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Re: Widu Temple

Post by Silence » Sat May 16, 2015 5:40 am

In the university? Why didn't anybody tell me about this then? Why didn't I notice this?
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Re: Widu Temple

Post by Katie » Sat May 16, 2015 11:24 am

Yes! Professor Kendor says it was not intentional. YAY!
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Re: Widu Temple

Post by Katie » Sat May 23, 2015 10:37 am


A THIEF hired a room in a tavern and stayed a while in the hope
of stealing something which should enable him to pay his
reckoning. When he had waited some days in vain, he saw the
Innkeeper dressed in a new and handsome coat and sitting before
his door. The Thief sat down beside him and talked with him. As
the conversation began to flag, the Thief yawned terribly and at
the same time howled like a wolf. The Innkeeper said, "Why do
you howl so fearfully?' "I will tell you," said the Thief, "but
first let me ask you to hold my clothes, or I shall tear them to
pieces. I know not, sir, when I got this habit of yawning, nor
whether these attacks of howling were inflicted on me as a
judgment for my crimes, or for any other cause; but this I do
know, that when I yawn for the third time, I actually turn into a
wolf and attack men." With this speech he commenced a second fit
of yawning and again howled like a wolf, as he had at first. The
Innkeeper. hearing his tale and believing what he said, became
greatly alarmed and, rising from his seat, attempted to run away.
The Thief laid hold of his coat and entreated him to stop,
saying, "Pray wait, sir, and hold my clothes, or I shall tear
them to pieces in my fury, when I turn into a wolf." At the same
moment he yawned the third time and set up a terrible howl. The
Innkeeper, frightened lest he should be attacked, left his new
coat in the Thief's hand and ran as fast as he could into the inn
for safety. The Thief made off with the coat and did not return
again to the inn.


To many this tale may seem absurd! To a few this tale may seem plausible. Either way, it tis only a tale and every tale is not to be believed.

When someone waggles his tongue about another creature in the tavern or via messenger pigeon or by other magical means [[electronics]], does the person continue to waggle his tongue in the same exact manner in Widu Inn or does he continue wagging his tongue in front of the very person he is gossiping about? If so, it may 'not' be a tale at all, it may be truth spoken. Sometimes truth hurts! However, when that tongue wagger tells something negative about another and it is not exactly the same wagging of the tongue in all of those different places(messenger pigeon [[electronic means]] taverns, Widu Inn, for examples, then perhaps you are being told a tall tale. The truth should be consistant in all those places for all to see and hear. One place where you should judge truth from fiction the most is in Widu Inn because it is the most public place of all.

If something negative/critical is spoken of another creature and is only told in secret and never for all to see and hear, including the creature who is being spoken about, it is 'most likely' a tale, no matter how small or minor the negative comment may be. Again, I repeat~ If something negativ is spoken of another creature and is only told in secret and never for all including the creature spoken of- to see and hear, it is 'most likely' a lie, no matter how big or small.

That is how you discern truth from fiction my friends!

And remember this~ there are quite a few fiction tellers. When someone says something negative of another to you, it's your place to ask the person if they'd take it to Widu Inn forum to share it with others including the very one they are criticizing. If they will not do it, why believe them??Seriously? Why believe them?? If they can't go to the Inn and confront the person, you will know if they speak truth or fiction to you.

This is my last Widu sermon and I share it with you to say that if there is one sermon that I may leave an impression upon you, tis this one.

Start weighing the truth by seeing if the person who whispers negativity about another has the courage to confront the person in the forum whom he/she is criticizing. If he/she can not enter the forum with his or her comment of the person spoken of, he/she is most likely lying to you intentionally- no matter how big or small the criticism/lie! (Small lies are often more dangerous than big lies, you know? Remember "The Thief and the Innkeeper?" You could discern the truth easily enough, but the little lies are not as easily discerned. However, those little lies build upon one another to taint a person's perspective. When you look, you have been brainwashed by little lies. Open your eyes and mind and start thinking for yourself and ask anyone who says some small negative comment of another creature to take their issue, no matter how big or small, to the Widu Inn. Confront the creature you speak negative of in the Inn because that is the place for idle chatter and not another creature's ear!

Now why would a person say something negative about another person behind his back? Who knows? Why lie about another is not the point. Many people are like that. Nevertheless, they tend to be unhappy people in life. Perhaps one day people who are involved in idle chatter will grow up and learn their lessons? IDK, but start weighing truth from fiction. If a person speaks critically of another, that person should take it NOT to YOU, but to the very person he or she is critical of! If he or she won't go to the person, he or she is most likely not a nice person and is being very dishonest and is a busybody stirrer of trouble.

Remember, the small lies are more dangerous than the big lies. The thief just proved that because of his ridiculous fib. Weigh the negative-critical talk you're hearing and ask the person to take it to Widu Inn. If he wont, there is a very strong chance he has lied to you. But, if he does, perhaps he and the other person will solve their differences? However, whispering small negative comments about others are usually flat out lies! The person hasn't the courage to boldly step out to the Widu Inn and speak the negativity he whispered because that's the very person who is guilty.

...Again, this was my last Widu Sermon. Ponder it for it is not shallow. Apply the lessons learned from this sermon and prove me wrong! But you will NOT prove me wrong concerning this matter. Why? I was born the baby of many in my family and I have watched them and learned from them!

May you have ears to hear, eyes to see and read, and a clear mind to comprehend and apply this lesson. Amen.
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Re: Widu Temple

Post by Krail » Wed Jun 17, 2015 4:57 pm

It takes a certain type of courage to dedicate yourself to peoples safety, their future. It is no minor task nor is it an easy one, you take the step forward and say 'I will lead' some may doubt you others may gladly follow you. In time you realize that even with the best of efforts some will still hate you, whether it is jealous, misunderstanding or just plain ignorance. A leader must know this and be ready to face those challenges head on.

What can I say to you all ? I hate to lead others, I hate the responsibility and I most certainly hate the fact I become a scapegoat for peoples arguments on 'how it went wrong because of him'. But I will not stand down, I will not let fear slow my pace and I will not let a few mean words stop me. If you think you can do better then stand up yourself and lead, otherwise keep you 'enlightened knowledge to yourself.

But what am I trying to say I assume you think ? Simply, leadership is a difficult task that if handled poorly can cause terrible things and if handled properly...you'll still get a few that say you did it wrong. Its a thankless job and one that only a few people would dare take. But you keep strong, keep moving on because in the end your actions are for the betterment of your people and towns...not for yourself.


Re: Widu Temple

Post by Krail » Wed Jul 08, 2015 11:02 am

Once more, I wsh to share with you a story only best sung.


A young man walked through the forest
with his quiver and hunting bow
He heard a young girl singing
and followed the sound below
There he found the maiden
who lives in the willow

He called to her as she listened
from a ring of toadstools red
'Come with me my maiden
come from thy willow bed'
She looked at him serenely
and only shook her head.

'See me now, a ray of light in the moondance
See me now, I cannot leave this place
Hear me now, a strain of song in the forest
Don't ask me, to follow where you lead'

A young man walked through the forest
with a flower and coat of green
His love had hair like fire
her eyes an emerald sheen
She wrapped herself in beauty
so young and so serene

He stood there under the willow
and he gave her the yellow bloom
'Girl my heart you've captured
oh I would be your groom'
She said she'd wed him never
not near, nor far, nor soon

'See me now, a ray of light in the moondance
See me now, I cannot leave this place
Hear me now, a strain of song in the forest
Don't ask me, to follow where you lead'

A young man walked through the forest
with an axe sharp as a knife
I'll take the green-eyed fairy
and she shall be my wife
With her I'll raise my children
with her I'll live my life

The maiden wept when she heard him
when he said he'd set her free
He took his axe and used it
to bring down her ancient tree
'Now your willow's fallen
now you belong to me'

'See me now, a ray of light in the moondance
See me now, I cannot leave this place
Hear me now, a strain of song in the forest
Don't ask me, to follow where you lead'

She followed him out the forest, and collapsed upon the earth
Her feet had walked but a distance, from the green land of her birth She faded into a flower, that would bloom for one bright eve
He could not take from the forest, what was never meant to leave


Re: Widu Temple

Post by Krail » Sat Jul 11, 2015 4:41 pm

As always I do not talk of religion but of simple matters of life. This is of course my point of view.

Please come in and take a seat, today I speak of 'Good intentions'. We often use this phrase upon being judged or before performing an action that may be high in risk.

Good intention, is what foolish people use to justify the method in which they achieved their goals.

A good intention can be the killing of a few in order to save the many, the destruction of a temple preaching rebellious sermons or enforcing laws such as curfew or the removal of a thieves hand.

Those blindly following will agree while those that fear you will quietly plot your demise and those that watch...will keep watching.

Good intentions is a simple excuse, an excuse to wage war. An excuse to commit murder without reason. Is it fair to remove a thieves hands ? If the thief steals, one must look deeper. Was he failed by society, was he made homeless and forced to such actions or perhaps he was paid or taking advantage of a situation. The temple that preached rebellious sermons, had they taken any actions or were they simply practising their freedom to speak, was it rebellious because the new lord didn't agree with this religion and was part of another ? Was killing a few soldiers truly able to save 'the many' ? After all, those soldiers could of saved many lives later on that day, were 'the many' worth saving or simply added to the costs verses gain of war ?

There are many sides to these simple acts, a good intention of giving swift justice...the good intention of removing a potential threat and the good intention of saving lives...these are not 'good' in fact they are evil. We lie to ourselves, or lie to others with good intentions...so my friends...whatever you do...don't do it with good intentions...*chuckles*

Farewell..don't forget to tip !


Re: Widu Temple

Post by Calysta » Sun Jul 09, 2017 11:49 am

Calysta stands at the pulpit. She says:

"OK! LISTEN UP - I know it's morning, and you're still sleepy. So, let's wake up with some exercise! C'mon! Jumping Jacks first! You can do it! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Looking good! Let's throw some lunges in there. Keep it up!"


After going through 30 minutes of exercise, Calysta says, "Good job, everybody. You did great! Give yourselves a hug. C'mon, now. Hug yourselves and love yourselves. You deserve it!"

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Re: Widu Temple

Post by Karcier_Aisu » Tue Nov 27, 2018 1:49 pm

In a corner of the temple, the somewhat peaceful Karcier sits among a few children while the adults listen to sermons. Out of respect for Emseralda he'd left his rum outside of the temple, he'd once led this temple and done his own part and yet in the end he'd left it like everything else. What was he looking for, perhaps himself.

"Now children, listen closely. As you grow, you will be expected to be responsible...adults !" he pretended to be horrified. "You can be those easily...as none of us are ever truly adults or even responsible...but always retain that joy for fun." or life as he thought it but kids prefered fun. "Be kind to your elders, be kind where you can as to many evils outway the good. A simple smile can make someones terrible day durable. It won't fit you all...but its worth to say it. No go on..go play and have fun...let the adults listen to their Sermons" he chuckles.


Re: Widu Temple

Post by Karcier_Aisu » Thu Nov 29, 2018 1:28 pm

During his spare time Karcier had searched around the town of Widu for transcripts of the Baptisms that had taken place. This wasn't in his best interest nor would he gain anything but he felt he might as well, considering he was one of the few oldest people from Widu. History may be forgotten but at least it would take a little longer before it was turned to nothing. These transcipts had been left in dust filled homes and places of former worship, with memory serving him well he started working on matters.
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Re: Widu Temple

Post by Duke_of_Earl » Wed Sep 25, 2019 3:53 pm

((Post 4))

Duke and his entourage enter the the temple and sit in a pew listening to Alders sermon. After it is done Duke glances at grandfather who rises and places a freznic into the temple donation box. They then exit and head outside to the labor area where Grandfather picks up a sponge and begins to wash a window. Karina helps too.

"Doesn't this drain your holy aura?" Karina asks. "I though dark temple sermons are bad for us and we're meant to break their windows too."
<Not by enough the graveyard wont fix it. Their idea of dark is different from ours. Practical even. There is enough breaking on the horizon anyway. I'd rather treat a temple with respect.>

After the window is clean they head out in the direction of the graveyard.
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