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Re: [ORP] Tournament: Réúnen Luza, Festival of Light

Posted: Wed Aug 14, 2019 8:04 pm
by Duke_of_Earl
Duke and his entourage enter the Fesitival Grounds with a cart full of goods and materials.
Finding a good spot, Grandfather and Sofie begin setting up a confectionary stall for the attendees to buy some sweets while Karina carries duke in her arm to the registration area by the arena to sign in for his duel.
Taters: 27.00
Cheesecake: 23.45
Sb. Milk: 23.45
Egg Soup: 5.25
Cheese or Cream: 16.00
Upon arriving and waiting in line, Karina pulls Dukes official stamp out of her pocket to press to a piece of paper, then walks into the crowd looking for Queen @Akos who will be Dukes dueling partner that day.

Re: [ORP] Tournament: Réúnen Luza, Festival of Light

Posted: Thu Aug 15, 2019 10:09 am
by Akos
Akos was late. It seemed that she was always running late these days, despite her ability for shadow travel. Everything was rapidly becoming more difficult to do; getting her shoes on, standing up from a low chair. Akos knew to expect such issues having given birth to twins once before, but it didn't lessen her annoyance and having to go through the experience again.

None of this lessened her determination however to compete in the tournament at the festival. She was going to be useless for most things soon enough, so there was no way she was missing one last opportunity to knock a few heads around. With a groan she pushed herself up and off the comfortable chair she'd been sitting in, and pulled herself into the shadows, appearing moments later at the festival grounds.

She paused long enough as the shadows faded back to look at the environment. It seemed the festival was indeed already in full swing, as were the duels. Not entirely sure how many duels had already been completed, Akos felt it best to make her way across to the dueling arena just to be safe. She perched herself where she could get a decent view of the duelists and started to limber up as best as could, waving to @Duke_of_Earl when she spotted him and his person not too far away.

Re: [ORP] Tournament: Réúnen Luza, Festival of Light

Posted: Tue Aug 20, 2019 8:20 pm
by Zuan
Earlier in the day

The King had arrived earlier in the day with his personal entourage, a mixture of guards and courtiers. Given it was such a public event it had to be expected as much that he would be forced to accept some level of protection. However for one, he was well versed in defending himself, and second it was a tournament in the Kingdom not some road in a foreign kingdom. Despite this he was riding upon the top of a large white horse, which was carefully draped in a black caparison which had cloth of gold wolves sewn into the material which were depicted to be prowling either side of the white steed the King himself was sat upon.

While he was not duelling it was a tournament and thus it was expected for him to wear some sort of armour. He had decided upon a more ceremonial look, which featured steel armour that had been carefully coated in a lighter and thin layer of gold before being gilded with a black steel to create intricate patterns across the armour, featuring his own emblem of the wolf, as well as that of his wives, the unicorn, both standing on hind legs and meeting in the middle where a large obsidian stone had been set into the armour. One of the shoulders had also been fitted with an ornamental wolfs head made out of gold and across his shoulder was draped a cloak of fine dark silk, underneath which did indeed hide his sword The silver hilted blade would glint every so often as he rode through the various pathways that had been set into the earth, all now with tents or stalls either side with people selling goods, betting on the matches or simply drinking from casks of ale. It was as ever a ceremonial event, something for the Kingdom to celebrate given the winter and the snowcreatures had been defeated and the usual service of sunshine had returned to the kingdom. Atop his head was a thin band of gold, nothing as grand as the ceremonial crowns held safely within the castle, but still a crown of gold to represent his standing as Monarch of Fenia.

He observed some of the stalls, nodding his head to various individuals he knew, while his courtiers passed out gold coins to some of the peasantry to enable them to join in with the revelry. However his path was sadly one that had been predestined, as he would have quite liked to dismount his steed and examine some of the stalls and immerse himself within some of the foods and drinks on offer at the variety of stalls. Yet, he was the Monarch, and thus it was his duty to head directly toward the arena which had been redecorated for the event, but was commonly used in Fenia City for all the usual duels and physical conflicts that might occur. However, it had been decorated to represent the feel of the tournament, bright and vibrant tapestries and banners hung from the outside of the arena walls, each with their own design and pattern. Some welcoming the summer, others giving thanks to the mages and other spirits, and some were dedicated to the Monarchy. All however were part of the event, to meet his wife’s expectations upon the event she had worked so hard to plan.

After finally reaching a small enclosure, that was limited to members of the nobility, he dismounted his steed and handed it off to one of the stable hands. He looked up at the sky, he was on time, now the only question was, where had his wives gotten too exactly?

Re: [ORP] Tournament: Réúnen Luza, Festival of Light

Posted: Wed Aug 28, 2019 9:58 pm
by Aishe
It was a lot of laughter and smiles that they wandered the vendors. At one point, they stopped at a stand selling flower crowns. They were cleverly woven with a large assortment of wild flowers, some with additional ribbon. Aishe purchased one for each lady with her, paying an extra few freznics in appreciation of the craft. With the full crowns of flowers on their heads, they continued on for a while, trying some snacks here and there and buying other small trinkets. She felt it was important to support the merchants and trade smiths, to encourage their sales and enthusiasm in partaking in a national event. Given they arrived before the fighting, it gave the opportunity to do this.

As time came to go to the arena, the group moved that way. Her daughters exchanged excited chatter amongst themselves, their eyes be caught by the occasional handsome passerby. Aishe tried to ignore the whispers and glances, but it made a part of her mind anxious. Her girls were old enough to be married, but neither were even in a courtship right now. Most days, however, she still could not believe they were that old already... Hence, anxiety.

They arrived in time to watch the High King of Fenia swing down from his horse, sun glinting off his armour. Grinning, the blonde queen approached her husband, to whose cheek she pressed a kiss in greeting.

Are you ready? Is Akos with you? Because she is not with me.

Re: [ORP] Tournament: Réúnen Luza, Festival of Light

Posted: Wed Sep 04, 2019 10:23 am
by Zuan
He smirks softly as his wife moves toward him, he leans down and gently presses his lips to her for all but a moment as he offered her a wink. ”Good to see you out and about.” He said noting her other children among the various courtiers and nobles who had acted as an entourage for Aishe. Even if she did not want it, people followed. That was the nature of the Monarchy, always someone, somewhere asking for a favour here or a piece of advice there, he had grown highly used to it during his six year reign, however it was slightly different for Aishe, especially when she was also trying to shepherd her own wondering children from running off after one fancy knight or another.

His focus was broken however by her words, Akos, that was a good point. Where indeed was she?
”With me? Why would you think that? She told me she was going to be travelling with you and the children.” He said somewhat confused. He was not entirely worried, Akos was a free-spirit, and quite frankly an event like this with pageantry and formality was likely to be the least enjoyable place on earth right now for their pregnant wife. He shook his head softly, there was really nothing to be done about it. They could search all the stalls in the market and the surroundings of the arena and would be unlikely to find her. So many people, so much going on, so little time. ”I guess the show must go on without her.” He said honestly, as neither he nor her could really leave their required duties to go and search.

He leaned down and kissed her cheek again before muttering.
“Lead the way My Queen, this is your grand design of course, t’is only fitting you be the one to begin the days events and see the work of the craftsmen first.” He said taking a step back and bowing slightly, to offer her the lead through the first large gate which led to the royal enclosure of the arena.

Re: [ORP] Tournament: Réúnen Luza, Festival of Light

Posted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 10:43 am
by Aishe
OOC: In hopes of getting some good social interactions and fun going, we are breezing through the duels and heading into evening adventures. At this point, there is fresh food prepared, drinks flowing, and music strumming. It's a party!

Her eyebrows knitted together when confusion crossed the King's face. Akos had pointblankly stated she would be arriving with Zuan because she had little interest in wandering the vendors. Aishe took it as a 'I don't want to get up earlier than necessary' and left it alone. After all, it was Akos. Her soulmate was particularly independent and found a lot of traditions to be frivolous and unnecessary. She supposed they balanced each other in a nice way, when it came to that.

Sighing quietly, she was distracted when a kiss was pressed to her cheek. A faint blush rose to her otherwise pale cheeks, shifting the young prince gently. Her first tournament would turn out well, albeit slightly messy in coordination, but in that moment, she was unaware how well it would go and felt the pressure of her office as Viceroy. It was odd to feel nervous about an event, but nerves swarmed her stomach while bright eyes flitted up to her husband's face. She offered a smile and nod, inhaling deeply before taking a step forward. Side by side, the royal family entered the arena with the exception of the missing Queen, who was undoubtedly up to no good.

As they moved through the gate and onto the covered balcony, her sensitive eyes had to adjust momentarily after the shadows through the gate. The excited cheers started before her eyes focused, slightly jarred by the sunlight reflecting off the stone arena. Now she was very overwhelmed, but it kept well concealed beneath a warm smile as she kept in pace with Zuan. They reached the edge of the balcony, her hand moving through the air in a wave while Anraí remained nestled in the nook of her other arm. After a moment, her hand lowered and she waited for a hush to fall over the arena. Her nerves were shadowed by a display of confidence, chin rising slightly when she opened her mouth,

Welcome to the grand arena of Fenia City and the Réúnen Luza Festival! Today, we celebrate the end of a violent and long winter. In the light of summer and hope, we come together here to set aside our differences, just as we did to defeat the snow sorceress, Yuki. Celebrate, be merry, enjoy the duels and the vendors!

To all of our participants, we wish you the best of luck. May Zachrin bless your weapon and give you victory.

Let's begin!!

It was no grand speech, but it would suffice and it certainly riled up the crowd. She stepped back, retreating to her seat. She would spend majourity of the tournament sitting there, cheering and watching. She was not one for observing duels, but many of her friends were participating and it was hard not to become enraptured. Of course, that joy turned to concern and discontent when Akos came out to fight... Pillow in hand. The pregnant queen had turned the would-be steel based duel into a pillow fight. Sometimes, being married to the woman was impossible.

As the day began to turn to night with the sun setting behind the city, the fights would come to wrap up. Anraí had already been taken back to the palace by the nanny and guards a few hours ago, leaving Aishe free to enjoy the evening festivities. She could smell the smoke of the bonfires when she restlessly rose to her feet, palms pressed to her abdomen to smooth her dress. She was excited not only to stretch her legs with some dancing, but to mingle with friends and strangers in the fresh night air. It was with that attitude that she grinned up at Zuan, abandoning the balcony the way they came in a childlike thrill before he could grab her. Amongst the crowd of creatures, she could already hear distant music playing an upbeat tune and she was determined to follow the notes to the cleared space for dancing.