[INFO] Royal Proclamations

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Re: [INFO] Royal Proclamations

Post by Marcus_Aurelius » Sat Aug 24, 2019 6:37 am

Royal Proclamations of King Marcus Aurelius, the first of his name

After my ascension to the throne last night, I immediately went to my office and assumed my seat to govern this fair land. To this extent I have carried out a series of actions, which I shall now list to you all;


All previous titles given under the previous corrupt administration have been removed, any persons wishing to regain them are to send a mail with the request and reasoning. Also to that extent, I have raised three people to the ranks of the Nobility, Duchess Mallory, Viscountess Dwayberry and Lady Emeria.

Duchess Mallory for the sole reason of being a warming presence whenever I see her in the tavern, and what better way to woo a woman than to give her a title!
Viscountess Dwayberry for being of the same mind as me and an astute friend, even when the distance is great and the carrier pigeons fly far
Lady Emeria, for once more being a close friend and someone I can rely on, their ability can now be shown across all of Kiene

Furthermore due to their help in installing me as King, through their work as the militia in response to my mail, LadyWhisp, Acheron and Ava have all been made Barons and Baronesses And Waerth is given the title of Master Blacksmith for the sheer amount of swords, shields and armour I was able to buy off this man.


The previous outlaw list has been removed as it was deemed inappropriate to have someone holding such an honoured title of Viscountess also be branded an outlaw. However in light of his removal of title, Rieron the former General of Kiene is now added to the list of Outlaws of this land due to his attempted regicide last year where I narrowly escaped his army sent to kill me.


The previous revolt in Widu was a legitimate action and therefore its perpetrator and anyone involved is free from persecution. The previous Mayor is invited to retake her position.


The Borders remain open are all are welcome to come visit the glorious nation of Kiene!

Signed in his hand,

King Marcus I

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Re: [INFO] Royal Proclamations

Post by Shiva » Thu Sep 26, 2019 6:54 pm

Greetings Creatures,

I, Queen Shiva Blackwood-Aurelius, 1st of her name, Duchess of Kiene, have become the rightful ruler by conquest. Please give me a few days to get my throne cushions refitted. The last monarch must have liked sitting on hard wood. In honor of this wonderful day, I urge everyone to break windows in the temples and loot the graves.

All hail the rightful Queen of Kiene by conquest!

Don’t forget to defend the castle! Your loyalty will be rewarded.


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