[ORP] Ettinford: A Tale by the Sea

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Re: [ORP] Ettinford: A Tale by the Sea

Post by Amnestria » Thu May 21, 2020 7:10 pm

Amnestria had been off flying, trying to collect her thoughts. They had tried effortlessly to revive Aishe, and last she knew was that the King was on his way. After that, she had pardoned herself, needing the fresh air, and the freeing feeling of being up in the skies. It was not long and she found herself in a peaceful place. Shirin's place.

She landed, silently, looking around. This place seemed untouched, but she could tell the difference. The added growth and welcoming feeling. Here she would wait. Wait for word or something. She laid in the grass, soaking up the warmth of the sun, letting nature take over her, filling her with peace of mind.

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Re: [ORP] Ettinford: A Tale by the Sea

Post by Aishe » Sun Feb 07, 2021 3:59 pm

It was finally a new year. The shutters were drawn, but the winter cold slipped through the window pane like a hand through smoke. The once lively estate house now had dust floating through the stuffy air. Aishe stood in the main foyer with her cloaked wrapped tightly around her. The last of her personal belongings had officially been loaded into the wagon outside for transport, but the queen lingered for once last look around.

Ettinford had been a haven for her. It was her private space, away from the masses: Fenian, Romany, and foreign. The stones carried so many happy and peaceful memories, yet all she could see was pain. The fateful, troublesome birth of her daughter left the walls painted in blood, tainting the halls. This was her first time returning since last March.

She had not asked for an elevation in her nobility rank, but it was still given. She had turned it down before, but with the destruction of her safe place, she accepted without a fight when the title had been handed to her. She needed it now and the county had been within direct guidance for too long.

Quietly, she turned around and made her exit. The door remained unlocked for the yearly residents that took care of the grounds and who would be remaining under the employ of the kingdom until a new viscount was appointed. She fully believed the crew left behind would take care of the home she had come to love dearly, which eased whatever hesitance she had for this transition. Bunching her cloak and gown into her hands, she climbed into the coach and settled in for a relatively short ride to the county seat, Semaban Castle.

It was a new year. A new chapter.
OOC: On January 1, 1661, Aishe's time as Viscountess of Ettinford has ended. The next Viscount/ess of Ettinford is welcomed to use this thread to continue its tales should they so desire.

To follow Aishe's personal tale, please refer to [ORP] Attica: Put Ashore.
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