[ORP] The Memorial Gardens of Widu

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Re: [ORP] The Memorial Gardens of Widu

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Time passed and Elisa was waiting she shifted position a couple of times as the sun moved along the sky and sitting in the same position became uncomfortable. She must have been too early, he would have meant to meet in the evening and she got here too early, that must be it. She didn’t know how to read clocks, if she would have one to start with, she usually went for a general idea of time by the position of the sun. It was perfectly plausible she just got here at the wrong time. Time kept passing and now the sun was getting lower in the sky. Perhaps it had been late evening? Her excitement for the date was waving away, worry came in its place. Was he not going to come? Didn’t he like her anymore? Had she done something wrong already? Doubt and sadness were growing inside her, as was anger. When the sun was starting to set she had no choice but to accept he wasn’t coming. She had held on to the last hope but now it soon would be dark, the hope had gone.

At this moment anger rose inside her, she grabbed her basket as it was the only thing near her and threw it away from her. There was some force behind her throw as it held the anger that was in her. She had looked forward to this date so much, and now it was ruined before it ever started. When emotions were getting big she wasn’t always able to properly handle them and could have impulsive acts she wouldn’t normally do. Like throwing the basket, or pulling some leaves of a bush and throwing them on the ground when she passed it. If she had one of these fits she would usually feel ashamed of them once her emotions calmed down again.

As more of the angry energy had left her tears starting to spill out. It had been one of her fears: Az probably found out she wasn’t as great as he thought she was. She always ended up doing the wrong things. People here had seemed so much more tolerant but it had to end somewhere didn’t it? He couldn’t have found out how bad she really was could he? She hadn’t told anybody she had actually ran away from her home, how could he know? Maybe it was just other things, and they were enough. She was just a stupid peasant girl after all. If left to it she could probably think of a hundred reasons why she was bad But this hadn’t stopped her from developing feelings and having hopes. She felt those crushed though at the moment, it were strong emotions she didn’t know how to handle properly.

For some moments she had been sobbing, until she realised she was still in a public place. She looked around while wiping the tears, hoping nobody would have seen her. She went to pick up her basket, placing some of the oranges that had rolled out back inside. She didn’t dare check now, but she might have ruined the blanket she had with her, chocolate and squeezed strawberries might have stained it, would she ever be able to get it clean or had her anger spill cost her the blanket as well? After collecting her things she started to make her way back to her cottage, heading to what probably be a sleepless night.

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