also wondered why was there no one from her family who bought any food from her workshop. She wondered if they were busy to purchase from her, had a special deal with other food producers, or simply produced the same items and preferred to just use their stock instead of going to her shop.

She was actually disheartened by the seemingly lack of support from her family in this short endeavor. She even sent letters to the Dalakoi and Roma families just to make sure that they had an early knowledge of the upcoming sale before opening the low rates to the public. Heck, she even mentioned in her letters that she would reserve items for them to ensure that they could take advantage of her sale and asked them to send her a letter if they want to reserve some food.

There wasn't a single letter to show interest in purchasing her items in advance from any in the family.

She hoped that she only missed their names in the transaction list.

To be fair, she received help from Bridget and Rieron in the form of plucked chickens that she used to produce the fried chicken legs.

And that was all that she got.

She wrote a note to her only two customers during the sale: Wyllow and Logo.

She found it interesting that Wyllow from another town and Logo from possibly another allegiance, at least no solid friendship with her family, were the ones who patronized her shop during the well-announced sale.

She reviewed her notes and her inventory.

Her previous sentiments about her merchant life was reinforced with the recent situation: that she could not fully rely on her family in terms of her life as a merchant.

She used to rely on Zechin and the two of them were great business partners, with romance on the side.

But Zechin died a long time ago.

Now, she felt so alone.


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Post by Grazilda » Fri Jan 04, 2019 3:13 am

Grazilda had a silly smile on her face. She already made three bulk business transactions and the new year had just started.

She felt that this is going to be a prosperous year for her. She was also glad to be communicating with people within and outisde of Cork.

She stretched her arms and proceeded to prepare the wilbur food for Nocturne.


Re: [ORP] Breaking Bones - (Grazilda's Shop)

Post by Grazilda » Wed Jan 09, 2019 10:12 am

Grazilda was in a hurry. Rieron bought everything that she wanted to sell and this was a surprise.

Usually, Rieron bought everything but he was quiet as of late.

Or so she thought.

"Kevin!" She called her steward. "Quick! Prepare the workshop. We will be busy for a few days," she handed him the market list and started working on the list. She checked her inventory and added some details to her notes.

"Send the bags of sweet corn to Rieron right away," she told Kevin and crossed out that item in her list for Rieron. "And don't forget the eggs!"
1. CD (Chicken Delight) (1 fried chicken leg) - f 5.00 each (30 pcs)
2. DB (Delicious Bacon) (1 bacon) - f 5.00 each (10 pcs)
3. DB (Delicious Bread) (1 loaf of bread) - f 4.00 each (20 loaves)
4. YSL (Yummy Steak Loin) (1 steak) - f 12.00 each (15 pcs)
5. GUESS (Great Unspoiled Eggs So Special) (1 egg) - f 2.00 each(10 pcs)
6. MK (Many Kernels) (1 sweet corn) - f 2.00 each (15 pcs)
7. CK (Corn Kernels) (1 bag of corn) - f 2.00 each (20 pcs)
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Re: [ORP] Breaking Bones - (Grazilda's Shop)

Post by Jacque_balsha » Wed Jan 09, 2019 9:44 pm

Little Jacque decides to fly by Breaking Bone so she could leave some flowers and a tiny note letting her know how grateful she was that she helped her with some state meals. Places the flowers and note where Grazilda could see them.



Re: [ORP] Breaking Bones - (Grazilda's Shop)

Post by Grazilda » Tue Jan 15, 2019 8:12 am

The delay in Kiene was not good for Grazilda's business. She ran to her shop and opened the door. "Kevin!" She took several deep breaths and wiped her sweating brow. "You have delivered the corn in the market for Rieron to pick up right?" She asked her steward, although she knew that he already did that earlier that day.

Then she saw it.

She raised an eyebrow and saw a flower. She eyed the flower for a few minutes and did not move. "Weren't we just talking about daisies and flowers earlier in the middle of Kiene?" She asked out loud. "Word do get around fast in this area." She slowly looked at the flower and wondered if it was poisonous.

Her mind raced and wondered who would send this flower out of nowhere. She knew that flowers will never make up for delayed payment of market orders. Business is business and nothing can be used to bribe her.

She carefully read the note and let out a sigh of relief. "Thank you, Jacque..." She softly whispered and smiled. She was happy to have made a new friend.

She took her apron and ran to the back. Her mind was in a whirl since her list of orders grew longer each day. She knew that it was good for the business.

She reviewed her to-do list and bit her lower lip. "So that means I can't sleep in the next 72 hours to finish everything? Excellent!" She smiled and started to work.

When she was done with her first set of wilbur food, she stretched her arms, did a mini-inventory review and scratched her head. She recalculated the stock and noticed that her inventory and sales did not match. She tried to recall if she did any sale under reservation. "Hmm... I had reserved sale for Nocturne, for Rieron and for Jacque. What am I missing?" She scratched her head.

She took a short break and made herself a mint tea. As she inhaled the rich aroma, something dawned unto her. "Katara's 10 wilbur food!" She was so happy with the recalled information and her notes have all been reconciled. "She didn't even send a reply to confirm that she will buy the wilbur food," she shook her head and wondered if it was a mistake to do business transactions with the other members of the family, aside from Rieron. "Not even an acknowledgement of the sales! I should have sold them to her twice the price," she hissed and resumed her work in creating more wilbur food.

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