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Has the fire become too hot?

Posted: Sun Jul 12, 2020 6:33 pm
by Jandar
As has become a habit for him, Jandar wakes early and heads to his workshop after making his morning rounds of the city as Sheriff. Once he gets there he stops and uses his senses to smell for magic. Finding nothing out of the ordinary he places the palm of his hand on the doorplate for a moment then pull the door open after a slight glow appears. Glancing around a small smile appears on his face as a good memory crosses his mind before he snuffs it out.

Crossing to the forge he blows on the coals setting them ablaze in an instant to let them heat up for todays work. Just a couple horseshoes or he should say muleshoes to take down to the Town zoo for a pack mule. He does have a major order however but it os for the other side of his workshop - some pillars to clean up and deliver to the Princess on demand for a her new home going up in town. He was glad for the distraction working in the shop helps take away from his often discordant thoughts of what has happened. He still is unsure why She stopped stopping by nearly daily except when She travels to Imperius. Perhaps She has met someone else? He thinks back to the last time they were together just a few days after the last Love Day Celebration. Everything seemed so perfect. He had taken things slowly because She seemed so shy until that one chill day when he pulled her close and warmed her up with his power. He had kept control even when they suddenly shared a kiss and all seemed to fall into place. He had invited her to dinner and cooked his special vegetable dish that was a secret recipe known only to Blacksmiths. He had done something after they met and they arrived here he had never done before - he had shown her his secret when he unlocked the craft shed in front of her - heating the door with but a touch then lighting the fire to warm up the metal with a simple flick of his wrist. Suddenly it hit him. She was afraid of his power - he had been so sure she could accept him. It certainly could not have been his kiss?

Re: Has the fire become too hot?

Posted: Wed Jul 15, 2020 9:41 pm
by LadyWhisp
Life had become rather ordinary and dull over the past few months for her with working tirelessly in her workshop to making trips to Imperius for wood and then down to the coast for fish. The days all seemed to melt together, which would have her thoughts go back to that time when she saw him in his forge making things from fire-kissed metals. As of late, her thoughts were of him. She wondered how he was doing, if he was having a good day, or if keeping the town and surrounding countryside safe from harm kept him away from town. It had been several months since she last saw him, though she had received his letters when they had been delivered via messenger from time to time when he wrote to her. It had been some time since she last received one, and wondered if he ever thought of her, or if he even remembered her at all. At the thought of their last encounter, she reaches up and touches her lips with a fingertip, remembering the warmth of that long ago kiss. If she could only have courage to seek him out without fear of being discounted. She wore her feelings on her sleeve, and she was afraid of what she would do if he rejected her.

She finds herself going over her list of tasks to finish up before having to head back out to town again in the near future, and remembers her ax that needs a new edge put on it. She could go to any forge in town or surrounding area about town, but what if he is there in his? Should she take a chance and go see him? If he’s even there, what would she say to him? Hello, how are you doing? She finds herself getting butterflies and all flustered at just trying to imagine what she would say. But, this task needs to be taken care of and she couldn’t put off doing it any further.

She rides into town on her horse, and tethers it up on the edge of town near some fresh grass for it to nibble on while she takes care of her business. She walks towards the town square to begin her much needed shopping for herbs and essentials for baking, and finds herself passing by his forge. She hears some type of work going on inside, and wonders what he was busy working on. Should she?

She stops in her tracks and catches her breath. He’s there. He’s really there. Without thinking, she starts walking towards the opening. She can’t make herself stop. Her heart’s racing, butterflies fluttering like crazy in her belly. She steps on her toes, almost dancing towards the opening, and finds herself without a voice to speak with. She opens her lips and finds no sound coming out. She tries several times, and finds herself flushing with a deep crimson blush as words fail her. She clears her throat before opening her lips once again, and lets out a muffled moan, a sound barely above a whisper. She stops dead in her tracks and watches him with her doe shaped eyes wide in surprise.

Re: Has the fire become too hot?

Posted: Mon Jul 20, 2020 6:03 pm
by Jandar
As Jandar we just finishing up the horse shoe he heard a sound he would have recognized anywhere, and flinched releasing the tong dropping the the show off the anvil and into the red-white hot coals of the forge. Without a thought his hand followed after it reaching into the coals pulling it out before he turns towards the lovely face looking his way and his heart dropped as he saw her eyes flick toward the steaming piece of metal in his bare hand.

After scaring her away by showing her what he had become - no what he always has been what is the first thing that happened when she finally had appeared. He dropped the horse shoe and was about to shake his hand like it was hurt but could not lie to her. In fact he took a few quick steps towards her before stopping to look her up and down and gave her a sincere smile.

"Darling uhm I mean Baroness Whispy! Wait that is wrong too!"

Jandar's face seems to be nearly aflame as it turns a reddish color.

Re: Has the fire become too hot?

Posted: Wed Jul 29, 2020 6:57 pm
by LadyWhisp
Whispy lets out another soft moan of surprise as she’s spied by him from across his workshop. She can feel the heat radiating from the building out into the open air, reminding her of that time when she was so cold and he warmed her up with just a simple touch.

She shakes her head no quickly back and forth to bring herself back to now, and lets go of the axe she was carrying to get sharpened. It falls down to the ground in a soft thud. Her heart races like a humming birds’ wings within her chest, and before she thinks about what she’s doing, she hikes up her skirts and makes a mad dash towards him, all 4’10” of herselt, flinging herself into his arms. Tears dance upon her eyelashes like raindrops as she grabs on tight to him, paying no attention to the words he spoke to her. All she wants is the warmth of his arms around her, and everything would be alright.

As she holds tightly to him, she’s wracked with a coughing spasm that shakes her down to her very core. The coughing lasts for several minutes before she’s able to catch her breath in large, halted gulps.

“Oh Jandar, is it really you? It’s been so long….” She tries to speak further but the coughing starts up again, this time not letting up for several minutes. She tries to catch her breath but the coughing continues. She slumps down against his chest, the coughing taking over her body.

Re: Has the fire become too hot?

Posted: Sat Aug 08, 2020 12:05 am
by Jandar
As Jandar sees the woman he has come to care for so vary much he lets the red hot mule shoe he is shaping slip out of his tongs, grabbing it without thinking and sets it down on the anvil barely feeling the heat. As Whispy throws herself into his arms he feels his temperature rise which in his case is dangerous for anyone but himself and he closes his eyes for a moment willing the fires to subside. He begins to calm down for only a moment as her coughing nearly doubles her over and he realizes something is seriously wrong here.

Having spent many years before his metamorphosis learning about herbs so he thought he might make a quick tea and quickly picked Whispy up and carried her to the corner of his shop where he keeps a small bed and lays her on it gently, with the intention of brewing some tea. He waves a hand at the fireplace to start the fire before realizing there is no wood beneath the kettle. Already seriously concerned about Whispy he runs over to grab a couple pieces of wood and they catch fire as soon as he touches them - so he tosses the logs under the kettle to heat up the water then goes over to the small herb cabinet to mix up a potion and to his horror discovers everything he is touching is set ablaze! His frustration and concerns seem to be making him lose control of his inner power. Letting out a curse that works in either plane he stops a moment and tries to calm himself to think. An idea starts to form so he lifts the cauldron the water is in away from the fire and takes it over next to the bed - sticking his hand into it he lets his frustration go through his arm letting the heat flow until the water begins to boils giving off steam to humidify the air. Listening to her weak cough he realizes she needs more help that he can provide at the moment. I a sudden moment of clarity Jandar gets back off his knees he goes over to the forge where the coals still glow and gazes into the center and begins to concentrate.

The coals light up as he stares into the hottest part of the flame and with all of his in strength summons help from the other plane until gradually the coals begin to stir and something stands up. He has summoned a Fire Imp from the plane of fire!


Speaking in Ignan, the language of the Fire plane he orders the the creature to go take a message to the nearest healer in town to tell her "There is an emergency at Jandar's forge, a matter of life and death!"

Re: Has the fire become too hot?

Posted: Wed Aug 12, 2020 10:37 pm
by Serafay
Setting down her embroidery hoop on her lap, Serafay threw a glance at the small fire meant to keep humidity out. Her sigh reverberated on the walls and before it had completely faded, she had picked up her work once more and planted the needle through the fabric. A log crackled loudly one time, then two. A hissing sound followed. Worried something might be amiss with the fireplace, she looked again only to see a small creature lurking among the flame. Startled, she dropped the needlework to the floor and got to her feet with a loud gasp of surprise. The creature didn't make any movement of aggression though and bid her to come closer. With cautious step, she did and -through unknown magic- found herself understanding the words his spoke. Blinking a few times, her first reflex was to deny he had the right person. Surely there were better healer available... She couldn't even make a simple spell! The imp insisted that she was the one Jandar had named. Perhaps he thought her knowledge in herbs could be helpful enough?

"Can you take me there?" she asked.

Before she knew it, the air around her became oppressive and she closed her eyes to handle the sudden pressure. Within a few seconds, it was over and she found herself falling on her hands and knees in an unfamiliar place. She looked around, dusting her rich skirts, getting her mind back in order as she called out to the Marquess name.

"I'm here... The little er... creature... hm... What's the matter? Someone's home?"

Re: Has the fire become too hot?

Posted: Sun Aug 30, 2020 5:10 pm
by Jandar
Jandar felt his imp return using the fires in the room then heard a voice. He did not realize the imp he had summoned was capable of that! Something to keep in mind in the future.

Stepping out from behind the wall that hid his sleeping cot and was rather shocked to see the Princess dusting herself off from in front of the forge.
Remembering his manners he gave her a proper courtly bow honoring her station before speaking.

"Princess Serafay, I apologize for the method of bringing you here I asked my assistant to bring the nearest healer and it seems that was you. I have spent years learning my herbalist skills however when my lady collapsed earlier I fear I lost control of my other abilities well, she needs help and at the moment I am unable to use my herbs because........... let me show you."

Walking over to a large cabinet that has a door standing open with a blackened handle. Inside are many glazed bottles including one marked Echinacea which is open. Taking hold of a set of metal tongs he pulls out a root to drop it in a mortar however before he manages to drop it in the mortar the tongs start turning red and the root bursts into flame. Jandar's hands begin shaking while dropping the tongs to the floor.

"Princess, I am useless to her right now. Whispy needs help and nothing is more important to me. He cough sounds very deep and she collapsed in my arms when it overtook her. She is over her on my cot I use when working long projects here. I lost control from worry I fear. I may have made her worse in fact while carrying her to my bed here, if I burned her I will neer forgive myself. Can you help her? I have a hoard of gold I would gladly give you to pay for your help."

Re: Has the fire become too hot?

Posted: Mon Aug 31, 2020 4:34 pm
by LadyWhisp
Whispy lies limp upon Jandar's cot, coughing heavily from time to time with her head tilted to the side facing the room. Her teeth begin to chatter from the fever that is slowly working its way through her body. "So cold.... I'm so cold...." is all she's able to get out before starting to cough again. She feels the hot steam billow up against her face and tries to breathe it in, but isn't able to take in much air, if any at all. She hears an unfamiliar voice floating in the air, as if she can see the words behind her closed eyelids. She hears Jandar say the word Princess, and knows she must pay reverence to her, but not bringing the Princess'es name to the forefront of her mind. She attempts to rise up off the cot, then falls back down with a quiet thud.

Re: Has the fire become too hot?

Posted: Thu Oct 22, 2020 10:17 pm
by Serafay
Serafay listened and observed in silence. As soon as the root went up in flame, she pursed her lips and started to think back on what she had learned in Wallaha. She wasn't a particularly gifted healer but she had given assistance to wounded soldiers and sick friends before. It was part of her duty as a wife to be able to give, at the very least, basic care to her future husband. If the mages willed it, she could use those few teachings to help Lady Whispy. The Princess gave a small nod and lifted her hand, her palm not totally vertical in an appeasing gesture to the Marquis: normally she would've give a gentle squeeze to his arm but in his state it was best to keep distance to avoid having her clothes set aflame or her skin burned.

"Be at ease, I'll do everything I can. I'll go see her now. Try to get a hold of yourself while I'm doing that. I know of a draught that can help you but first I need to tend to the Lady."

She turned around and went to the bedside quietly. She sat near the woman and touched her cheeks and forehead with the back of her fingers to test her temperature then looked at her complexion, monitored her breathing and heartbeat, examined her to see if she bore any marks of burn. Serafay spoke softly as she did, knowing some people in a weakened state could often still hear and feel. She explained what she was doing and the conclusion of each steps. She listened carefully to the cough as well to get a better idea of what she was dealing with. In the end, the princess stood up and went to the cabinet and started rummaging through it, opening some bottles, setting others aside. She threw a glance at Jandar with a meek smile, focusing again on the mixture she was preparing right after. There was two components to her solution; a brew and a poultice. The brew would help to clear up the system, give it a boost and lower the creeping fever whereas the poultice would it easier to breath and, hopefully, decrease the cough as well. The Marquis was very cooperative and showed her where to find everything she needed when she asked. Soon, the herbs were thrown in the boiling kettle and Sera found herself to Whispy's bedside again. For decency's sake, she asked the Sheriff to remove himself from the room and waited to be alone with the young woman to help her out of her clothes until she wore nothing but her undergarments. Careful not to soil them, the Princess' applied the poultice to her patient's shoulders and upper chest before covering the area with squares of clean linen. By the time she was done, the brew was ready and she served a bit of it in a small cup. Lifting Whispy's head, she brought the mixture to her lips and very slowly allow a few drops in her mouth at a time.

"There we go" she whispered "That will help you. Take it slowly... easy... You'll be fine now, don't you worry"

After making sure the young woman was comfortably tucked in, Serafay went back to Jandar and sighed heavily. Nearly two hours had went by since her arrival.

"She'll be alright at least for now. She should sleep soundly and her cough should be diminished. I can send in the royal physician to look at her when I'm back at the castle... I'm sure he's more knowledgeable than me in treating illnesses and afflictions. You'll need to give her a little bit more of the brew later but I've noted everything for you"
she smiled reassuringly. "Fret not for your beloved lady, Marquis, and do not blame yourself for anything. You haven't hurt her. You might have even saved her life with your quick thinking.... If you wish, now that she is resting, I could teach you that draught. I used to make it for my betrothed when he needed to go to battle or to make a grand public appearance. It would calm his spirit and steel his nerves."