[rp] The Coolest Gang Corsairs

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[rp] The Coolest Gang Corsairs

Post by Salina » Sat Oct 12, 2019 12:09 pm

Are you ready, guys?

Sal pulled the sail and smiled wide. After the long preparations, today they embarked the ships. Camlost went first, then Symphony boarded. Maxx and Sal joined the same moment.

The weather was perfect for their first day at sea. The two merchant galeons were standing high in the blue sky, swaying gently from the waves, inviting them to start their adventure.

The sun was blinking her eyes, and she could not see their faces clearly, but she knew the answer.

They were all ready for their new life...


Re: [rp] The Coolest Gang Corsairs

Post by Camlost » Sat Oct 12, 2019 2:13 pm

Cam nodded slightly at one eye to her.
Sal sometimes seemed to be able to read the future.
The day chosen was perfect, sunny but also slightly windy.
It was the best time to anchor and start a new adventure together.
Before leaving he concentrates on the sea, rests listening, trying to hear the voices of the Gods of the Sea.
There were many legends about it:
some left that indicate that they were lunatics and the wicked, others instead they were good protectors.
But they were all human legends, who knows if they even protected an half-giant like him.
Sometimes, they say, it was possible to hear the voice of the drowned ...
He said himself, if I had to meet one I will offer him a drink ...
and while he laughed for that thought, he asked:

do you hear the voices of the sea?



Re: [rp] The Coolest Gang Corsairs

Post by Salina » Sat Oct 12, 2019 2:21 pm

Sal laughed at Cam:

The sea not only speaks, it caress us now and inviting us to go!

Are you two ready for the race?

She used to joke that they will compare which ship sails faster, knowing they will sail as fleet, as those lands were dangerous and unknown for them.

Maybe we will come upon interesting sea creatures, i cant wait!


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Post by Camlost » Sat Oct 12, 2019 2:32 pm

Cam ran behind the sail and started blowing hard, watching Sal and Maxx on the other ship.
After a few snorts, he laughed, and shouted at them ...

We have more wind!
Move or stay back!

and turning to Symp he said aloud

don't blow or you will burn everything!
help me rather to maneuver the ship, we have to get there first

he loved challenges and above all loved to joke with his friends...



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Post by Salina » Sat Oct 12, 2019 2:41 pm

You have more wind? Ha! Lets see what will be your excuse then when you sail behind us. Shouted at Cam playfully.

Sal was in such a good mood, smiling all the time. The ships sailed near the cost, close to each other, slowly moving in deeper waters.

Maxx was on the rudder to manage the direction, she was checking the map. Looked at the other ship, then moved her eyes and locked them with Maxx's.

Soon we can sail calmer and enjoy the sea layed on the deck. Such a lovely day, my sweet.

Stood up and took a bottle of wine from her bag. Waved it above her head to show it to the other ship and shouted again:

Hey, guys, dont sail too far, we have drinks!


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Post by Maxx » Mon Oct 14, 2019 4:49 pm

Maxx smiled as he watched Salina with the wine flask. She was so happy on the sea, it was in her blood, just like in Maxx's.

I will be looking for that calmer water to be with you my heart.

With the wind blowing thru his hair, Maxx worked the rudder to gain advantage on their friends. This was the life, on the open sea, with his love and good friends.


Re: [rp] The Coolest Gang Corsairs

Post by Salina » Tue Oct 15, 2019 4:28 pm

They can do better, love.

Sal laughed sweetly at Maxx. Maybe they believe they are so good that giving us advantage?

Moved next to Maxx, stared in the distance at the direction to the second ship. The ships were separaded in the sea by enough space that was not able to hear the words of Cam anymore. The white sails were contrasting with the deep waters, playing with the winds.

Or maybe we can really advance and made them worried they will loose us. Those lands can be funny to sail without knowing the map.

Her hairs were shining on the sunlight, and the wide smile never left her face.

Lets make them worry, my heart! They would not advance that much, but the idea of the ships chasing each other liked to Sal.


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Post by Maxx » Thu Oct 17, 2019 11:50 am

Yes my love we will make them work hard

Maxx held her tightly in his arms and laughed. Then he moved to raise more sail. They needed to make the most of the wind and push hard against their friends.

When he looked back at Salina, navigating the ship, he smiled. She was so beautiful in the sunlight and the wind whipping her hair. He returned to raising the sailing canvas. His muscles strained under the load but it felt so good to be working hard on deck, enjoying the sea, feeling the spray of the salt water on his face.

As Salina had said, winter would be here all to soon. These were precious days to treasure.


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Post by Camlost » Thu Oct 17, 2019 12:48 pm

While they started to sailing, he had noticed a strange bird that seemed to follow them, flying near the ships.
So Cam had deliberately taken the wake of Sal and Max's ship, to see better...
Suddenly, when Cam's ship had got behind him, the bird change route and now it seemed to take advantage of a more powerful wind approaching quickly to the first ship.
Cam decided to follow him, taking advantage of the stronger Wind, and soon found himself beside his friends' ship again.
At that point he turned the route towards them and screamed to make himself heard...

the helm is blocked move away or slow down otherwise we will come upon you !!!!

And like a sort of echo, while Cam ended screaming, the strange bird gave a sharp sound as if it were the verse of an Eagle, but decidedly stronger.

Move!!! Moveee!!!
He screamed again.


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Post by Salina » Thu Oct 17, 2019 12:57 pm

She was totally distracted by Maxx and her thoughts of their wonderful life together. And did not notice Cam's ship coming closer. When she saw it, she turned to Maxx:

Love, they moved too fast, how is that possible?

The next moment she heard Cam, and it was so bright from the sun and reflections in the water, that Sal could not see Camlost's face. Also the wind changed the voice and she was not sure if he is joking, or he is moving toward them too fast.

Sal jumped and moved to Maxx, instinctivily pulling the ruddle of the ship the opposite direction.

What are you doing, Cam, turn now!

Her voice was getting serious, they would crash soon and the last Sal could imagine from their nice sailing is a shipwreck on their first day.

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