ORP: Bravia Temple

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ORP: Bravia Temple

Post by Sharra_tianna » Wed Mar 10, 2010 9:58 am

Good day to you citizens of Bravia, I am your new priest and will be here for you for services. If any need my help it will be freely given.
This is the new look to the Temple. I have had it refurbished at my own cost as all deserve a nice place to worship. I will be conducting a Blessing of the Temple on Saturday at 1am GMT, all are welcome to come and join in. I hope to meet you all then.

Image This is the new look to the outside of the
Image This is the inside where you may come to
worship or just to have a peaceful place
to sit.

Image And finally the altar where I will conduct
all services.


Re: ORP: Bravia Temple

Post by Joao » Thu Mar 11, 2010 7:11 pm

I look forward to the blessing ceremony and I encourage all residents of Bravia to attend to help make the festivities truly grand.

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Re: ORP: Bravia Temple

Post by Dwayberry » Fri Mar 12, 2010 5:23 pm

My goodness! That's quite a change, I hardly dare to juggle eggs there :shock:
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Re: ORP: Bravia Temple

Post by balerion » Sat Mar 13, 2010 3:50 am

Egg juggling is held out back I believe.
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Re: ORP: Bravia Temple Todays Blessing and Mass

Post by Sharra_tianna » Sun Mar 14, 2010 9:53 am

Sharra prepared everything for her Blessings of the Temple and Mass. She looked about her and was satisfied she had done all she could to make this a haven of Peace and Love for her people. She looked forward to meeting her friends at this most important rite. For this, her first one was very important for her and The Faith. She waited till they had all arrived and settled before beginning.
First, I will introduce myself. I am Sharr_tianna your new priest and I welcome you to this Blessing and Mass.


Re: ORP: Bravia Temple Blessings and Mass

Post by Sharra_tianna » Sun Mar 14, 2010 10:25 am

She went to the altar and lit the candles saying a small blessing on each as she did so. Turning she looked out on the people before her and told them *This is a Temple of Peace and Love for all the people of any race, creed or colour for we are all equal in here.

*I call upon the Source of all life and Love to grant thy Presence here with us this day*
A misty light seemed to hover over here and she continued as the misty light surrounded her. Her voice slightly deepened as she went on....
*I bless this Temple in the name of Love, Peace and Truth. May it grant everyone who enters the joy of finding that which they most need.
May it provide a safe harbour for those adrift in the in sea of life who have lost direction.
May it grant Truth to those who have lost it, that they may find the truth within.
May it grant Peace to all in need, and for them to kow harmony.*
The misty light suddenly spread around the Temple and she raised her voice to say *I give this blessing to all here,to every stick and stone of this Temple, that all may know the Love and Peace who enter here.*
The Misty light then gathered itself together and withdrew.
Sharra looked at the people a little dazed but said *I give thanks to the Source of all Life and Love for your Presence and your Blessing. and I thank you all for being here today.
For those who wish, I will give the mass.


Re: ORP: Bravia Temple Mass

Post by Sharra_tianna » Sun Mar 14, 2010 11:18 am

After the Blessing she turned back to the people and said, * I will now say Mass.*
*The Faith teaches life is about choices and consequences. You are not punished for your ignorance but rather for willing disobedience. It is essential that one tries to learn but, there are times when one will slip. It is not the slips we make that define us but rather the choices we make and what we do about it.

It teaches that Love is the very Essence of us.
Love is pure and the strongest emotion within us,it is the difference between saying something and respecting other's
opinions.It is knowing if someone is wrong you do not shove it down their throat that it is so.

In all things we are created equally. and it is about giving, of oneselfand to those in need.
One does not boast or brag of their service to others,but rather should humbly help when opportunities are present and it
is sound to do so.

We will now think of these things for a moment and seek within for that which we know we need.*
she pauses for a few moments, then continues.

*I give blessings on each and everyone of you. May you each find the peace, love and truth that you need for this time in your lives. May you find the happiness you need and may you all find peace within your hearts.*

She finished the Mass and smiled at the people gathered there.


Re: ORP: Bravia Temple

Post by Sharra_tianna » Mon Apr 05, 2010 1:00 am

She walks into the temple ready to do the Mass and looks out at the people and was happy to see her beloved new husband Hydra and her cousin seated there. She smiled to them and then in her clearest voice began the Mass.


Re: ORP: Bravia Temple

Post by HydraRider » Mon Apr 05, 2010 8:52 am

I smile up at her while she says the mass for us, she is so much an angel to me. I can feel the spirits fill the temple.


Re: ORP: Bravia Temple

Post by Rowena » Thu Oct 14, 2010 12:18 pm

Rowena fidgeted uncomfortably at the cavernous threshold to the cathedral-like temple that had been generously bestowed to the town of Bravia by the previous Priestess, Sharra_tianna. It's soaring ceilings and thousands of panes of carefully cut glass were indeed awe-inspiring and extremely appropriate for the seat of spirituality in the Viceroyalty of Bravia.

Unfortunately the newly appointed Priestess was not accustomed to such formal trappings. Her studies with the Sisters of Jilou had only reinforced her belief that although paths to the Faith could be found anywhere, the Path she found most natural was closer to nature itself. The previous week the former Deacon was given only a minutes notice to prepare a few words for the weekly worship service and ended up giving a short impromptu mass at the door of the cathedral. The townsfolk seemed so pleased to receive the words they didn't seem to notice the new Priestess held the service in the doorway of the grand building, not under it's massive roof!

Rowena sniffed and dug her bare big toe into the loose dirt outside the hallowed hall. Although she respected the beauty and grandeur of the edifice she knew in her heart she would have to find another way to minister to her community, a way that she could share the power of her connection to the Faith most purely.

Spying a pathway through a copse off the road to the temple nearby, Rowena slipped onto the brightly lit path and walked a very short minute to arrive at a babbling brook rushing merrily by a small but ample rough-hewn stone meeting site.
It was perfect. Rowena ran her gloved fingers over the ancient stones lining the area. Stones from the earth. She squinted upwards. Light from the sun. Darkness in the shadows. Water from the creek. Wax and ash in some of the taller stones suggested candles had burned there once: fire. A breeze ruffled her hair. Wind.

This would be her temple, or her version of a temple anyway. She hoped her neighbors in Bravia wouldn't be too put off with the new arrangement. The beautiful cathedral would always be there for pilgrims and seekers of Faith in need, but she would bring words of comfort and guidance to those who sought it on Sunday to this new - ancient - sacred space on the temple grounds. "Sharra, give me strength," she mumbled softy.

At peace with her resolution, Rowena LeStrange, Sister of Jilou and new Priestess of Bravia went to prepare words for the upcoming Gathering.

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