(ORP) Chaos @ the gates.

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(ORP) Chaos @ the gates.

Post by Duke_of_Earl » Wed Sep 25, 2019 3:48 pm

((OOC: this thread is for rping out any combat encounters, actions and reactions as described in ones events log))

((Post 2))
As the generals signal the charge and bugles begin to play, Duke wonders why he hasn't been let out of the basket first. Surely he should take on his larger form; mount his new axe; a gift from the King, into a saddle or harness of some kind and charge too; but instead the horse lurches forward and heads towards the line of defenders.


The horse stops by the city wall.

<What happened? Weren't we engaged?>
The sounds of battle still sounds from behind them.
<Did no one intercept us?>

Duke's entourage all shrug.

"Maybe they prioritized the more formidable targets?" Grandfather suggests. "We four are a motley sort of crew after all."

Duke blinks <I'm formidable.>
"Sure you are." Grandfather reply's. "Would like to be let out of that basket now?"
Duke breathes another sigh out through his nostrils as grandfather lifts the basket and opens it.

<Alright. We might as well take this opportunity to make some arrangements.
Sofie, when it becomes clear where their archers maximum range line is, set up camp just beyond that; fireproof canvas, obviously. When the gates fall meet us inside; by the graveyard. You two, with me. >

Duke shifts into his ethereal form and passes through the wall into the city.
Grandfather demanifests and likewise passes through the wall.
Karina just sighs and disappears from view, not otherwise moving from her spot.
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Re: (ORP) Chaos @ the gates.

Post by Madeliefie » Thu Sep 26, 2019 6:54 am

Madeliefie shifted from foot to foot gripping her weapon tighter than necessary. She snorted a little as the lieutenant gave a speech about not wanting any of them to die. As though a speech could change anything. She didn't even really understand what this battle was about. She was just going to go out there and do her best. That was all any of them could do. She might not be as strong or as powerful as some of the warriors out there but she was quick and she knew how to fight dirty.

The enemy was sighted and she was on the move almost before the captain finished giving the orders. At first, things were going alright. She darted in and out among the attackers dealing as much damage as she could before dodging out of range. Where she couldn't land a blow she pulled hair, kicked, bit, threw sand in eyes. Every now and again she'd throw out a taunt to distract an opponent. "Your mother is as ugly as a xanthareel's rear end! You're so stupid you make a donkey look smart! I've seen rotten potatoes put up more of a fight than you!"

Then she saw the things. Great hulking stone monstrosities. She'd never seen anything like the golems before. Her little blade wouldn't even scratch them. She stood and gaped. A second too long. She felt a sharp pain in her side. She'd been hit! No matter, she could deal with pain. Then her vision started to blur. She found herself coughing and retching. The world was tilting in all different directions at once. "Poison..." she gasped. She felt herself stumble, tried to swing her blade but couldn't seem to direct it properly. She fell to her knees. She tried desperately to haul herself back on to her feet but the effort proved too much and she lost consciousness.

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Re: (ORP) Chaos @ the gates.

Post by Duke_of_Earl » Fri Sep 27, 2019 8:45 am

Having returned to camp the prior evening from his exploration of the city, Duke and his entourage retired to sleep. Upon the the wee twilight hours of the morning; they were awakened by the bugles signaling what hopefully would be the final assault, after which the chaos would end and things could try to be brought back to a state of normalcy. This time, Duke does shift into his combat form Image and is fitted with a harness and saddle that holds forward his axe. With the bugles next signal, Duke sprints forward with the others into a fray. This time some figures do approach to engage him.

Before he could really see who it was in the early morning twilight and the dust of the charge, Dukes axe connects with a target. Rats! It is Ambrosia, the Kings sister from whom he as drawn some blood. Duke does not want to fight with Ambrosia. He's already had to duel with the King's pregnant wife during the summer festival. Duke shifts into a prism form of the Liger, the first time he's ever tried that, outisde of kitty form before Image. Duke gathers as much abmient light as he can manage in the dim fog of war hoping to disengage from his opponent by temporarily blinding her with a prismatic blast. Oops, too much; his liger form comes with a greater predatory instinct than expected, it takes more effort to retain self-control in the heat of battle and he struggles to suppress a surge of wrath as she manages to snatch his axe from it's bindings and gives him a good thwap of her own.

((Sep 26, 1659 5:00 am [Attack/Defense] [Round 1 of Battle 1080001] You attacked with your unencrusted axe and wounded Ambrosia (69 HP). You have blinded them (-2 FP)! You fired off a Psyonic Blast (-2 FP)! Your skill in Blood Lust gave you a bonus in your attack (-1 FP)! Your skill in Wrath of Zachrin gave you a bonus in your attack (-2 FP)! You were disarmed! Their Legendary Skill Trade Off caused you to take damage (-69 HP) Sep 26, 1659 5:00 am [Attack/Defense] and wounded you (-110 HP). You were unable to grab your unencrusted axe (Backup Weapon) in time.))

Constance appears on the scene to come between Duke and Amrosia. Duke inwardly phews with relief preferring to spar with his former captain who he presumes, perhaps wrongly, is more at home in this situation than the princess would be. Duke lunges with paws and jaws managing to rake Constance slightly, not feeling as much a need to hold back his instincts and his wrath and also flashing her with a blinding prismatic blast. Duke blinks as Constance flees the battle, barely even nicking him.

<What's this? Constance would never flee from battle, never leave her sovereign in the lurch. She is brave and loyal as anyone; and I barely even scratched her. Could it be in response to the flash of light? Why should light be a bother to Constance; she has no aversion to it. She's shopped in the afternoon market plenty of times.>
-Duke sniffs the blood on his claw and takes a quick lick of it; then blinks.
<This is wrong. There is something reminiscent of Evan in this blood! Could she be in bigger trouble than we thought. Spiritual trouble?>
-Duke files this thought away for subsequent investigation and puts his mind back in the moment.

((Sep 26, 1659 5:00 am [Attack/Defense] [Round 1 of Battle 1080001] You attacked with your body appendages and lightly wounded Constance_de_Vere (41 HP). You were unable to grab your unencrusted axe (Backup Weapon) in time. You fired off a Psyonic Blast (-2 FP)! Your skill in Blood Lust gave you a bonus in your attack (-1 FP)! Your skill in Wrath of Zachrin gave you a bonus in your attack (-2 FP)! (They fled the battle!) Sep 26, 1659 5:00 am [Attack/Defense] and grazed you (-1 HP). You were unable to grab your unencrusted axe (Backup Weapon) in time. You have blinded them (-2 FP)!))

A flash of light actually manages to blind Duke for the moment just after a giant metal form lumbers in front of him, bumping against Amrosia and perhaps reflecting some of his own prismatic effect backs.
<Oh trustly metal golem; I forgot about you. Don't aim at the princess; chase down the captain!>
((Sep 26, 1659 5:00 am [Attack/Defense] [Round 1 of Battle 1080001] Your golem attacked and grazed Ambrosia (8 HP). You were blinded! Their Legendary Skill Trade Off caused your golem to take damage (-5 HP) Sep 26, 1659 5:00 am [Attack/Defense] and lacerated your golem (-181 HP).))

Duke feels a familiar sensation as the King rides past and at his glance some of Dukes battle damage is ameleorated.
-Duke blinks.
<I didn't now the King was a priest. Fancy that.>
((Sep 26, 1659 5:00 am [Health] Zuan nods your way and you feel refreshed. (+30 HP)[/size]))

Duke reluctantly turns his attention back to the princess and manages to nick her with a claw as they both manage to blind each other, cutting short the moment.
((Sep 26, 1659 5:00 am [Attack/Defense] [Round 2 of Battle 1080001] You attacked with your body appendages and nicked Ambrosia (14 HP). You were unable to grab your unencrusted axe (Backup Weapon) in time. You fired off a Psyonic Blast (-2 FP)! Your skill in Wrath of Zachrin gave you a bonus in your attack (-2 FP)! Sep 26, 1659 5:00 am [Attack/Defense] and lightly wounded you (-45 HP). You were unable to grab your unencrusted axe (Backup Weapon) in time. You have blinded them (-2 FP)! You were blinded!))

-and twice.
<No, trusty metal golem, we cant have two shiny folk in one place. Leave the princess alone I said, you are to big; go chase the captain.>
-even as Ambra seems to have managed to rip into the Golem somehow on her own; and the nicks on Dukes body disappear again.

((Sep 26, 1659 5:00 am [Attack/Defense] [Round 2 of Battle 1080001] Your golem attacked and grazed Ambrosia (6 HP). You were blinded!
Sep 26, 1659 5:00 am [Attack/Defense] and lacerated your golem (-181 HP).
Sep 26, 1659 5:00 am [Health] Zuan nods your way and you feel refreshed. (+30 HP)

Duke lunges forward again and can't help to get in a bite this time before inwardly wincing and hoping he'll have the opportunity to heal that for her later. Duke fires off another blinding prismatic blast as Amrosia manages to get another good twack in on him herself.

((Sep 26, 1659 5:01 am [Attack/Defense] [Round 3 of Battle 1080001] You attacked with your body appendages and wounded Ambrosia (75 HP). You were unable to grab your unencrusted axe (Backup Weapon) in time. You have blinded them (-2 FP)! You fired off a Psyonic Blast (-2 FP)! Your skill in Blood Lust gave you a bonus in your attack (-1 FP)! Sep 26, 1659 5:01 am [Attack/Defense] Amrosia attaced and wounded you (-91 HP). You were unable to grab your unencrusted axe (Backup Weapon) in time.))

The golem and Ambrosia are tearing into each other again too as Duke sighs a bellowing breath out through his nostrils.
<Trusty metal golem. I'm going to decomission you and gift your parts to Chronicler so he can upgrade for the holidays. Leave the princess alone I said. You're only supposed to shield me.>
((Sep 26, 1659 5:01 am [Attack/Defense] [Round 3 of Battle 1080001] Your golem attacked and whacked Ambrosia (18 HP). Sep 26, 1659 5:01 am [Attack/Defense] and lacerated your golem (-181 HP).))

Of a sudden,the fight seems to be over.
<Uh Oh.>
Duke looks around to take stock of the situation...
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Re: (ORP) Chaos @ the gates.

Post by Zuan » Sun Sep 29, 2019 7:46 pm

Chaos and disorder. Fire and brimstone. Near total destruction. For that was the scene which greeted a soldier near seven years ago. An inexperienced fighter caught in a medley of battle, between the swords and shields of his allies and enemies he was truly lost. The cries and the screams of war, the smell of bloodshed and death upon the air and the fear in the eyes of a man who was truly nothing more than a boy playing at war. He had been wearing battered reservist armour and his sword was more blunt than sharp as he swung it at those who he fought. The beauty of the banners which had marched into battle that day for Fenia, Bravia and Widu were now naught but burnt fabric flowing in the wind carried by the wind and the rain.

He remembered how on that day the rain fell yet the fires grew, how in the evening their volunteer militia was set-upon by the forces of Bravia, assisted by the betrayal of several Fenian Generals ensuring that those who remained loyal to Fenia had no time to act as the enemy poured into the city. How many he struck down on that day he was unsure, yet he knew the only reason he himself had not been struck down was due to one towering figure. The orc Mazork. It was the first time he had come into contact with the Orc of Widu, and it was on that day he truly knew strength and power, and the desire to fight. He had managed to defeat several enemy soldiers before his own blade was struck from his hands and facing his inevitable end he heard a roar like no other and the man who threatened to cleave him in two now found himself being thrown from the ramparts by the hulking orc.

The orc managed to help the inexperienced soldier to safety, however in doing so, in saving this little soldiers life, the orc had put himself at a disadvantage and the city had been lost. With the loss of the city soon came the news of the death of the Queen. Some say murdered in combat, some say slain in her bed by those who betrayed the nation. However the final kick in the teeth of that green boy playing at war was when he returned to Imperius to find the castle destroyed and yet another former Fenian General fleeing to Bravia with the treasury in hand. In those few days, Fenia had gone from a powerful nation united under a Queen, to a Monarchless husk of but a single town, with the threat of further invasion to come – and he the scared boy not only lost a battle, but his love, and nearly the whole Kingdom with it. Yet, in an orc he had found an ally, and in a ruin he found hope. He had been born in snow, but he had been made in fire. The fire and brimstone of Widu would forever be embedded in the mind and consciousness of this soldier. The blood-curdling screams would echo in his ears in the quiet. The smell of blood would ripen in his nose at meals and the sight of maimed and dead men was painted into his eyelids as he slept.

This soldiers name was Zuan Winterbourne.

The King blinked, it was near seven years later. Much more the man than on that day, he led one of the two Fenian armies now into battle. His face was older than it had been, the slight traces of age now finally showing upon his skin, his youth now finally behind him. His stubble was slowly growing in length to become a beard and his hair which he usually kept at a middling length had been cut to a shorter length to ensure he need not risk his vision when he fought. While usually seen in heavy armour during events, jousts and public events, the King preferred in battle to wear studded leather, with steel covering his arms, shoulders and neck – to protect from fatal arrows – and with him he carried his usual sword. The sword was made of steel yet had a silver handle, crossguard and pomel. The pomel was also silver and shaped like a wolf’s head, and featured within it ruby eyes. Along with this he carried a second sword, multiple daggers and a shield which was coated with the Royal Fenian crest and again embossed with gemstones.

As he sat upon his large black warhorse he observed the situation before him. The last time he had been near Widu it had ended poorly, and the time before that, the city had been lost. Today however, things would be different – they had to be different. Due to the provocations of Alder and the theft from Fenia City by Vhagar who had fled to Kiene thanks to her husband, he had no choice. A King who enabled threats and criminality was no King at all. Thus he had planned with his General and his soldiers on the assault.

It would be a two pronged-attack. His close ally Aingeal supported by the ever-present orc Mazork would attack the city gates from one side. While his own force, would hit the postern gate. The aim being to split the defenders in two, failing this if the defenders stayed at one gate it would give the other army free access to the city and from there they would be free to take advantage.

The King tilted his vision slightly to the variety of soldiers within his army, as well as notable members within it. From his own sister, the Princess Dahlia, to two of his most loyal friends in Archadeas and Duke, to those who had in recent years become fixtures of his council and his Kingdom in TK, Nikola and Johnstone. Their army was one that was truly an example of what the last six years of Monarchy had been for that scared soldier – patience.

He had no choice but to wait, to train and grow, to align and ally, so that when the moment finally presented itself, that they could finally act. He had always desired to return Widu to Fenia peacefully, he had no interest in recreating that scene which was still etched into his skull, yet due to Alder’s threats and demands, he had no choice. To prosecute a King was to declare war upon him, and thus he had no choice. He sighed softly, his disappointed with the situation lost in the wind, as he examined the situation before him. Soon enough they would strike, once the sun dipped in the sky to indicate the coming afternoon they would move forward – at the same time as Aingeal’s force. There was no need to sneak, they wanted to be seen, and so they had been. Given they had purposely set up their camp just outside of the range of arrows which littered the camps border from the waiting archers. The king looked down and re-adjusted his belt of daggers across his chest, tightening it ever so slightly. Time was moving slower now, much slower – part of him wished to order the charge now, to move and strike, to just get it over with, but there it was again, his old ally patience, and so sitting back up in the saddle of his warhorse, he waited as time ticked on and the sands of time slowly ran dry.
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Re: (ORP) Chaos @ the gates.

Post by Aingeal » Sun Sep 29, 2019 10:05 pm

~~Before the 25th~~
Aingeal woke up in a cold sweat. The dream was hovering at the edge of her consciousness. Aingeal slipped out of her bed, donning her robe and going to her window. Plans were in motion, plans she waited years to aid with. Looking over her shoulder at her sleeping husband, Anessen, she smiled softly, before exiting the room and padding down the hallway. Pushing open the door next door, she went to gaze down at her daughter. Her red curls lay scattered across her pillow, and Aingeal pulled the blanket up to cover Amara’s shoulder. Tomorrow Rania would be taking Amara to Fenia City to stay with Ella, Aingeal was afraid that if things go south, that Imperius would be next. Padding down to the kitchen, she found a bottle of wine and went out to sit on the back porch.

Aingeal looked across the skyline of the Fenia lands, as far as her eyes could see. Aingeal thought back to what Imperius looked like so long ago. Aingeal though back to Project, Xavier… and Aengus. Project found her, trained her, he groomed her to protect the crown. It was her duty, was her destiny she once thought. Then the accident happened, and she ran. The accident wasn’t her fault, but her first love was gone. They had fought, and to this day, she still felt terrible about it, it was her being young….

Fast forward through the years… lands and people changed hands many times. Widu fell to Kiene after the Volcano took out Spirus. Then Cork fell to Kiene. Friends and family were made, found, lost and killed. Aingeal always came back to Fenia. Fenia was in her blood, from the time she was sixteen years old. A decade had passed, and her loyalty hasn’t changed, but her life had. She married the love of her life, lost her best friend, had her daughter, and took care of her friends. But the fact that Fenia was incomplete always nagged at the back of her mind. Many times Widu was revolted, either by creature or peasant, but it was ever returned to Kiene. But this time… this was going to be different.

Aingeal didn’t let anyone know, but she was scared. She was leading one of the armies, and she wasn’t sure what she was walking into. Her last battle cost her best friend Amanda, and almost her husband and herself too. But maybe things would be different this time, maybe things would work out, but only the Mages knew. As the sun started to rise over the horizon, it was time to get things ready, for they marched the next day.


Aingeal had kissed her daughter, hugging her tightly before packing her in the carriage to go to Ella’s. Aingeal hoped that it wasn’t a final goodbye. She entered the house to finish getting ready, heading to the stables, she saddled her horse. Aingeal had servants that could do things, but sometimes she wanted to do things herself. She pulled her new weapon from its sheath on her saddle, hearing the soft woosh as the blade cleared the leather. “ Flos Potentia “ was what inscribed by the Mages on the hilt. The amethyst sword was Amanda’s, given to Aingeal upon her death. Adding an emerald and sending it to the Mages, she named it Flos Potentia or Flower Power. Sliding the weapon back into its home, she swung herself up on her horse and waited for Anessen. A nervous giggle escaped her, cause Anessen was going to have to ride a horse. To him, horses were food, but he would do these things for her. She swallowed her fear and knew her duty. Her duty was to protect her home, protect her family and protect her King. And that was what she was going to do…..

(to be continued…..)
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Re: (ORP) Chaos @ the gates.

Post by Mazork » Mon Sep 30, 2019 3:01 pm

((OOC: Well, I might as well also take the opportunity to reminisce a little. I RP so rarely, and some of these events took place so long ago, that I imagine not many are too familiar with Mazork's history. I'll spare you the very earliest time, though, the time before Spirus was even opened, as this will be long enough without it.))

Mazork had seen much death and destruction in his life. Admittedly, mostly by his own choice. Although he had been affected by his time among the "civilised" creatures and learned to see things slightly differently from the traditional orc way, battle was still in his blood, he couldn't help seeking it out every once in a while. Mostly, he only sought out those willing to match their strength against him, or dangerous creatures of the wild to hunt, but when the opportunity to ride to war alongside his king - the chieftain he had chosen to follow some years ago - presented itself, there was no way he was going to miss it.

Nothing he had seen and likely nothing he would ever see would match the brutality of what the Mages had wreaked upon Spirus. The raw power of the nature leashed to their whim, a volcanic eruption covering the entire region in lava and ash, it had been terrifying and humbling. Thousands had lost their lives, though many had managed to escape. Mazork himself had harnessed the power contained within the hot lava to teleport his entire mansion to the outskirts of Widu. There was a reason he had been called the Sorcerer of Spirus at the time. He had been the first and the most powerful of his kind in that city.

He would never forgive the Mages, those whimsical being playing gods over this world and its mortal life, for this, nor the role he suspected they played in the God King Xeno's - a being Mazork owed his life, his magic, and much more - banishment back to his original plane. But he wasn't a fool, he knew those godlike being were out of his reach, so he had no choice but to bear the frustration and go on with his life.

He had barely managed to settle in to a life in Widu, when he was once again forced to flee, as Widu was conquered from Fenia. Well, not exactly forced: he was sure his role in the defense of the city would have been forgiven had he chosen to serve the city's new masters. Mazork held no love for any particular viceroyalty, they were too large to feel kinship with everyone, unlike a tribe. However, he had made the choice to remain a Fenian citizen partly on a whim, partly because it seemed an interesting challenge to join the retaliatory force and try to retake the city. It had failed, the battle had been lost, Mazork himself came within inches of losing his life. ((OOC: I still sometimes wonder how that would have turned out if not for the bug messing up the battle.))

Yet he felt no hatred towards the victors. It was the right of the strong to conquer, and there had been nothing particularly personal at stake there for the orc.

He had decided to settle in Imperius after that. He had become a pillar of strength supporting the shaky remains of Fenia. He had heard it sometimes said that in those days, it was his presence alone that kept the border secure and prevented Fenia from losing even more. Probably only half true, but it was still rather flattering.

It had seemed an interesting challenge at the time, though he later found out that the work of a general was much less about glory on the battlefield and more about organisation of routines. He still had nightmares about the mountains of paperwork at times when they had been short staffed. It had been particularly bad when he had had to juggle the roles of general and mayor for a while.

Eventually, Zuan had become the king, and it was then that Fenia had finally truly entered the road to recovery. Though the young man had made some mistakes, over time he had grown into a capable leader, the first one Mazork had found worthy of following since the god cat of the old Kiene. Over several years, Fenia had consolidated its power, steadily strengthened its economy and military.

Once no longer essential to the defense of the viceroyalty, Mazork had retired. He remained in reserve for emergencies, but freed of active duty, he was finally able to once again put his entire focus on studying magic and honing his martial skills. He felt like he had somewhat plateaued since years ago, no longer visibly improving, but as he persistently kept at it, there were some improvements in one area or another.

Now, the day had finally dawned that Widu would be returned to its rightful place within Fenia's borders. Or that was how most would see it. For Mazork, it was just another battle he had the opportunity to participate. Fenia was strong now, it was their turn to conquer. Riding by the side of his king - not literally, he was actually riding with the second army - Mazork had returned to Widu. His trusty axe, the Sorcery Edge, was leaning on his shoulder, thirsting for blood. And today, Mazork was fully intent on giving in to its desire.

((I might or might not later play out some of the combat events.))
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