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Hiring a S̶p̶y̶ Tradesman

Posted: Wed Jun 19, 2019 11:30 am
by balerion
Balerion put up some notices around Fenia. He didn't know who might see them or be interested but he really felt like going hunting instead of bothering with something so mundane. He knew the basics of the intel he was after but hard numbers were always preferable. And if he hired someone and they spotted a gem on the market on the trip all the better for him. That would REALLY make this worthwhile. So long as they could find anything other than a diamond. At this point there were enough diamonds rolling around the hoard he almost wished someone would bother trying to steal one. It would be worth it just to have the excuse to burn a city down. There were a number of people he could have placed inquiries with but having someone else give a full report on all the cities at once would be preferable to him having to do it himself. Perhaps peace was turning him soft. The last person to have robbed him returned all the loot. What was the world coming to?
I'm feeling lazy and generous. I need a spy to collect sensitive information traveling merchant to sell items for me because I couldn't be bothered on my last trip. Serious inquiries only. All applicants welcome. Pay will be somewhat above 100f for the month. Any deemed unworthy will be eaten.


Re: Hiring a S̶p̶y̶ Tradesman

Posted: Sat Jun 29, 2019 11:03 pm
by Constance_de_Vere
Hrodohaidis did not bother herself with the countless things her puppets encountered on a day to day basis, but on occasion there was something which passed one of them that piqued her interest. The dragon Balerion's notice was one such, primarily because what he did interested her, but secondarily because of the audacious contents. Since returning from wandering the other lands, she was bored. Lest she appear too desperate for diversion, she waited some days before she wrote in response.

Dear Balerion,

I saw one of your notices around town. Since I have no interest in staying around and helping this Viceroyalty anymore, are you still looking for someone? I am interested.

Constance de Vere
She had no fear that the dragon would eat her, even if he found her note spurious. Besides, it was not as if she would be doing the work herself, that was what all her puppets were for. A wicked grin contorted the delicate face of her host, Constance, as she anticipated enjoying this endeavor immensely.

A flick of her fingers sent one of the puppets off as a messenger to the dragon. If he should eat him, well, she would just find herself another. However, she would remember the event.

Re: Hiring a S̶p̶y̶ Tradesman

Posted: Mon Jul 01, 2019 5:01 pm
by balerion
Balerion arrived home after a day of hunting beasties to find a note waiting for him. He read it and smiled. Constance would do nicely.
I look forward to seeing you. Shall we meet at my place or yours?
Balerion threw the letter into the fireplace knowing it would soon find it's way to her.

Re: Hiring a S̶p̶y̶ Tradesman

Posted: Tue Jul 02, 2019 11:26 pm
by Constance_de_Vere
One of the brother's maids brought the letter to Hrodohaidis. Much as it would amuse her to have the dragon come at her beckoning, there were secrets at her house she did not care to share. So she dispatched a letter ahead of herself that she would be coming.

Around the time her note had indicated she would be coming, she arrived at Balerion's. As always, she was perfectly composed in a peach-colored dress in the Spring's latest fashions and her hair in an elegant coil about her head. Her smile was typical, nicely polite, but with no implications of friendly warmth.