[ORP] Encounter with the Departed (Widu Version)

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[ORP] Encounter with the Departed (Widu Version)

Post by Grazilda »

Coming from Cork, Grazilda proceeded to the most unusual first stop of every visitor.

She looked at the sign and smirked. Widu Graveyard, it read.

With her grant bag secured in her hands, she looked around in search for a certain tombstone.

At last she found it. "Genova's grave seems to be well-kept. She IS Karcier's brother." A satisfactory smile formed on her face.

She removed the rest of the snow that covered the tombstone and tended the maintained flower.

***events above took place during Grazilda's visit in Widu

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Post by Ghost_of_Genova »

Genova, being a ghost, can only be seen by the dead, and Grazilda. She could not understand why only the grumpy butcher from Cork can see her. It didn't help that the butcher can see her for am extended period only in the Cork graveyard.

Genova wanted to speak to her brother, Karcier, but failed. Her only hope is Grazilda, much to her dismay.

Thus, Genova grabbed this remote chance to be seen by Karcier.

She teleported herself to Widu and looked around. Things looked gloomy here unlike the past years when she had fun roaming aroud town with her good friend Teide.

She found herself in the graveyard and saw the grumpy woman.

"That's my grave. Do you believe me now? I'm, or was, Karcier's sister, Teide's friend and Locien's wife. My baby died with me but moved on to the next life. I only have my frying pan," she waved the item in front of Grazilda.

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Post by Karcier_Aisu »

The day had been slow for him, he never had enjoyed politics and his recent exchange with Wearth had left him bothered. Even though he knew someone like him couldn't be satisfied it still bothered him that he couldn't fix things, but he knew deep down and from experience that it would be at the expense of to many things. He sighed shaking his head, people were strange.

He decided to take a wonder around the only quiet place in Widu, its graveyard. Maybe he would have the courage to visit his sisters grave, it was always difficult to remember that reality.

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Post by Grazilda »

Grazilda glanced at Genova and squinted her eyes as if scrutinizing a ghost. She took out a huge nail and a small hammer from her bag. She smiled at Genova. "Sorry for this," she said and chipped off some pieces from Genova's tombstone.

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Post by Ghost_of_Genova »

Genova's eyes went wide at what she witnessed. "What are you doing to my tombstone???"

The ghost was helpless as the grumpy Dalakoi already had a piece on her palm and kept it.

"Have you gone mad? I wanted you to help me speak with my brother and not to get a souvenir from Widu." Genova frowned at Grazilda.

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Post by Karcier_Aisu »


Like a possessed mind he could hear her, so he walked and walked. Everything around him seemed like a blur, a mix of dreams and reality. But he was certain of that voice, that sweet and innocent voice and that voice was his sisters he knew all to well. As he walked up to her grave her saw grazilda, his eyes still couldn't see the ghost of his sister but he could sense it, it was near.

"Genova.." he said, somewhat mistakening Grazilda for Genova. "I...don't feel well.."

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Post by Ghost_of_Genova »

Genova fought the urge to hit Grazilda's head with her magical frying fan. "Why are you keeping a part of my tombstone with you?" She merely scratched her head in frustration, but mostly due to frustration.

She was about to give Grazilda a whack of her frying pan when she heard footsteps.

She turned and was wide-eyed at the sight. "Karcier! What happened, my brother?"

In that instant, her phoenix wings spread and blazed like fire sending warmth to Karcier. "I am here, Karcier. You can finally hear me."

Genova wrapped her arms around her brother as tears escaped her eyes. "I have been trying to speak to you. Oh, how I miss you so much."

Genova knew that it would take some spell, if not a miracle, for her brother to see her. But the fact that he could hear her was more than enough the moment.

"Everything will be all right. I am here now," she gently whispered against his ear.

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Post by Karcier_Aisu »

"Its like a dream" he mumbled. "All of this is a bad dream..." he shivered a bit, he wrapped his arms around her essences offering her the same brotherly hug he'd given so long ago, the flames felt warm and eased his mind. "I'm sorry for leaving you alone for so long.." his eyes slowly could see her, first blur then the smile and her eyes. "I've missed you too..."

"Can I stop now.." he asked her "I can't keep going in this world...I've given everything and lost everything...it hurts so much...every time I remember all that had been and now lost." he fell to his knees, tears swelling up in his eyes. Droplets began to fall onto the cold stone ground, "I can't go on...I'm not even the real Karcier...just a dream.. a figment of the imagination of a child..my beautiful children."

"Is it time to go ?"

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Post by Grazilda »

Grazilda watched the communication between the two. Technically, she was also Karcier's brother since they are both Dalakois. However, the bond between Karcier and Genova, bound by blood, was stronger that it transcended to the next life.

Grazilda slipped a piece of the chunk that she got from Genova's tombstone to Karcier's pocket and whispered a spell that she learned from her people. It was an ancient spell that extended to Karcier her special sorcerer power to see the ghost of Genova.
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Re: [ORP] Encounter with the Departed (Widu Version)

Post by Duke_of_Earl »

((Post 5))

<Now who is about, as it were.
Shion, I don't know them. Yerendeyth, I don't know them. Pygmental, I might know him. Allaire, I don't know them. Jessaly_Mechawizzle, I don't know them. Niacook, I don't know them.

Genova, This one. We will tend these flowers today>
Karina smiles having met Genova's ghost once and taking a liking to her.

Linden Black, I don't know him, but there are no flowers. 1 Rickfok, I think I knew him. Also no flowers. 2

Karcier, WHAT! How can they have no flowers for Karcier?!? Karina.
-Karina plucks the rose off of her own outfit and hands it to grandfather to plant.

Scarlette, she can't really be here, this one must just be a monument.

The Fenian Army; well, there's an omen for us.

Davier Hedin, Steward?

...Grandma? -eyes widen a bit-

Drydan Milith, I didn't now them, but it seems they are still loved. The Mallorns. There is a story we need to learn. and no flowers. 3
Youken, I though youken was still alive. no flowers 4

Karina, go to the market, will you, and pick up half-a-dozen roses. We are going to reseed these graves.>
She responds:

"I gave my money to that drunken lass in the tavern last night."
-Duke blinks.
"Because she didn't have any."
<But now you do not have any.
What did she need money for at the time?>
... ... ...
<Was this Rannek?
Did he let you doll him up all pretty in exchange for whiskey?>
"No, it was that lass, the one that goes "Owa! Posh Drrrnk" You've met her. I can't remember her name."
... ... ...
"Oi, you only pay me 3F a day, cat. I 'eat' my money."
<I pay you more than 3F a day.>

Duke breathes another sigh out through his nostrils.
<Why didn't you two top off before we left the horse?>
"Who buys roses in the middle of a war?" Karina insists.
<It's the best time to.>

<Alright, you two go back to the front and top off your pouches from the saddlebag. I brought 200F along.
Karina, grab the roses and some lunch on your way back;
Grandfather, tell the healers to follow the rousties in with their kit; have Sofie gather them and bring them 50 yards that-a-way from here when she can get in. I want to get the hospital ready and able before the fighting hits the streets. I'll meet you there.
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