[ORP] Breaking Bones - (Grazilda's Shop)

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Re: [ORP] Breaking Bones - (Grazilda's Shop)

Post by Dwayberry » Wed Jan 16, 2019 9:21 am

Dwayberry had picked the oldest looking one of the street urchins to deliver the message to Grazilda's workshop. She had promised to stop by for tea and a chat when she would arrive in Cork, but so far, other things had gotten in the way of her keeping the promise. Court cases, bad weather, pains, cravings...
Dwayberry could have stopped by the workshop herself, but she thought it best to make an appointment this way, so that she could be sure if Grazilda still wanted to meet her, and if said meeting would be at the workshop or elsewhere. After all, Dwayberry wasn't a popular presence in Cork. The only ones who seemed to want to be in her presence where the group of street urchins who followed her around at a short distance whenever she sat foot outside. Undoubtedly, they were waiting for something exciting to happen with the outlaw lady who carried a white flag with her at all times. Other people snorted, looked away, or yelled things at her. Occasionally, a peasant who didn't understand the meaning of the white flag, or perhaps just didn't care enough about it, would throw a handful of mud or snow at her.
Grazilda may be the only citizen of Cork who liked Dwayberry, and she didn't want to get her friend in trouble. After all, the woman belonged to Rieron's family, and Rieron could have spies to track Dwayberry's every move in Cork. Who knows, the street urchins may be spies? Dwayberry didn't want anyone spreading a message that she came to Grazilda's workshop for malicious reasons. She may be fearless, but she wasn't entirely stupid. A band of angry Dalakois would be too much for her to handle by herself.

Dwayberry had handed a letter for Grazilda to the street urchin, together with a handful of freznics and a promise of more to come if the girl returned to her with a written response from Grazilda.
"Meet me at the inn when you're done. Just deliver it, don't read it," she said. She fully expected the girl would read it if she was indeed a spy, but then she would know Dwayberry wanted nothing other than spend some time with an old friend.
The girl, however, had looked at Dwayberry as if she grew a second head. "I don't read," she said, almost sounding insulted, before she ran off.
Dwayberry returned to the inn where she was staying and waited there for the street urchin to return.


The girl ran as fast as she could to the Breaking Bones workshop. White Flag must have chosen her because she was the tallest and fastest of the group. She was happy. For several days, they had waited for the wealthy looking outlaw to drop a freznic or two, and it finally happened.
Once she arrived at the shop, the girl took a moment to catch her breath, then began to knock loudly on the door. Before anyone could answer the door, she already said, loud and clear: "I got this letter for miss Grazilda from White Flag... er, I mean from miss Dwayberry!"

The letter reads
Dear Grazilda,

I promised to stop by for tea and gossip. I'm sorry it took me a while. I hope you're still available, tonight or tomorrow? I will bring klahua cake.
Please let me know.

Your friend,
"It's alright, you wouldn't be the same if you were nice."


Re: [ORP] Breaking Bones - (Grazilda's Shop)

Post by Grazilda » Thu Jan 17, 2019 8:48 am

The 72-hour vigil that Grazilda anticipated in her workshop ended up sooner than expected. She was proud of her Steward Kevin. Because of him, they finished the task in only 36 hours. Pleased with their accomplishment, she sent him home to rest for the next few days.

She was already awake but wanted to stay longer under the comfortable sheets in the special room in the workshop. She turned and hugged a soft pillow and decided to be lazy that day. She ignored her hunger and preferred the warmth of her bed.

She stretched her arms and yawned when she decided to get up. She wanted a warm cup of klahua that day. She managed to boil some water that she used in the tub to make everything perfect and soothing for her aching muscles. She submerged herself in the warm water and relaxed.

She fell asleep and was woken up by someone who was shouting by the door about a letter and Dwayberry. Immediately, Grazilda got out of the bath and grabbed a towel.

Dripping wet, she opened the door of the shop and grabbed the note from the stranger, not minding that she was only clad in a towel and and her hair was soaked. She smiled after she read the letter. "Wait here," she said and grabbed a parchment somewhere. She managed to write something readable despite the smudges and water marks on the parchment.
Dear Dway,

You have no idea how happy I am to receive your note.

Apologies if this letter is smudged. I'll tell you why later.

See you tonight here at Breaking Bones. I'll close it earlier for your visit.

Don't forget the klahua cake. I've been craving for one since early morning.

Your friend,

"Here, take this back to Dwayberry. If ever the words are unclear due to the smudges, just tell her I'm expecting her tonight with the klahua cake," she told the messenger and handed a few coins. She practically pushed the sea urchin outside, mopped the floor with one hand and held her towel with the other.

She returned to her bath and threw the towel. She soaked herself again in the warm water. "Tonight is going to be fun," she said.

When she was done, she made herself presentable and started to bake some cookies for Dway to bring home to wherever she will retreat for the night. She also prepared the private room where she does her business transactions. She even got fresh roses on a vase to make the place look inviting than calculating.

She left the shop and found a Dalakoi soldier. "Dwayberry will be coming here tonight. Make sure that she is protected on the way here, you understand? If she even scrapes her knee or what not on the way here, you'll never see the light of day," she said, and showed her shiny diamond axe for drama, not that she would waste it on a Dalakoi soldier.

That night, she closed her shop early and waited for her friend.

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Re: [ORP] Breaking Bones - (Grazilda's Shop)

Post by Dwayberry » Sat Jan 19, 2019 7:17 am

Dwayberry had paid the innkeeper to have a klahua cake made for her and Grazilda as she couldn't find any on the market. She was quietly enjoying a cup of tea, only turning her head when she heard an angry voice coming from the inn's kitchen.

"What did you do?! You can't throw that in klahua cake! It's also for Grazilda Dalakoi, you moron! Did you think about that, huh?! Do you want to risk Dalakoi wrath on our inn?"
A yelp, and and a noise that suggested kitchen equipment clattering on the floor.
"Start over!"

Then, the girl Dwayberry had sent to deliver a message to Grazilda returned. She panted as she handed a letter to Dwayberry.
Dwayberry read, furrowing a brow as some parts of the letter were hard to read due to what appeared to be water damage.
"I've been... caving one this early morning," she muttered. "What's that? Cork slang for devouring something?"

"Nah!" the girl said. "She said she be expecting you tonight with the cake."
As Dwayberry handed her another handful of freznics, the girl burst into giggles. "She was all dripping wet, like! Nekkid 'cept for a towel!"

"Yes, I'm sure. Off you go, now, go tell your friends," Dwayberry said, waving the girl off.
Perhaps she should herself take a bath and look presentable before visiting her friend. Though gods may know if she'd manage to reach the workshop unscathed. The innkeeper had already complained more than once about the piles of dirty laundry Dwayberry left behind for him on a daily basis.

That night, a freshly bathed Dwayberry left the inn dressed in a clean, though not too extravagant dress and coat. Although she did match it with a fancy fashionable hat. She carried the klahua cake in a neatly wrapped box.
As she made her way to Grazilda's workshop, she had a feeling someone was following her. She shrugged it off, however. They were probably just the street urchins, or she was getting paranoid because this was Cork after all.
At some point, she heard a peasant yelling one of the usual insults - dragon-mating something something Fenian piece of... - and then the peasant's voice died into a gurgle. Dwayberry looked over an saw the man, held up by the throat against a wall by another, taller and stronger looking man. Dwayberry was dying to ask this random stranger why he appeared to come to her rescue, but forced herself to turn her head and keep walking. Grazilda was waiting and she was wearing her fancy hat. Not a good moment to risk getting into a fight.

Dwayberry arrived at the workshop without further incident, and knocked. "Grazilda? It's me!"

"It's alright, you wouldn't be the same if you were nice."


Re: [ORP] Breaking Bones - (Grazilda's Shop)

Post by Grazilda » Mon Jan 21, 2019 6:16 am

The butcher shop smelled like a bakery that day since Grazilda baked loaves of bread and sold them for a few hours. She closed her shop hours before the usual and started to make the place presentable for Dwayberry.

"Kevin, does the room smell like cinnamon?" Grazilda asked her steward. She honestly could not read Kevin's reaction, but she was almost certain that he liked it. "Actually," she inhaled deeply, "It smells like cinnamon bread. I suppose it is better than blood and raw chicken meat," she shook her head and laugh.

It has been a while since she had a visitor in the shop. Most customers just drop by stealthily, though they leave the exact payment, so she didn't mind. Others preferred the business transactions be done through letters and formal documents. She did not mind such as it still gave her enough profit for her business.

She checked the entrance of the shop from the outside. She looked approvingly at the Breaking Bones sign. Dway would be able to find her shop without problems considering how huge the sign is.

Her eyes grazed through the shop where goods were sold when she went back in. There was not a single crumb on the floor, nor were there any sign of any stench from the meat. The lemon scented candles did their trick. All the items were sold for the day so Grazilda made sure that everything was neat and clean. The stone floor glistened as it was polished by Kevin.

Grazilda slowly turned her head to walk to the private room where she would talk to Dway. However, something caught her eye.

There was a drop of blood on the wall behind the counter.

Grazilda cursed.

The dried blood would not be cleaned. The only good thing about it was that it was so small it did not stink. The lemon candle did its job earlier and the cinnamon bread aroma helped as well.

Grazilda grabbed more lemon candles to mask any possible smell that the drop of blood may emit. She knew that there won't be any unpleasant odor. She was just over acting because she was so excited to meet Dway and wanted her friend's visit to be comfortable as possible.

More lemon candles were lit by the shop part and she added some more in the special room. With the vase of roses on the table, it felt like a special place to stay on Love month. She wondered if she could turn this place to a special restaurant for that event. Her mind started to wander with how she will decorate the place. She would need more chairs and tables in front and better tablecloths.

Her reverie was interrupted when she heard Dway and almost ran to the front. "Dway! Come in!" She had a bright smile as she ushered her friend inside. "I hope your walk here was devoid of incidents. I'm glad that you brought the cake," she said and hugged her friend.


Re: [ORP] Breaking Bones - (Grazilda's Shop)

Post by Oreo_TheGhost » Sun Feb 17, 2019 5:22 am

Oreo realized that he got a lot of roses today. He tilted his little puppy head and pondered on the idea that formed in his mind.

He shook his whole body to rid himself of whatever dirty that clung on his fur and grabbed one rose from his pile in the graveyard.

He bit the stem lightly and walked happily along the streets of Cork. He was happy with the fact that no one can see him. At least no one a live can see him.

He found his destination and left the rose by the door of Grazilda's shop.

He quickly ran away and returned to the graveyard.


Re: [ORP] Breaking Bones - (Grazilda's Shop)

Post by Grazilda » Mon Mar 04, 2019 10:37 pm

Grazilda studied the menu on her shop. It bored her to death.

Her menu items were named in such an unappealing manner that was borderline of being a copycat. She shook her head in utter disappointment.

She would have to think of better names for her menu items to attract customers.

She titled her head and started to figure new names for her menu.


[ORP] Breaking Bones - (Grazilda's Shop)

Post by Grazilda » Thu Apr 02, 2020 7:26 am

A note can be seen placed at the door of Grazilda's Shop.
Food will still be sold at a lower price and will be restocked as soon as possible.

Kindly avoid hoarding to give chance for the others to purchase the products

Please wash your hands before entering and after leaving the shop at the sink by the door. Soap will be provided. Please do not steal the soap.

May everyone stay healthy and safe.


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