The Crystal Anvil (ORP, Blacksmith Workshop, Taking Orders)

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The Crystal Anvil (ORP, Blacksmith Workshop, Taking Orders)

Post by Vulkan » Wed Apr 01, 2015 11:15 am

A building slightly out from the town itself following of course the view of blacksmiths in the eyes of the medieval period.

The sign that hangs sticking out from the building holds the emblem of this establishment, it features what it keeps its name from a vivid mixture of purples and pinks as well as a little dash of orange and yellows that enter the mix with other small dots of colour within the anvil, the colours designed to make it look like the anvil is a mirage of colours to simulate many different crystals, above the anvil on the wooden sign are two crossed blacksmith hammers, these images are not on a painted background but onto the hard wood of the hanging sign itself.

The building the sign hangs from is a thatched building, the building itself is only one floor with a loft space, only being a short building due to one side only being the main store section of the building, the rear of the building is dedicated to storage and the left side of the building is the forge itself, the forge consist of the forge itself and its bellows as well as a large pile of cured and dried wood that sits near to the forge, The anvil sits slightly closer to the road, the anvil itself sits upon a large stump of a tree, barrels sit around containing water as well other bits and pieces, such as swords that still require sharpening and so on. A grindstone sits off to the side to allow for the crafted blades to be sharpened.

This section of the building consists of wooden planks to create a roof that the forges chimney penetrates.

The internals of the store itself, one door leads onto the main floor, behind the wooden counter that sits about rib height behind it there is a door that leads off into a back room as well as a door that leads off to the left from the counter this leads outside to the forge and thus allows the smith to move between where he is needed, able to see into the store by a iron bar window that is faced towards the forge, a large set of iron bars is across a mid section of the front of the establishment to allow people to browse any wears that the smith has.

Inside hang a few signs mentioning that the store takes orders for specific items and will occasionally rotate stock.

The back room of the store acts as the store room allowing for the smith to store components that he keeps as a reserve in the back, the lighting of the building consists of tallow and fatty oil burning Lanterns, lanterns being used to lower the chance of a fiery incident.
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