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Re: The Lake Trail (Home Thread)

Post by Vulkan » Sun Jul 19, 2020 6:32 pm

His hands always felt rough and hardened from his forge or his duties and ledgers that he fulfilled as the Sheriff of Imperius but holding Myst's sweet and rather soft hands, at least that was the way they felt to Vulkan could be said to feel like touching silk. Their eyes locked often but these days the both had their daughter to both at least keep one eye on.

He had forged a greater life than his name of old and was hoping he was providing a greater environment for his own blood than that of his own upbringing.

"I had nearly forgotten about the idea of love. After the one I courted all those years ago passed, I had developed relationships since then but nothing was the same. Nothing felt like the opposite side of my coin or the mortar to my bricks. I am glad that we met within the Myst's and that our games of dice ended up bringing us closer together. We may have both seen loss of important partners in our time and maybe thats why we can feel that sombre feeling that remained in ones heart, I'm sure many wouldn't have ended up with offspring before they wed but we have a beautiful child and maybe more to come."

"We will see what happens before the day of our ceremony of the circlet"

Vulkan ended with a wink to Myst as he juggled his attention between their daughter and Myst.
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Re: The Lake Trail (Home Thread)

Post by Myst » Mon Jul 20, 2020 7:43 am

-She chuckles a bit at his last comment and nods in agreement because neither of them really could say for sure about that tid bit of news. She slides a hand along his cheek and lets him see all the love she has for him inside her eyes as she stares inside his-

You are a great man, I could not of gotten better. I can not wait for our big day my love. Now tell me, did all the invitations go out? Everything is getting prepared like it is suppose to? Oh I need to check on my dress. I will send someone today to do that. I do know the baker was going to bring the cake here. Hmm Almost ready.

-She smiles softly and leans in giving him a very soft kiss upon his cheek before moving away-

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