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Re: ORP: At the Ceili!

Posted: Wed Jan 15, 2020 8:51 pm
by Elisa
Elisa sat herself down on the pillows at Mallory’s invite, still feeling a little bit silly. She had forgotten about other creatures special abilities again. Though now being around her friends she was feeling a lot more relaxed then she was a couple of moments ago. She knew they wouldn’t mind but remembering this all the time was just as her relaxing around other people: still a work in progress. Though she already had noticeably improved compared to when she had first arrived.

When Mallory told her that her dish looked good she smiled proudly, the part about the great flavour remained to be seen though. However before she could answer, Mallory excused herself ‘of course’, being the host Mele would have a busy night she imagined, greeting all the guests.
More creatures started to arrive, it looked like she would meet new people again tonight, for now she greeted all with a nod while remaining seated on the pillows. They were incredibly soft and she wondered how it would be possible to not be comfortable sitting on them.

For now she was having a great time looking around, especially looking at all the dresses. Everybody was dressed very beautifully tonight. It didn’t take long though before she was back in conversation as Nikola addressed her. ‘I’m very happy to be here, it will be a great party I’m sure. I hope you’ll have a great time as well.

Soon Varann started playing his fiddle, it was a very nice tune. The music made her cheerful, even more so when Malory started to dance. She watched trying to pay attention to the movements she was making. At some point she even tried to copy one of the hand movements, though she tried to do it very discretely while still sitting. She looked over when Mallory asked Fallon over to dance and looked shocked for a moment when she suddenly noticed the queen being here as well. Though by now she knew Mallory was her sister, it wasn’t something she was used too. She had even met Aishe in tavern and talked to her before. A very surreal experience, especially since it was on one of the first nights she was in town. She was just a peasant, and raised to know she was just that. To even be in the same room as a noble would have been a crazy idea, let alone she would have ever believed she would have talked to the queen. Since then many people had asked her not to bow to them, so she had kind off stopped doing that in tavern. But she couldn’t help herself to stand up and bow when she noticed Aishe looking in her direction*. A king or queen would definitely be an exception to the no bow request. Her eyes went slightly bigger when Aishe motioned for her to come over*. With a slight gulp she made her way over wondering if she did something wrong. When she arrived she made a little bow again as a greet ‘hello ma’am’, she did the same for the other women that was with her which she did not know ‘nice to meet you ma’am’. Then she turned back to Aishe ‘you wished to see me ma’am?

*with permission of Aishe

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Posted: Thu Jan 16, 2020 11:16 am
by Texas_Knight
TK set up the barrel of brandy and made sure it was in the right spot. In other words, he made sure it was in a spot where he would have easy access to the drink. Of course he had to have the first drink and after making sure it was good enough for everyone he found a large tankard and a glass, both of which he filled and headed toward Nikola. He saw a few folks along the way and stopped to make small talk. By the time he got to Nikola his large tankard was half full. He smiled and offered the glass to Nikola with a kiss. "Well love, this is going to be a good party I think. Care to dance, or perhaps drink first then dance?"

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Posted: Fri Jan 17, 2020 4:36 pm
by Nikola
She took the offered glass and drank a sip of the warm amber liquid before grinning at TK. “I think I may need another drink or two before you get me out there to dance. I have a feeling that the dancing here tonight is not a style I am familiar with,” she continued, noting the decidedly Roma flair to the event. Keeping her thoughts to herself, she took a step closer to the orc whose presence made her blood rush and her heart beat faster. “You will definitely need to ply me with more alcohol before I dare to try it,” she winked at him, a grin on her lips and a sparkle in her sapphire eyes.

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Posted: Sat Jan 18, 2020 2:17 am
by Mallory
Mallory continued her movements, enjoying the music and leaving the choice entirely with Fallon if he were up for dancing. Some were not and that was okay. She slowed down what she was doing as the music allowed so that those who had said they wished to learn had the chance. The good thing about music was that it was open to interpretation and no one way was the only way to dance. She waited until the song tempo settled and then abruptly stopped, picking up a different style of dance, still from her culture, but more of a simple path to follow. Perhaps she would have been wise to lead with this.

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Posted: Sat Jan 18, 2020 3:49 pm
by FallonTheDamned
Having divested his steed of it's load, Fallon heard Mallory call to him, her hands held out. He smiled, more to himself than any onlooker and began to step towards her when something caused the pile of wood alongside him to take flame.

Instinctively he moved away from the fire, shielding his eyes as his night vision became spoiled. By the time he turned back towards the growing throng someone had drawn Mele's attention. He watched as she fussed over Zippo and Aishe.

His eyes took in the scene as he recognised some with a smile and acknowledged others with a nod. He selected drink from the table, chuckling when he realised that he was actually checking to see if a bad tempered bar owner was ready to pounce.

From nearby the sound of music started up and he watched as Mallory jumped up and made her way towards the music and the fire, swaying as she did ''Come dance with me Fallon!'' she called. At that moment a gust blew some smoke in his direction and the smells of woodsmoke, roasting meat and something else long forgotten invaded his nostrils. He could not move for a moment and simply stood seeing a scene in his mind totally unlike the one he was watching with his eyes.

Overrun by a jumble of images and sound he took a knee, relieved to see Mallory was lost in the music and no longer looking in his direction. He gazed at her and at those around, the fire reflected in his eyes....or maybe it looked (to any that noticed) as if the flames were in his eyes. Regaining his composure he stood and began to move the short distance towards the group

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Posted: Mon Feb 03, 2020 9:55 pm
by Aishe
The moment Mallory spotted her, she was swarmed with their native tongue and hovering hands. Aishe followed along and sat down, perhaps a bit unwillingly, but smiling all the same. She gave a laugh, waving a hand at her sister for the fussing. 'Chavaia, 'chavaia, I'm fine. I'm pregnant, not dying.

The queen ignored that, in her case, the two situations were held by the same delicate thread. She shooed Mele off and looked to her side to find that Akos had already wandered towards drinks. That seemed fair. She clasped her hands on her lap, poised yet comfortable on the oversized cushion. There was a sense of relaxation the setting brought her, memories of her childhood drifting to the surface. Unlike her children, Aishe had lived a fully Romani life until she was seventeen and fell in love with Bravia... And Akos. Their wheels never stayed in a place for long, exploring and wandering the continent. Her grandfather loved to go off the routes the rest of the Natsia used, taking the Vitsa any which way he pleased. It meant they did not bump into the other Vitsi as often, but when they did... It was always a party. A celebration of families and friends reuniting, only to continue on their separate paths until the next intersection.

Wandering blue eyes found their way to one of the newest citizens of their Kingdom, while Akos returned. Alcoholic beverage in her hand, the raven haired woman passed off a fruity drink to her pregnant wife. With a warm smile, Aishe beckoned Elisa over, occasionally glancing away to observe her sister's dancing. Once Elisa was near her though, her attention went fully to the girl.

Hello Elisa! I'm glad to see you've come. She paused, taking a sip of her drink. By the smell, she should have been expecting the sweetness, yet it took her a bit by surprise. It was a blend of berries, the taste of strawberries lingering on her tongue with a longness for Bravia surfacing. She pushed the feeling down as she motioned at her life companion. Let me introduce you to my wife, Akos! Ves'tacha, this is Elisa. She's new to Fenia. She's the one Mele and Zipporah had helped out.

Aishe took another sip, breaking to let Akos welcome the girl. Meanwhile, the Kralisi swayed a bit with the music, enjoying the liveliness that was taking over the area. With a smile, she looked back to Elisa. Don't feel bound to stay talking to us. I only wished to say hello and introduce you to the spouse you haven't met yet. Go and have fun. If I can ever get myself back to my feet, maybe I'll join in on the dancing. She snorted a bit at the last part -- it would likely be a group effort to get her upright again after her sister forced her down.

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Posted: Mon Feb 10, 2020 8:17 pm
by Elisa
Walking up to Aishe, she had been nervous. Though she couldn’t think of anything she might be in trouble for, you never knew. She had met Aishe in tavern before and she had been really nice to her, so really there was no reason for her to feel nervous yet she did anyway. After all, she knew Aishe was the queen and before arriving in Widu she wouldn’t have even guessed she would ever see a royal, let alone speak with one. She relaxed at hearing the friendly tone of voice and welcoming words. ‘Thank you, I’m really happy to have been invited, I wouldn’t want to have missed it’. When Aishe introduces her to Akos she bows again. Somewhat surprised to be standing in front of 2 queens. Her face turns a little red from a blush when Aishe mentioned she was the one Mele and Zipporah helped out, they had been talking about her? Why would they have been talking about her she wondered. Surely any royal had more important things to discuss. She smiled when Aishe told her to go have fun ‘thank you ma’am’. She tried to keep herself from laughing when Aishe made the joke about getting up to her feet, not being sure if it was a joke. Laughing would have been very rude if it wasn’t a joke. She hoped she managed to keep her face straight. After saying goodbye’s to the queens she looked around the site. Mallory was still dancing, people were talking, and the tables were still standing there.

It might be a good time to check out those tables she thought. There were many different kinds of foods and drinks there, some of which she didn’t even know. She didn’t often get to enjoy rich foods like some of these were, although there was often pie to be found in tavern. She picked a drink first, before heading over to the food table. Tasting the drink she was happy she seemed to have picked a sweet drink, it contained alcohol, but the sweetness hid most of the taste. She only took small portions at the food table. This way there would be plenty left for everybody else, but apart from that there was also a part from her that still was being cautious. Despite everybody being very friendly she couldn’t help still feeling like she was out of place here. Perhaps this feeling would fade a little more as her confidence grew, but at this moment she wasn’t there yet. She had a dish with meat at first, but couldn’t resist to take something that looked sweet to end with. She like sweet things, even though she couldn’t always afford them. She was now starting to get some stability in the town, but the first few weeks, and the time before she arrived in town, hadn’t been the most easy. Grabbing another drink she made her way back to the other guests. She was watching the dancing, which seemed to have changed to a different style as she took a gulp from her drink. This one however apparently wasn’t a sweet drink, it was quite strong and made her caught. The liquid leaving a slight burning sensation as it went down her throat. As she composed herself again she made a mental note to be careful with the drink, only taking little sips from now on. She didn’t like this drink that much but it would be rude and wasteful to not finish it. It seemed to be a special drink though, giving a bubbly feeling in her head. It was strange, but not a bad feeling. She wasn’t drunk, but not being used to drinking alcohol, she could already start feeling it’s effects. She had a more relaxed look to her now as the drinks were removing some of her restrains without her realising. Maybe she would even dare to dance later on.