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Posted: Sun Aug 04, 2019 6:42 pm
by Texas_Knight
TK grins and returns the hug and kiss with enthusiasm. "Aye, I was just headed into the wilds myself. Might as well have my love as company. So have you got a route and such or just wander about trying to get lost and see new things?"

TK was glad to have some company although he wasn't sure how the others would react to seeing him hunt. But he gave little thought to that as he saw the eyes of Nikki light up.

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Posted: Sun Aug 04, 2019 7:42 pm
by Nikola
They walked together as they talked, discussing ideas of what they might like to do and where they might want to go until at last, they went back to their respective homes. The next few weeks were filled with preparations once the King had given his blessing for the small group of travelers to leave Fenia and their duties behind for a time.

At last the day arrived and the four travelers gathered together in the town of Fenia to begin the journey Into the Wilds

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Posted: Tue Nov 19, 2019 9:21 am
by Texas_Knight
Time had flown by and before he knew it Fall had descended on the lands. He'd been getting his affairs in order from recent events. New responsibility, new position, new title. New town in the viceroy, actually one that was taken a while back and just recently returned to its rightful place in Fenia. He'd gone on a walkabout with Nikola and a few others during the summer months and found some new places that he would like to visit again. Time had slipped by too quickly.

In the past weeks he'd made plans to go by and see his love. He'd sent note ahead so he wouldn't be totally unexpected. He made a list of things to have Ethan put on and pack for Greybeard to carry. He had meats and a barrel of 15 year old brandy, and some other little items that he was bringing with him. He left Ethan instructions on things and headed out.

The trip down his lane made him aware that there were less leaves on the trees, more open spaces that needed to be explored one day. He saw what appeared to be a cave entrance in the distance of the northeast part of his land. He would have gone to explore that but his mind was set on seeing Nikola. He made a mental note to visit that spot and at the gate he left word with his guard captain to have that marked and checked within the week.

At last he was off and on the road to Nikki's place. He did not stop along the way and as he and Oblivion went with the pack mule, Greybeard, in tow they made slower time than normal, but kept a steady pace. Finally they had arrived at the gates of Lady Nikola's manor.

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Posted: Fri Nov 22, 2019 7:11 pm
by Nikola
After an eventful trip through several of the neighboring kingdoms, Nikola and the group had returned home. Storms, sea monsters and getting lost had not dampened their spirits and so Nikola and TK had decided to strike out again on their own after resupplying and getting some work done first. They had not gone far when word reached them of the treachery in Fenia City and they were recalled home to active duty. Together they had helped return Widu to Fenia, and she had eventually headed for home alone to take care of things in the Finance office. Repairing the damage to Widu’s mines from apparent neglect over a long period of time was proving costly and she was spending a great deal of time in the castle once more.

Today the weather had been pleasant. Cool, but not cold, and only a slight breeze to rustle the leaves in the trees. She had chosen to ride astride Starr, a cloak around her shoulders to keep out the fall chill, and was returning to Firestorm Manor from the castle, looking forward to a relaxing evening at home with a certain visitor whom she had not seen since she left Widu. Her belly was looking forward to dinner, too, as she tended not to eat much at the castle.

As she neared the gates of Firestorm Manor, her face lit up and a smile parted her lips as she urged Starr into a canter to catch TK before he passed through the gates.

“TK!” she called out to him, Starr’s hooves kicking up a cloud of dust on the road as she closed the distance between them. Starr slowed to a trot and then a walk as they drew close until at last, they met up with the small party. The mare whickered a greeting to Oblivion as Nikola greeted TK with a broad smile. “It has been awhile,” she exclaimed. “I was beginning to think I might have lost you to Widu,” she teased.

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Posted: Fri Nov 29, 2019 9:22 pm
by Texas_Knight
At the gates he was about to be led into the manor grounds when he heard a voice call to him. He held Oblivion up and waited on the now running Starr and the woman on horseback. He didn't say anything as she teased him, he just leaned over and gave her a big kiss in answer. "You'll never lose me my love." he grinned and looked at her beaming face. Her face was lit up and she was as glad to see him as he was her. As they rode together to the manor he listened to her goings on and told her of his. They seemed to parallel one another and he smiled as she talked about things that had happened over the last month or so.

When they finally made their way to the actual manor they dismounted and once she'd given instructions for the unloading of Greybeard he took her hand and said "Before we go inside, why don't we take a stroll down to the lake for a bit." It was nice fall day and he'd been wanting to see the sun set with her for too long.

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Posted: Tue Dec 03, 2019 9:48 pm
by Nikola
Once everything seemed to be settled, she turned to TK, intending to lead him inside, but he surprised her by taking her hand and suggesting that they take a walk down to the lake. “Sure, that would be nice,” she responded and squeezed his hand gently.

“Were you planning to move in for awhile?” she asked, her eyes dancing with mirth as she teased him again. “You certainly brought enough to hold you for awhile,” she chuckled and kissed his cheek as they strolled leisurely through the grounds toward the lake. They could have gone directly to the small inlet that flowed through the back of her estate, but she got the feeling he wanted to see the larger body of water that could be found at the end of a path that wound through the woods.

It was an easy walk, and it did not take them over long to reach the water’s edge, just outside the woods. Her lands were located on the south eastern edge of the lake and as they looked out over the body of water, the dying sun lit the waves stirred by a gentle breeze so that they glittered like living diamonds.

She sighed happily and snugged up against him, leaning her head against his arm and still holding his hand in hers.
“I do love this view,” she murmured.

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Posted: Wed Dec 04, 2019 8:55 am
by Texas_Knight
When they made it to the lake TK picked out a little clearing and sat with Nikola next to him and his back resting on tree. He closed his eyes and breathed in the scent of her once again. It had been too long since he'd been able to do that and he had longed for her scent. After a moment he opened his eyes and smiled contentedly.

"Move in?" he chuckled "Not unless you decide to not let me leave. No, with the weather changing I brought some clothing that might be better for cold weather, a barrel of brandy that I found a week ago. By the looks of it, it's been at least 15 years since it was made. a good amount of meat, and my armor in case it's needed." He wasn't wearing his armor just his casual clothes. It was a bit unusual, but not completely uncommon for him to be seen without armor when he was just milling about the town. There were many times he went hunting without any armor. The bear tooth scar served as a reminder of one of those times. He'd brought her a surprise too, but he wasn't going to give it to her just yet. There was something he had to do to give it the right touch, and luckily he'd brought his imbuing equipment.

As the sun set slowly he saw a big fish jump in the middle of the lake. The ripples in the orange light made that part of the lake look as though it were afire. This was a good sign and he smiled to himself.

He looked at Nikola as the last bit of sun faded in the distant sky and kissed her head. It was getting near dark and the light of the manor was gone from sight. Total darkness would soon be upon them. He smiled. "Shall we go just now, or would you like to see the moon rise behind us? The moon is in the 1st quarter and will be an orange shade as it first makes its appearance above the trees." He would leave that up to her as he knew not all creatures appreciated the moon the way he did.

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Posted: Wed Dec 04, 2019 9:03 pm
by Nikola
As the sun slowly sank toward the horizon, the diamond ripples turned to fire, setting the entire lake ablaze in color wherever the surface of the water moved and rippled. This effect, and the way the sun could set a sky full of clouds ablaze in color was the reason behind the name of her estate and she loved it. She smiled and chuckled at TK’s retort to her question, shifting her position on the ground until she was comfortable as she leaned against him, just wanting to feel close to him this night.

The sun kissed the surface of the water and then slowly slid beneath the surface, the flames of light dancing on the water fading until only the inky blackness of the unlit water remained in the dim twilight between evening and night. She smiled as he spoke again, inviting her to sit with him to watch the moon rise.

“That sounds lovely,” she murmured and kissed the arm against which she leaned. “I cannot think of anything I would enjoy more at this moment.” Ben had seen her wander off with TK so the household would know they were together and not be overly concerned by their absence, and she was in no hurry to bring the togetherness they were sharing to an end.

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Posted: Sun Dec 08, 2019 10:00 am
by Texas_Knight
As the moon slipped out of its hiding and peeked above the treeline it looked almost as if it were blushing. A light orange tint still shown on its face and as it rose that blush cleared and a pale white light was cast down from the more than half full moon. TK separated himself from Nikola and the tree and stood. He looked at Nikola with a smile. "I want to show you something. Do you have the pouch of klah I gave you? If not, there is another I left sitting beside you." He leaned down and kissed her, put the pouch in her hand and stood back to his full height.

The moon was rising fast, and the more it rose the whiter it got. TK looked at the woman he loved and smiled. He turned to the moon, walked to the water's edge and almost in an instant he changed from his Orcish self into a big hairy Lycan. His eyes were red and as he looked at the moon he let out a howl that could be heard for miles through the woods. He stretched to his full height and sniffed the air when a familiar scent caught his attention.

His mind was there, he knew who she was, he knew what she was, he knew her. Slowly, cautiously, deliberately he turned to her and walked up out of the water's edge toward her. He spoke to her slowly so he would be understood...
"Nikola... my love..." He kneeled awkwardly and lowered his head to her level. His eyes were now a shade of orange, like the moon when it first rose this evening. He reached out a huge paw and took her hand and placed it on his muzzle. He closed his eyes as her hand touched him. He breathed in her scent and opened his eyes. He let go of her hand and waited to see what she would do.

He'd been working on this a long time. She had said she wanted to experience him in this form, and he wanted to make that a reality. Months of practice it seems were not wasted as he was able to not just control himself and not eat her, but actually know her. He shivered a little at the thought of anything happening to her at his hands. And was again glad to see her through these eyes.

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Posted: Mon Dec 09, 2019 9:10 pm
by Nikola
She looked at him in surprise as he separated himself from her and stood to his feet. His smile warmed her heart, yet she could tell something was up. Then he asked if she still had the klah pouch he had given her, but before she could respond, he leaned down and kissed her and pressed something into her hand. When he stood up again, she looked down to see that the something was another bag of klah. That could only mean one thing. A thrill of fear and love swept through her as she realized what he was planning to do, and she could not take her eyes off him. The way he smiled at her before turning toward the moon touched something primal deep inside of her. Her breath caught as he reached the water’s edge and then suddenly, he was no more TK, the orc.

In his place stood the lycan she had only seen once before up close back during the fight with the boar. That time he had been filled with blood lust and had been as wild as she had ever seen. They had discussed this, him coming to her in his lycan form, and he had always feared that he might lose himself and try to eat her before he could stop himself. She could feel the howl that filled the night deep inside. Part of her wanted to run screaming from the wood, but she calmed that part of her and remained where she was. This was TK. She did not believe that he would harm her, else he would not have taken that chance by purposefully turning while she was with him.

She watched in fascination as he stretched and sniffed the air. She did not take her eyes off him for even a breath as he slowly turned to her and began padding his way over to her. She heard him speak her name, the voice not human or orcish, but bestial and gruff, yet when he lowered himself, she realized with a start that he was kneeling to be on her level, and lowered his head, she could see the TK she had grown to love in his eyes. They were different, but she could see him there, looking at her, watching her, reaching out to her.

His paw lifted her hand and placed it on his muzzle, and he closed his eyes, leaning slightly into her palm. She did not take her hand away, but stroked the fur on the muzzle, hesitantly at first, but he did not bite, and when he opened his eyes again, she smiled. She moved from her sitting position to kneel before him, raising herself a little closer to his level and then took the huge head in both her hands. She almost wished she had the ability to change herself into a wolf so they could run together through the woods and into the night, but that ability had not been given to her. Instead she studied his eyes and leaned forward to press her lips to his muzzle in a kiss. Her heart beat hard within her chest as she knew that anything she did might trigger the wild beast inside him, yet wild beast or not, he was TK. Her TK.

“I love you, Texas Knight,” she whispered, knowing his canine ears could hear even the softest of sounds.