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Widu Temple

Post by Yerendeyth » Sun Jul 15, 2012 4:52 pm

“Evil is but a subjective term and has no place in the natural order of things. The Dark Path is not about concepts of civilization, it is about primal concepts: it is about unleashing your true potential and glorifies the power of the individual.”
~ Teachings of Master Boros

Welcome to the Widu Temple, Fenia's only Dark aligned temple and the pride of Widu. All are welcomed to enter and seek spiritual stimulation and none will be turned away as this is a place of unshackled freedom. You are free to call upon the Priest and Deacon of the temple to perform services, such as performing a marriage ceremony or a divorce, baptising a person into the Faith, overseeing a funeral, laying on hands or cursing a person.

Our Temple is currently looking for a new Deacon. If you are interested in participating in the spiritual aspects of the town of Widu, if you seek to keep the Faith alive, if you care about the daily lives of our citizens, contact Yerendeyth and let him know you are interested in the position of Deacon. It matters not if you have no formal religious training, all that matters is that you are willing and eager to learn and fulfill your duties reliably.

As our temple is Dark Aligned, keep in mind that actions regarding this temple have different effects on your mood and alignment than Light Aligned temples.
Mass: Improves Mood, Lowers Alignment of Player
Work Temple: Raises Aura, Lowers Alignment of Player
Donate: Lowers Alignment of Player
Clean Windows: Lowers Alignment of Player, Raises Aura (Small Chance for Social Point)
Break Windows: Raises Alignment of Player, Lowers Aura

You can request several services from the temple, including, but not limited to:
A blessing: Raises Alignment of Player
A cursing: Lowers Alignment of Player
Laying of hands: Cures disease and infection
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Re: Widu Temple

Post by Yerendeyth » Wed Jul 18, 2012 7:17 am

Yerendeyth had woken up before sunrise, like he was accustomed to do from his early upbringings with the monks of Boreale. Since he had left his homelands, since his exile, he had allowed himself to slack, to sleep in until even after sunrise, to neglect his exercises and his meditations. All those things had come to represent his resentment for the Monks of the Order, how they were stuck in their ancient, orthodox ways, insisting on perpetuating foolishness for eons on end. It had become a sort of rebellion to shun their ways, even the rituals, those daily routines that did hold merit, as Yerendeyth traveled south in search of a new home. But now that it seemed he had found it, his new home, Yerendeyth found himself slowly drifting back to these small familiarities: rising early, training daily, meditating and constantly challenging both body and mind.

But today, Yerendeyth completed his morning rituals with more haste than usual, for he had other duties to attend to. Arriving at the Widu Temple in the dark, he unlocked the gates and swung them wide open, the heavy mahogany doors grating and grinding in complaint. Standing in the archway for a few heartbeats, Yerendeyth took in the interior and nodded in approval at what the staff had done to clean up the place. With long, purpose-filled strides, the Dracos made his way to the back to prepare the Holy Drinks, light the candles and ready the donation boxes, keeping an eye out to see if the Deacon was about to aid him in these tasks.
It was a few moments before sunrise and Yerendeyth stood behind the pulpit in the ceremonial dress Dwayberry had found so comical. He rested his big, clawed hands on the sides of the pulpit and watched patiently as the temple filled with the faithful. There were not many, but he had expected as much. Going over the list of past attendees, Yerendeyth had noticed a steady decline in the faithful attending mass, but that was one of the many things he was determined to change. Nodding a greeting to all the faces as they entered and took a seat, Yerendeyth started his first sermon as soon as the first rays of sunlight broke through the tinted mirrors.

"Today, I would like to talk to you about power."

"Power is only for those who deserve it, those who take it for themselves and hold on to it. If you do not take power for yourself, you have no right to complain about the actions of those that do, for you are free to challenge those in power if you believe you can do a better job than they. If you want something, it is considered your duty to work tirelessly towards achieving that goal, irrelevant of how difficult said task is, or how long it will take: for if something is truly worth doing, it is worth spending a lifetime trying to accomplish it and another lifetime trying to perfect it."

"If you believe something in Widu is crooked, it is your duty to rectify it. If you believe someone is not doing their job properly, oust that person and do the job yourself. If I had not done so myself, you would not be attending this mass on this day. I call upon you all to run for mayor, sign up for the town council, apply for deacon... or priest. Speak your mind loud and clearly and let actions mirror your words."

"If we all reach for power and the strength to change Widu to our image, inevitably, the strongest and most worthy of us all will come out on top of the struggle and lead our town towards greatness. Our downfall lies not with inner struggles, nay, our worst enemies are apathy and placid obedience."

Pausing for several seconds to let the words sink in, Yerendeyth scanned the crowd, reading the expressions on the faces of those gathered, hoping that those that did not agree would challenge him and initiate a debate on the matter.


Re: Widu Temple

Post by Yerendeyth » Wed Jul 25, 2012 6:54 am

This morning, Yerendeyth stoop to the side of the pulpit, listening to Tad read out his sermon, his gaze gliding over the gathered faithful, gauging their reactions, reading their demeanor, as the Deacon spoke:

As you may have heard, there are no gods in the faith. We don't look for things to cloud issues, cloud the mind. We are all of us responsible for our own actions, to ourselves if no one else. We are not in this world alone however, we have families, friends, coworkers, even superiors or subordinates that we interact with.

The faith isn't about asking for change, it is about creating it. If you know what you are doing, you can control it. If you learn about yourself that gives you power over yourself, to change or not as you will.


Re: Widu Temple

Post by Yerendeyth » Wed Jul 25, 2012 7:58 am

After the sermon, Yerendeyth steps foward and raises his voice as well as his hands:

"I would like to call forward Tesla, our town sheriff and Snickers, our well known blacksmith, who have requested a Laying of the Hands. I call upon the Seven Mages to restore the balance in their bodies, I besiege the Faith of our Temple to cleanse their spirits, and I petition Saint Kaylia to watch over Tesla and Snickers, so that health will be their constant companion from this day onwards."

With the conclusion of this Laying of the Hands, Yerendeyth addresses the assembled faithful:

"I would like to remind you all that you can make requests to perform a number of tasks at our Temple. You can request a blessing to raise your alignment, a cursing to lower it. You can request a wedding or a divorce and finally, as you have just witnessed: if you are feeling ill, you can request a Laying of the Hands to cure you of your illness or infection. I call upon the Light aligned creatures in particular to consider asking for a blessing to raise your alignment and in return: spare our temple windows for a few days. And finally: those of you who can spare Faith points, freznics or goods for the benefit of all the Faithful, your generosity will be much appreciated and put to use to strengthen our flock."


Re: Widu Temple

Post by riku » Thu Jul 26, 2012 12:07 am

Riku approached Yerendeyth after his sermon. He had missed his chance to get a Laying of Hands while he was still talking to everyone. He had caught an infection from his sparring match with Genova earlier and needed help getting rid of the stubborn infection.

After Yerendeyth finished the laying of hands Riku smiled and bowed.
"Thank you Yerendeyth. I need to remember to take better care next time."


Re: Widu Temple

Post by Yerendeyth » Wed Aug 01, 2012 8:47 am

"That which does not kill you, only makes you stronger, Riku. I thank you for the faith you have given to our temple, it will be put to use to service the flock."


Re: Widu Temple

Post by Yerendeyth » Wed Aug 01, 2012 9:00 am

Yerendeyth stoop behind the pulpit again, after Tad's sermon last week. His claws resting gently on the sides, he waited for the citizens of Widu to arrive one by one. He nodded to Mazork, Genova and Vexacion as they entered through the heavy, black mahogany doors and took their seats. He winked to Kikk knowingly: Yerendeyth had caught him smashing one of the temple windows last week. And the Dracos waited for the rest to arrive, before giving his sermon as the first rays of light broke through the stained glass windows behind him.

"Today, I wish to talk to you about our emotions. The Mage Ruza holds dominion over the attribute of emotion; it is the spark of individuality within creatures of uniform existence. Without emotions, all men would be the same, all elfs would be the same, all orcs would be the same. Emotions give us the ability to love and hate, to rage and cry, to suffer and to exalt. The teachings of the Faith say that without emotion, we would all be selfless creatures, for if you would not envy the riches of another, would you be tempted to steal those riches for yourself? For if you would not know rage, would you strike out at others?

Emotions make you selfish. Even love. Love makes you choose for the well being of the object loved, over that of others. Realize that emotions make us imperfect creatures, and use that imperfection, that breach in logic and reasoning; turn it to your advantage. Do not let love blind you, let it drive you to new heights. Do not let anger shackle you, use it to break free the bonds holding you back. Do not let sorrow seep away your strength, use it as a lesson to never again repeat the same mistakes.

Master your emotions, your flawless imperfections, and wield it to reach greater heights than would ever be possible if you deny your emotions and let them rule you in your stead."

Letting his words sink in for a few heartbeats, Yerendeyth moved on to more mundane topics.

"I would now like to take some time to give my thanks to a number of important citizens. First of all, I would like to thank the Temple patrons and in particular our regular patrons: FaiaShiria, Tana, Delila and Mazork, who generously give to our temple on a daily basis. With their money, I've purchased a delicious barrel of mint tea, which now serves as the holy drink you can partake from on your way out, to reinvigorate your spirit. I would also like to thank Riku and Snickers, who have found the generosity to donate to the temple. All surplus freznics will go towards the purchase of construction materials in preparation for the expansion of our temple to a basilica. And finally, I would like to thank Zedelein and Logan Miller for their work around the temple, cleaning up the shards of broken glass, as well as Vexacion, Genova and all the others who I've missed, for keeping our windows clean. Each and everyone of those mentioned have done their part in the service of our temple and the Mages. Together, we will build the foundations of a strong society, one destined for greatness."


Re: Widu Temple

Post by Genova » Wed Aug 01, 2012 10:11 am

Genova was tired that week. She was not physically tired but emotionally tired. Thus, she went to the temple to attend the mass and to listen to the sermon. She sat and listened as Yerendeyth spoke to the crowd about the Mage Ruza. She found the sermon fitting for her condition. She smiled and contemplated, wondering if the Mages would listen to her prayers.

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Re: Widu Temple

Post by Mazork » Fri Aug 03, 2012 4:05 pm

"A good speech," Mazork said with a curt nod. Not one to lie nor waste words, his simple gesture of approval held more value than you'd think.
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Re: Widu Temple

Post by Kikk » Sat Aug 04, 2012 11:46 am

*looks innocent* Me? I didnt smash anything.

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