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Re: The Barony of Wyvernston [ORP]

Posted: Mon Apr 20, 2020 7:44 pm
by Nikola
She viewed his map as he pointed out where they were and which path he wished to take. She turned to pull out the maps that Iris had added to the pack she had brought inside with her. Bringing them over to the table, she spread out the two she had selected that showed county and viscounty boundaries to compare with his map. Neither her maps nor his showed any indication of where the seat of his viscountcy might be located. “Your guess is as good as mine on the location, but I think it would make sense to be located somewhere near the center unless the land is inhospitable in that location.”

She looked up from the maps and smiled. “I guess we get to do some exploring, then,” she quipped, turning more serious as she surveyed the maps again. “I would suggest being prepared to camp out under the stars if we don’t find any hospitable dwellings or inns available. Do you know anything about the land? What it produces or how many people already live there that you would be responsible for?” she asked, not knowing whether he might have been given more information than she had about her own County of Fenshire. Fenia City was within her county lands, as was the lake where Firestorm Manor was located, but she knew virtually nothing else about the land or its people outside of Fenia City.

She paused in her perusal of the maps to pop some iskir berries into her mouth and then washed them down with a sip of brandy.
“Mmm…this is some of your better brandy, I can tell,” she praised as she took another drink.

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Posted: Thu May 07, 2020 12:38 am
by Texas_Knight
TK nodded his agreement with Nikola's guess "Yes, it could be, but I've heard that it may be on the northwestern area also." he pointed to a little dot on the map. "Here where the map has a hump on the land where it joins the other two in the corner is where I've heard. But I've seen nothing to support that rumor."

He takes a long drink of the brandy and nods again. "Aye. This is the 20 year dark brandy. A special blend that I found hidden away in a little town from the trader. I, of course had to have a bottle and once I tasted it, I bought 10 barrels." he smiles and takes another long drink. "Notice the woodsy taste? That's what they call meskitwood. I have no idea how they did it, but they got the flavor from that wood in the brandy. They say the wood comes from a large basin where the trees only get about 8 foot high at the highest and look more like brush than anything else. Turns out to be pretty good for making smoked meats as well."

Looking at the map he shook his head. "I know people live there, the land is rough and rocky on the southwest side where stone is said to be mined. The northwest is rolling hills and plenty of open spaces, I think they grow isker berries and cattle up there. The east side of the land is mostly wooded and not lived on, well, save for my place on the southeast section. And even my place is what most would call unlivable outside Wyvernston walls. I've found caves and plenty of bear, hogs, and a few other creatures that not many others are aware even live around here. The area north of here is a mixture of caves and woods, hermits and trolls from what I've heard are the only things that live there. Makes for some good adventuring and sport."

All those are reasons TK chose this land. He liked the rugged terrain, the isolation from the more well-traveled ways, and the reassurance that he could get from his lands to any other place in the kingdom of Fenia in a short amount of time compared to the other choices he had to pick from.

Just about the time he finished the last of his brandy Betsy poked her head in "Sir, your dining area is set and awaiting your arrival." "Thank you Betsy. We shall be there shortly." As she left TK smiled "I do believe we should get it while it's hot. Come! Let's go put something with substance in our bellies so we can sleep good tonight." TK held his hand out to Nikola and escorted her arm in arm to the dining area where they were served a piping hot stew, fresh warm bread, some 50 year old burgundy wine, and a little special dish that looked like isker berry pie that was being kept warm by the fireplace.

Once they were served and the cooking staff left TK looked around and smiled. He gave a thoughtful look about the place as his gaze settled on Nikola. "I'd say this room is now completed. It has everything I want it to have." As they ate they continued to discuss the trip and finally decided to take the east road out and go up the eastern side to the north and then circle back to the mining part in the southwest before continuing on to Nikola's lands. "We should probably grab a few provisions and bottles of brandy to take with us." Of course to TK, brandy was the provisions.

By the time they'd finished eating and talking it was getting late. He looked at Nikola and smiled as he rubbed his neck "So, should I have your quarters prepared, or would you like to, um, sleep in mine?"

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Posted: Thu May 07, 2020 10:13 pm
by Nikola
Nikola listened as he described what he knew, or had heard, about the land, creating an image of the place in her mind according to his descriptions. She was particularly intrigued about the caves he said he found. After he had described the brandy's origin, she took several more sips, letting the dark amber liquid sit in her mouth in order to taste it more fully and she thought she could detect a certain woodsy character to the flavor. "If the wood that made this brandy smells as fragrant as the flavor it has added to the drink, I think I might like to roast a steak on it. I'll bet it would make a lovely campfire as well," she smiled.

Betsy called them to dinner and she took his hand, squeezing it after interlacing her fingers with his and following him to the dining hall. TK's comment about the room being complete as he gazed upon her sent a thrill of pleasure through her and the smile that graced her lips was genuinely heart felt.
"I think I would be content anywhere so long as I am with you, love," she assured him.

Betsy had outdone herself and she was tempted to gorge herself upon the offerings, but exercised enough control so that when they were done, she was well sated but not overly stuffed. When TK mentioned gathering provisions for the trip along with bottles of brandy she laughed.
"I think it might be prudent if I worked with Betsy on gathering some of those provisions," she offered, knowing that if left to himself, he would pack brandy, more brandy, and maybe a loaf or two of bread.

Ever since he had made his comment earlier about the room being complete as he looked on her, she had wanted to get him alone and away from prying eyes. Therefore, when he asked whether he should have her own quarters prepared, then turned an interesting shade of read as he hesitantly asked if she might like to share his quarters instead, she smiled, feeling relieved that he wanted to be with her as much as, and in the manner in which, she wanted him. She placed her hand on his and squeezed, holding his eyes with hers.
"Wild horses could not keep me away from you tonight, my lord," she said, her voice surprisingly husky as she leaned forward to press her lips to his.

As they headed to his quarters, she noted outside one of the windows as they passed by that the sun was setting low on the horizon. He had spoken to the servants and by the time they reached his quarters, the few things she had asked to be brought in had been delivered and were waiting for her there. She did not bother to unpack, and he did not seem to mind at all that she wrapped her arms around him as the door closed and pulled him close.
"I love you, Texas Knight," she said softly, her lips brushing against his shirt as she lay her head against his chest. Sometime later as they lay entwined under the light of a rising moon, she sighed happily and nestled her head in the hollow of his shoulder. She smiled and snuggled close as they both fell into an exhausted slumber.

The next morning, they had arisen, dressed and repacked for the trip. TK had gone off to make sure the wagon was packed with their personal belongings as well as camping gear, blankets, fodder and oats for the horses, so Nikola had gone to the kitchen to work with Betsy on preparing food provisions for the journey. Nikola caught her giving her a side glance once or twice. She knew how servants loved to gossip, and it was obvious that Betsy was understandably protective of her lord.
"Betsy," she addressed her as they were putting the last of the fruit and fresh bread into the last basket alongside baskets containing the longer lasting dried and salted meats, cheeses and nuts that had been packed first. "I know you care a great deal for your lord and I want you to know that I do, too. I have the best of intentions toward him, and want him to be happy again. I care very deeply for him. Please trust that I hold him in the highest esteem." The woman seemed to consider this and after a moment or two of thought nodded. After that she seemed more relaxed and even graced Nikola with a smile before she left to join TK at the stables where the wagon looked to be just about ready. As she looked over the contents, she thought they might be able to live quite comfortably on the road for several weeks. Her hunting skills were passable, but paled in comparison to his. However, between the two of them, they should be able to keep fresh meat in their bellies most days. As the last of the food and brandy was loaded she headed for TK and greeted him with a smile. "Are we ready to leave, my love?" she asked, remembering that there were still servants around and deciding to share her more intimate kisses with him later when they were alone.

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Posted: Mon May 25, 2020 8:54 pm
by Texas_Knight
TK checks over everything one last time and nods in approval. Turning to Ethan he says "Take care of things while I'm gone. We may be back in a week, or it may be two weeks."

"I believe affairs are in order and we are ready to leave my dear. The wagon is filled and there are a few things I have that I'll put in the new place.. once we find it that is... At any rate, we should be off before the sun gets any higher." he offers a hand and helps her into the wagon seat and then follows and takes the reins.

They set off on the road that leads out of the manor on the east side taking the route that will lead them up the land's eastern border where they will find many caves and creatures.

As they head out the rarely used path TK points back to the castle to show how much they have already risen in elevation. They could clearly see the northern walls in their entirety and with a keen enough eye could see the courtyard. They were about 2 miles out then. As they exited Wyvernston lands completely he pointed out the large tree that marked the edge of his place. "I've been told that tree is 500 years old. From the looks of it I'd say it has seen a few seasons indeed." They continued on and as the sun was nearing noon they started looking for a place to stop for a little lunch. TK had been this way a few times and while he'd never stopped here, he knew there was a stream that went into a pond where there would probably be fish.

"Feel like a little fishing dear?" he said as he pulled the wagon off the smoother part and under a large tree. "There's a pond about half a mile from here in the woods where there may be some fish. There's also some caves nearby that we could explore if you wanted." TK set the brake and stepped out, offered a hand to his love and helped her down. As her feet touched the ground he pulled her in for a kiss. The kind of kiss that he wanted to give her this morning before they left. The kind that left no nerve unmoved. The kind that lasted. As they parted from the kiss he smiled "I'm hungry, how about you?"

TK pulled the fishing poles and some brandy from the wagon. He took Nikola by the hand and they headed through the woods to the pond.

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Posted: Sat May 30, 2020 8:25 pm
by Nikola
Nikola enjoyed the trip, the journey being almost as pleasant as the company. She admired Wyvernston from above as TK pointed it out to her. She had already noticed the change in elevation as the air was slightly thinner here and there was a chill that was not there when they had left the estate. It was not at all unpleasant though and she smiled easily as the pride he felt for his land was obvious in his voice and in his eyes. She was intrigued by the 500-year-old tree and made a mental note to visit it when they returned if they had time.

They stopped for lunch and TK suggested they go fishing.
“I haven’t been fishing in a very long time,” she confided. “I used to fish all the time when I lived in Paz but haven’t done much since moving to Fenia.” The kiss as he helped her down from the wagon set her heart pounding and her blood pumping as she leaned into him, savoring every moment. As they eventually parted to take a breath, he smiled and mentioned being hungry. She was hungry, and not just for food, but the fish were not going to toss themselves at their feet, so she walked beside him as they walked hand in hand down to the pond.

“This is quite lovely, TK,” she commented as she took her fishing pole and began to set the bait before casting the line into the water. It felt good to stand on the ground and feel the nearness of the trees as a breeze rustled the leaves above and behind them. As they grew quiet, waiting for the fish to take their bait, she noticed something odd. She could not put her finger on it at first, but something was not altogether right. At last she had it.

“TK?” she said his name quietly. “Have you noticed that there is no birdsong here?” she asked. “Something feels off,” she added as she watched their lines lie unmoving in the water.

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Posted: Sun May 31, 2020 10:42 am
by Texas_Knight
As TK cast his bait into the water hoping for a big one. As they waited he saw something move under the water. 'Odd' he thought, but perhaps it was just something like a large fish. Until Nikola mentioned that no birds were singing and the are was completely quiet. "No frogs, no birds, not even tracks of any deer or bear or hogs did I see on the way here." he looks at Nikola "Something is definitely off here. Let's just be on guard in case whatever is about happens to show itself."

TK changed his head to Lycan form so his hearing and smelling senses would be most acute. He didn't smell hog or bear. He didn't hear anything rustling about in the woods. He looked into the water and saw what the issue was and his hair stood up, he growled and the rest of him changed to Lycan immediately. Noticing the look from Nikola "Xanthareel!" is all he was able to get out before one came flying out of the water straight at them.

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Posted: Sun May 31, 2020 5:15 pm
by Nikola
Everything happened so fast. One moment she was watching the stillness of the water and wondering why it was so quiet, the next TK had changed to full Lycan and a xanthreel was flying out of the water straight at them. Instinctively, Nikola dropped her line and a stream of light erupted from her fingertips as she loosed her power at the creature. The light cut straight through the creature, severing its head from the rest of it. The head fell to the ground at her feet as the rest of the creature fell back into the pond.

But it was not alone. As quickly as that one had erupted from the water, two more came at them.
“TK!” she warned as the two seemed to split off, one going after TK and one heading directly for her. Her only weapon was the power that surged within her, but after that first precision strike it seemed to have taken on a mind of its own. Desperately she thought back on Zhaneth’s lessons, searching for anything that would help her control the power enough to kill the xanthreel. The more anxious she became, the more erratic the power roiling inside her. She feared she might harm TK if she did not take control.

Center. Find the void. Calm. There was no time for such. The creature reached shore and reared back its head to strike at her. In a moment of clarity, she saw what needed to be done and with a wave of her hand sliced the creature’s head off. The blow was not as precise as that first one and the thing exploded in a gory mess that splattered over her. Her skin felt as though it had been burned where the bits of Xanthreel touched her and she retreated from the shore, wiping the gore from her as best she could. She would have dived into the pond to wash it off, but for the concern that there may be more where these three came from. Where had they come from? Fresh water ponds were not their natural habitat. When nothing more came at her from the water, she chanced a look over to where TK was battling his Xanthreel.

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Posted: Tue Jun 02, 2020 8:13 am
by Texas_Knight
After the lightening fast reaction of NIkola had extinguished the first beast TK was kind of disappointed he didn't get to kill it himself. But he was impressed that Nikola had acted with such speed and accuracy. "Amaz.." was all he was able to get out before the next two came at them. He took the one that came at him head-on and ducked as it struck. When the beast missed it's intended mark TK used his claws to slice the underside of the beast open. This action essentially gutted the beast and it fell to the ground writhing as it's insides were now outside. TK mercifully finished the beast off with a claw to the head of the thing.

He turned to see what had become of Nikola and saw that she had dispatched her foe in record time. He looked into the water and did not see another beast. He dove in the water and was under for several minutes before coming back ashore in his Orc form. "There are no more in the water." he said as he looked at Nikola. "Unfortunately there are no fish in the water either." he said disappointedly. He takes another, calmer look at Nikola and sees her skin is irritated. "That was some fast thinking my love! Why don't you go ahead and take a swim while I try to figure out why these three were up here in the freshwater area."

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Posted: Sat Jun 20, 2020 1:27 pm
by Nikola
Her skin was getting more irritated as she stood waiting for TK to emerge from the pond, so it was with great relief when he told her the water was safe. She removed her shoes and waded in until she was waist deep in the water and then pushed off to swim out to the middle of the pond where she let herself sink beneath the surface of the water. She had not bothered to remove her clothing as the dress was as spattered as she was. The coolness of the water calmed the irritation and she let her power loose to heal the burned areas. She swam back to the surface and floated for a few moments until she could no longer feel the burns. Only then did she swim back toward the shore.

Once she was able to stand on the muddy bottom, she removed her dress and gave it a good scrubbing to remove all traces of the gore that had spattered it. She would need to get a change of clothes from the wagon. She noted that TK was still studying the signs that might tell him why the Xanthreels had come inland this far, so she waded back to shore and sprinted over to the wagon, placing the wagon between her and TK. She did not know why she suddenly felt shy, but she did and that was all there was to it. Thankfully, her trunk was close enough for her to pull over and open. Pulling out the first dress she found, she slipped it over her still damp body, feeling much more at ease now that she was clothed. After adjusting the laces and smoothing out the skirt, she wrung the water out of the wet dress and laid it over the trunk after closing and latching it. She ran a comb through her wet hair until the tangles were gone and only then went to retrieve her shoes.

“Did you discover anything?” she asked TK as she wiped her feet free of debris and slipped her shoes back on. “I do hope they are not invading like they did before, and I am very glad these did not have iron on them.” During the previous invasion of the Xanthreels, she had taken a war party and attacked the creatures near one of the Bravian mines. She had killed twelve of the beasts, but one had struck her with a sliver of iron stuck on its tail. The sliver had penetrated her skin and nearly killed her. Aishe had found the sliver and removed it, allowing Nikola’s power to reemerge. Unfortunately, she had not learned how to control the power and even if she had, she was unconscious and the power exploded, decimating the entire field of Xanthreels. She had no recollection of that day for some time. In fact, she did not even know who she was or where she was and it took several months and a visit to Vaelen to retrieve her memories.

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Posted: Sat Aug 01, 2020 6:12 pm
by Texas_Knight
TK was in the woods for a little while but found nothing that would account for a logical reason for the beasts to be in the area. He was walking back to the lake when a small hog crossed his path. He killed and dressed the hog and carried it back to the lake in time to see Nikola emerge from behind the wagon. "Nice dress." he said with a smile and showed her the little hog he found.

"I'd like to camp here tonight. I'd like to see what comes out at night and if there's something that drew those three here." They hadn't traveled but half a day, but this was a good spot to camp and they were in no hurry. "I didn't notice anything that gave a reason as to why there were here, but that might change with nightfall."

He laid the hog on the ground and walked over to her, wrapped his arms around her and gave her a big hug. "Who knows, maybe we won't have any visitors at all and will have to find something to do to keep ourselves amused." he winked. "I'm going to get some wood and a few spices I saw while I was out there to cook the hog."

He gathered the spices and put them in his pockets and then picked up a good amount of wood that would suffice for the cooking pit. Once back at camp he dug a pit, put the wood in and then started preparing the hog.