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[ORP] Tournament: Réúnen Luza, Festival of Light

Posted: Thu Aug 01, 2019 12:41 pm
by Aishe
OOC: This is an Open RP!! Even if you are not dueling, please come by. Watch, party, have fun! For those dueling, RP is encouraged!!

You can watch for announcements, including further dueling pairings and winners, in this thread.

The day was early, but the heat was gradually growing as the sun crept higher above Fenia City. In the previous days, there had been much preparation for the tournament and festival inside and outside of the arena.

Outside of the arena, tents of many colours, shapes, and sizes were pitched to provide shade and preparation areas for the duels and melee. Flowers were strung up with strips of fabric, adding more colour to a dull landscape. A wide variety and large amount of food had been prepared and brought, to be supplied at the purse of the kingdom. Various vendors were scattered with their wagons or own tents, selling items from simple flowers to sharp blades. Areas were cleared for bonfires later on, with many unlit lanterns and torches placed amongst the paths the tents created to provide walking line when the moon was out.

Inside the arena, fabric canopies were hoisted above seating for the royals and nobles. The decor of flowers and fabric continued, strung between tall poles amongst the seating and edges of the dueling circle.

While it was only a few hours after sunrise, the grounds were buzzing. The vendors were ready to sell their wares. The people were ready to eat and drink. And surely, somewhere, the first of the participants to arrive were rechecking their weapons.

Re: [ORP] Tournament: Réúnen Luza, Festival of Light

Posted: Thu Aug 01, 2019 1:15 pm
by Aishe
The carriage rolled to a stop, the rickety noise now replaced with the more pleasant sound of chatter. Excited, Aishe leaned forward and peered out of the window. Her lips split into a grin as she looked over to her sister, who quite possibly seemed more nervous than excited. She kicked her lightly - more of a teasing nudge with her sandaled foot than an actual kick. All this planning and the day is finally here!

Her grin did not falter as the door opened and the hand of a guard was offered. Accepting it, she stepped out of the carriage and into the bright sunlight, causing her to blink a few times. While her sensitive eyes adjusted, her hands smoothed down her gown. Her choice of dress offered both a lot of coverage of her skin, while also allowing a good breeze against the heat. She would spend a lot of time in sunlight today and while she was not as sensitive as her sister, it could still cause issues with over-exposure. It was not a pleasant feeling, but she also had an parasol to provide additional shade if she was not feeling well later.

For now, she wanted her hands free as she took her little prince from Amnestria and cradled him close. A few months old now, Prince Anraí was more attentive to his surroundings and they were reaching that wonderful stage of exploration. Not only was this a big event for the kingdom, it was a big event for the royal family. This would be their first official family outing.

A refreshing breeze pulled at the waves of her blonde locks, which was partially braided and twisted up with her crown perched atop with aquamarine jewel pins holding it all in place. The rest cascaded down her back, nearly to her waist. She was one for being simple, but she was here to represent both her role as queen and as viceroy.

We are going to wander a bit, Mele. Do you want to join or are there any last minute things that need your eyes?

Aishe looked over to Mallory with a raised brow, relishing the fact they had a royal secretary. That meant she could really enjoy today instead of obsessing. It was difficult for her to relinquish control, but with her children around her, it was a good distraction. The distractions would only increase when her spouses joined them. She grinned at her lady-in-waiting, while her two eighteen year old daughters had already wandered to the nearest vendor.

Re: [ORP] Tournament: Réúnen Luza, Festival of Light

Posted: Thu Aug 01, 2019 11:02 pm
by Mallory
She shook her head as Aishe spoke, "I have to ensure the competitors each received their letter telling them their match for the bouts. You go enjoy, I have work to see to." Mallory walked off and went to work, she had her list and she was gonna check it twice.

Re: [ORP] Tournament: Réúnen Luza, Festival of Light

Posted: Sun Aug 04, 2019 12:50 pm
by Skye
Today was a good day for fun; who was she kidding every day was a good day for fun. Realizing that it could be her second or third time in Fenia, Skye figured she would do some site seeing and maybe a bit of shopping, but only after the festival was over.

Arriving at the festival a bit late she thought, only to see people still getting prepared. Skye found a spot to check her weapons and armor then headed out to find some food.

Re: [ORP] Tournament: Réúnen Luza, Festival of Light

Posted: Sun Aug 04, 2019 10:21 pm
by Aingeal
The countess was excited. The preparations in Fenia were in full swing and Aingeal and her family had made it to Fenia. Amara was excited to travel, and it had been awhile since the family had been out of Imperius. Amara, make sure you stay near me or Rania, Aingeal told her young daughter. She laughed as Amara's red curls bounced and she danced around.

Aingeal had a duel to get ready for, so she had Raina mind Amara while she went off to find the rules. She promised any competitor that she would duel in tiny shorts, so tiny shorts it would be. Her opponent was Mazork, so it should prove an interesting fight. She hadn’t dueled in quite some time, and she was afraid she was a bit rusty… only time would tell.

Re: [ORP] Tournament: Réúnen Luza, Festival of Light

Posted: Thu Aug 08, 2019 8:20 am
by Mallory
Mallory smiled as the announcement went up for the beginning of the tournament pairings being listed. Each competitor would know their match and she hoped have a good and fair bout. She ran around ensuring their were plenty of stations with drinks for competitors and spectators alike. Her own flask was filled and she wondered with a grin if she were the only vamp to spike their drinks with whiskey. Patting the bladder on her hip bouncing with every step she carried on checking in with contestants and ensure each knew to whom they'd been paired, and when their round was up what they needed to do. She was prepared to answer questions, or so she hoped,it was her first time helping with an event like this and she really didn't want to mess it up, at least not more than her normal clumsy behavior did.

She wanted to wallow in the rich scents around her on the air had her mouth watering and she didn't know if it was the vendors selling things or the excitement of the day. "ROAST MUTTON!" "TURKEY LEGS!" "Boiled egg sammies" the calls were already picking up. She knew that every person who'd been able likely turned up with their carts and trays, tents and tables each determined to make a bit of coin and each hoping for some particularly wild battles. She knew some of the competitors were strong contenders. It was going to prove to be a hard won set of bouts she was sure. The call of "Fresh fruit for the lady" right beside her caught her off guard and took her a moment to realize they were speaking about her, she smiled and handed over far too many coins for the small basket of fruit and berries she'd been offered. Though the basket, she realized, was a great market scheme. She WANTED to pay more because it's storage was pretty. She shook her head and walked off nibbling on food that really did her no good health wise, but she did so love the taste of fruit.

Re: [ORP] Tournament: Réúnen Luza, Festival of Light

Posted: Fri Aug 09, 2019 9:39 am
by Madeliefie
Madeliefie strolled through the busy streets. She looked nonchalant but her eyes were constantly scanning the crowd for a likely mark. She had a duel scheduled for later but there was still enough time for her to do some "shopping". Ah ha. There was a perfect target. A wealthy farmer by the looks of it, clearly uncomfortable in a crowd and carrying his money pouch hanging from his belt. She had only to move in his direction acting like she was not looking where she was going, "accidentally" bump into him, apologize profusely and leave before he even noticed that he was now short several freznics. She didn't take his whole pouch of course. Just a few coins that with luck he wouldn't even notice were missing. A good start to the festival. Now to see if she could "shop" for something to eat before heading to the arena. Lots of creatures close together with all their attention focused on a fight were a pick-pocket's dream!

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Posted: Fri Aug 09, 2019 3:57 pm
by Phaedra
Dark eyes dart about the venue, absorbing expressions, faces and accents. The place was bursting with activity and bubbling with alcohol induced happiness. Phae brushes one of her mahogany locks behind her ear as she reaches forward to grasp an apple from one of the stalls' baskets. She smiles at the merchant and offers him a coin from her small sachel before taking a bite from the lucious and juicy fruit. Phae had signed up a few days as a contestant in the arena, at the time it seemed to be a good way to get acquainted with some of the locals. In hindsight it was perhaps a stupid idea to get herself beaten to a pulp in the process. Ah well, too little too late. She saunters towards the stage, biting into the apple once again as she wriggles her way through the crowd to watch one of the duels.

Re: [ORP] Tournament: Réúnen Luza, Festival of Light

Posted: Mon Aug 12, 2019 2:11 pm
by Madeliefie
Madeliefie made sure she was at the arena in good time so she could warm up and stretch. She was surprisingly nervous. When her name was called she walked into the arena and tried to size up her opponent. She tried to breathe deeply to calm herself but the noise from the stands was difficult to ignore. She raised her bare fists in a guard position. The signal to begin was given and then it was all action. It was over before she realized what had happened. To her surprise it was her name being called as the winner. Must have been a lucky shot. She held out her hand to Phaedra. "Good fight." 
Madeliefie Vs. Phaedra (Done on Aug 12, 1659)

Round 1: Madeliefie whacked Phaedra. Moderate Injury has been reached! Duel Winner: Madeliefie

Re: [ORP] Tournament: Réúnen Luza, Festival of Light

Posted: Mon Aug 12, 2019 2:54 pm
by Phaedra
Belching men, screaming wives, the scent of ale and various types of food which the breeze wafted through the arena. Phae feasts on all the impressions and stimulus her surroundings bring, all the while still taking bites off her apple and chomping on them like there was no tommorow. Various creatures caught her eye, creatures she'd heard in old wives tales and mythology classes. Never did she dare to dream that they were real. There were bright purple coloured scale covered lizard like people, cloudy shadow like things, crimson eyed and pale visaged faces of the undead: It was enthralling to walk among them as the meek and vulnerable homosapiens she is, yet terrifying all the same. "Please, enter here." a raspy voice broke through her self inflicted enchantment, well, sort of. Without any regard as to what she signs Phae absentmindedly agrees to whatever it is the old woman refers to. "Sure, sure. I'm on it." Phae interrupts the woman, pushing her way through the crowd further, finding the woman nothing more but a disturbance to her adventure through the center. Until she is forced to stop midst an eerily open field... Suddenly the belching and screaming become louder, as if the sounds are bouncing off the walls in her direction. A sense of panic creeps up on her, making her hairs stand on end, the apple dropping from fingers now holding the strenght of cooked spaghetti. She turns on her heels to cast a glance over the faces and notices that they're standing in a circle around her. A large circle at that. Phae stumbles backwards, the panic that crept up on her subtly lighting the spark of full blown terror as it finally kicks in; she's in an arena and they are chanting at her... "Oh." She cries out with the littlest of voices, her anxiety fuelled as it dawns on her. Phae turns to take a run for it... Into the firm and well aimed punch of Madeliefie. With a loud "oof" Phae lands on the ground, the force of impact knocking the air from her lungs. "Dear heavens have mercy." She utters at no one in particular, as the hand of her opponent appears in her sight. Wary, but grateful to have some sort of assistance, she scrambles to her feet, one hand cupping the blood dripping from her nose. "Yes, yes, fantastic fight. Wholly unprepared for it myself, as apparent. You've got a great punch though. Congratulations." Phae shakes her opponents hand and starts her way to the stands in search of a cloth to clean her hand and nose.