Fenian Arms Tourney Arena!

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Fenian Arms Tourney Arena!

Post by Lorthem » Sat May 26, 2012 2:43 pm

The time had come for the Arms Tourney to begin! Lorthem had finished signing everyone in and prepared their dueling bracket. Very soon the Fenian Champion would be made in the heat of the arena! The stands began to fill with peasants from across the Viceroyalty. Lorthem appeared glittering in the sun on a balcony just barely large enough to hold him. Looking down into the arena he smiled as the grueling mud filled pit baked under the summer sun. The games would indeed be interesting.

Competitors prepare yourself! The time has come to find our Champion. These people are ready, they have traveled from far and wide to see this day. Let us give them a show! He roared and the crowd clapped and cheered in unison. First let us cover the rules. This is a Tourney of Honor and any whom dare to break these rules will be expelled from the Tourney immediately!

Killing or Permanently Damaging you opponent is forbidden!
The usage of Magic within the Arena is forbidden! This does not include the usage of Spirit Gifts and Abilities
The usage of Magically Enhanced or Enchanted Weapons and Armor is forbidden!
Magically enhancing ones talents prior to a duel is forbidden!
The usage of Ranged Weapons is frowned upon, but permitted!
If you do not appear for your duel your slot in the Tourney will be forfeit!
Attempting to debilitate or otherwise lessen the senses of your opponent prior to a match is frowned upon!

May victory go to the most honorable and just among you! The first round matches are as follows Ladies and Gentlemen! Please take your marks at the entrance gates and prepare to unleash your fury in the arena!



Re: Fenian Arms Tourney Arena!

Post by Scarlette » Sat May 26, 2012 7:26 pm

Entering the arena, Scarlette glanced around. Even at a glance her eyes took in the terrain of the area cordoned off for the duels. She inhaled a deep breath of fresh air and prepared herself. This was she was told as a sparring match,no duel for honor to the death and therefore she would behave accordingly. It was not her intention to even win for the prize would certainly mean more to someone else then it would to her.

Taking a spot in the area reserved for herself and her opponent Taz, whom admittedly she knew little of, she flicked her agiel into her fist and waited.

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Re: Fenian Arms Tourney Arena!

Post by Vulkan » Sun May 27, 2012 4:42 am

Walking into the arena appeared Vulkan, With his helmet on and his heavy chainmail with plate over his body, Across his back was slung a large metal shield with what looked like a faded crest on it but it was faded be on desiffering, at his hip swung a scabbard that carried his longsword. He saw her majesty and gave her a nod to show he had seen here and was not being disrespectful by seeming as if he had not noticed her.

He found a place to sit up against the wall, unstrapping his scabbard he removed his longsword and taking from a pouch at his side he took a small blade and took to sharpening his sword.
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Re: Fenian Arms Tourney Arena!

Post by Morghain » Sun May 27, 2012 4:42 pm

She'd been most amused when she'd seen who her first opponant would be. It had been some time since she'd shown her Mate she was not to be underestimated and they'd not properly crossed weapons since. She looked forward to seeing how she faired now that she too had been turned. It had taken a lot of time and practice, but she was once again confident in her control over her body and looked forward to putting it through its paces.

As she swoops in to land at the Arena entrance, she nods in greeting to those already gathered. Since this was merely a Tourney, she'd forgone bringing her more formidable armour and weaponry, deciding to settle instead for the safer options of her plain gear. She allowed one point of vanity to be worn, atleast until her fight began. Over her practice leathers, she'd worn a long, leather coat, dyed purple and with her and Lucs family Coat of Arms emblazoned proudly on the back....it was after all a festive event and one must look the part at these things.
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Re: Fenian Arms Tourney Arena!

Post by Taz » Mon May 28, 2012 12:14 pm

Taz presents himself in the arena, he knows his opponent well, having watched her in the past battle others he knew the magnitude of the task ahead of him.

He sees Scarlette, with his right hand he holds his trusted axe and walks in the middle of the arena, he bows signaling his readiness for the duel.

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Re: Fenian Arms Tourney Arena!

Post by Zuan » Mon May 28, 2012 1:26 pm

Zuan walked into the arena, slightly unsure on who he would be facing, still not having heard the draws, he personally would have loved to challenge Vulkan, or Dway, due to the fact he had issues with both of them, and what better way to settle it, than by duelling in the festival tournament. He slowly entered the grounds, wearing a set of black chainmail greaves, and equally dark leather body armour, admittedly it was just a slightly thicker version of his traditional black leather jacket, however this piece has no sleeves, and his shoulders were only protected by chainmail. The idea was to keep light and agile for the duels. To go with it, he had a rounded bronze shield, with the Fenian logo painted on the front in black, which was strapped to his left hand, whilst in his right were two large spears, one was slightly more well crafted than the other, but both would be equally effective in cutting through, or piercing into another duellers armour.

As he approached the signs which highlighted whom he would be fighting, a smirk crossed his lips, as he noticed his first round opponent, as roger. Whilst he hoped to have been in battle with Dway or Vulkan, he relished the fight against Roger, after all, if Dway defeated her opponent, and he faced her in round two, what better way to riel up his opposition by beating someone they cared for?
He looked around the duelling area, but was yet to see roger, so waited by the sign, looking around for his opponent so they could begin their duel.
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Re: Fenian Arms Tourney Arena!

Post by Scarlette » Mon May 28, 2012 5:46 pm

As her opponent approached, Scarlette drew a sword. The blade caught the light of the sun and gleamed for a moment. It was not her agiel but she had trained with it as well and it was comfortable within her grip. Do to the advantage her agiel offered and the rule against the use of magic plain, the agiel remained holstered at her hip. She would leave it nowhere and no one could make her but the intentions on this day were not to kill and perhaps it would be further known that the agiel itself was not what made the Mord Sith formidable opponents.

As he approached and bowed before her she inclined her head, wishing only that the thought she was Queen would not lighten his blows. Or her pregnancy either.

This was a dance, an art much like the application of her agiel to yield the best results and she was ready.

Taking a step back she twirled her blade and gauged the feel of her boot on the sand, her balance and many other things some who were not trained did not realize were important in such matters. She was a snake poised to strike and her eyes took in every detail of his body movements.

She raised her blade deciding to take the initiative and begin the duel herself. A whistling sound marked the time as she swung her blade, opting at the last minute to attempt to land the blow on his hip with only the flat of her blade.

Round 1: Scarlette whacked Taz.


Re: Fenian Arms Tourney Arena!

Post by Taz » Mon May 28, 2012 8:53 pm

Taz quickly jumps back, feeling Scarlette's blade, he knows he was lucky, he wastes no time and lunges forward swing his axe.
Round 2: Taz lightly wounded Scarlette.


Re: Fenian Arms Tourney Arena!

Post by Scarlette » Mon May 28, 2012 9:17 pm

Only frowning slightly at his quick movement, Scarlette was nevertheless happy with the blow landed by her blade.

As she sees his axe, blade gleaming, swinging towards her she twirled on her heel using the dirt beneath her to aid her in speed.

Still the sharp blade caught her shoulder and stung as it opened a gash down her arm. She was yet confident in her abilities and choosing to play with him a bit she swung her blade back around.

The flat of her blade once again moved to whack him, this time on his main swinging arm.

Round 3: Scarlette whacked Taz.


Re: Fenian Arms Tourney Arena!

Post by Taz » Tue May 29, 2012 7:40 am

Having taken another solid blow from Scarlette, Taz can feel his arm starting to bruise, he quickly springs into attack mode and catches Scarlette as she was retreating.
Round 4: Taz lightly wounded Scarlette.

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