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Post by Grazilda »

Grazilda was uneasy. She would not rest until she gets hold of plucked chickens and went straight to Cork's graveyard.

Unusual as it may sound but sometimes, she got bright ideas in the solace of the graveyard. Here, she could think without anyone interrupting her. In addition, the sight of the dead made jer think of how would she deal with the situation if the dead were on her shoes, not that she actually wanted to be a zombie or anything. It was more about seeing things in various perpectives.

Grazilda stared intently at Noah's grave. "What would I do if I was Noah?" She asked out loud.

"I would ask help from the whole family," said a voice similar to Noah's.

Grazilda blinked. She could not believe it. She could hear Noah's voice. "Is that really you, Noah?" She asked but did not get a response.

She scratched her head and wondered if she was hearing things.

Her attention was now on Zechin's grave. "Zechi....Zechi....What would you do if you were in my situation?" She asked and imagined the silver haired creature who once stole her heart----and her market items.

"Grow your own chickens, Grazi," was the reply from Zechin's grave.

"That's it! I am hearing things! And I know who is responsible for my hallucinations."

She stormed off to demand an answer from the only culprit that she could think of.


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Post by Grazilda »

A growling, hooded and pregnant creature walked quietly in the graveyard. For someone pregnant, she seemed to walk swiftly and barely made any noise.

It turned out that the woman was not pregnant. Instead, Grazilda had a bag of cookies tied by her stomach under her cloak and the growl came from her hungry tummy.

"Hello, Oreo, Noah and Zechin," she greeted the three graves and made herself comfortable in the middle of Noah and Zechin's. She untied the sack and began to munch on the cookies as if there was no tomorrow. No one saw her, at least that was what she hoped for, and her tummy was demanding enough for her to ignore any form of table manners nor propriety and attacked half of the cookies that she brought.

She wiped her lips and frowned. "I knew I forgot something!" She realized that she failed to bring something to drink.

She faced the three graves and declared, "Let us assume that I really heard two of you talking to me last time and I am not getting crazy. Let us also assume that I can talk to the dead and the other way around. Let us also assume that Oreo learned in the afterlife to behave and will not bug nor disturb us with unwanted barking," she began when---


A snowball flew in her direction. Her reflexes were fast enough for her to dodge it. "What in the world?!!" She looked around and wondered where it came from.

As she turned to search for the culprit, she noticed another flew her way. However, she was caught off guard this time and was hit squarely in the face. Shocked, she could merely blink.

She shook her head and wiped her face with her hands and protected her face should there be another one on the way. She dodged the next one and stood up, ready to attack.

The last one partially hit her.

Then, it was quiet.

She suspiciously looked down at the three graves before her. "They're not from you, right?" She scratched her head. There was no way that the dead can throw snowballs at her.

Or could they?

She merely scratched her head at what happened. She would later discover that the snowballs came from Katara. Snow Fight

She returned to her seat and looked down at Noah's grave. "Where was I? Oh... Right. I tried to seek help from the family, as you suggested, Noah. So far, I got a pending gift from Calysta, not that I actually asked her. And I also sent a letter to Katara and Vic to ask." She quickly glanced around. "And I think the family may have thrown those snowballs because I sent guards to their vardos in the middle of the night asking for plucked chickens. I mean... I really did not expect the guards to be THAT efficient."

She turned to Zechin's grave. "Anyhow, let's try your plan," she brought out the parchment that she scribbled on earlier in her vardo. "I was wondering what would you do if you were in my situation, Zechi. Based from that, I made some computations..."

She discussed her ideas to Zechin and hoped that no one would find her there. She could give the excuse that her sorceress powers enabled her to speak to the dead.

After an hour of discussion and further computation, she finished the cookies and fell asleep on the graveyard as she was lulled by the soft barking of Oreo.
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Re: [ORP] The Cork Graveyard

Post by Victorious »

Vicci was walking around town when she found herself at the graveyard. She walked quietly as the graveyard always made her nervous. Not too far ahead she saw someone sleeping at one of the graves. She thought how odd. She creeped a little closer and chuckled to herself, “There she is. Now time for my revenge. She knelt down and made many snowballs. Once she was satisfied at the amount, she started throwing them at Grazilda. Some hit her square in the face and she laughed. She ran off before she could find her and hid in the nearby bushes just observing her.
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Post by Ghost_of_Genova »

Bored in Widu Graveyard, Genova decided to visit, after all these years, the graveyard in their neighboring town.

She looked around and noticed that she barely knew anyone there. If she did, she may have already forgotten, for it has already been years since her death.

She noticed a woman who seemed to be talking to no one at all. Intrigued, she hid, just in case that the woman could see her. She knew that eavesdropping was very improper, yet she could not resist the temptation and listened to the conversation.

As it turns out, the woman was having a serious meeting with the dead.

Genova scratched her head. She never thought that it was possible.

She took a peek again and saw that the woman was really speaking to the dead and they were talking to her.

She would like to see if this woman could really talk to the the spirits of the dead, or if she was just out of her mind.

She waited, for the lady who spoke to the ghosts fell asleep and didn't seem to be waking up anytime soon.

She poked the sleeping lady. "Wake up. Can you hear me?"

Out of the blue, snowballs flew from several directions towards the sleeping lady. "Wake up!!!" Genova tried to warn the stranger.

The lady woke up and Genova took this chance to talk to the lady. "Hello, I'm Genova. Pardon my intrusion. I would like---"

She was unable to finish her sentence.

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Post by Grazilda »

Grazilda slept happily, with her tummy full, on top of Noah's grave. She was dreaming of cookies when something cold hit her squarely on the face.

"What in the world?!" She suddenly got up and instinctively grabbed her axe, read to attack the unlucky one who dared disturb her reverie, only to be attacked my more balls of snow.

When she realized what was going on, she felt dejected. "This is what I get for sending out mails to the family at the wee hours of the night," she placed her axe down and wiped her face.

Soon, more snowballs hit her and she ended up scrambling to leave the area.

She saw an apparition and a lady was trying to speak to her. "Sorry! I'm busy... Busy running away from snowballs," Grazilda told the ghost.

"I live in Cork in Rieron's caravan, in case you need me!!!" Grazilda shouted to the stranger.

The last thing that she wanted was to ignore a ghost who might end up pulling her foot while asleep.

She ran as fast as she could and made her way to her workshop.

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Post by Oreo_TheGhost »

Oreo realized that the graveyard was the only place where Grazilda can see him and talk to him. Thus, he patiently waited for her.

Days passed and there was still no sign of Grazilda, yet Oreo never lost hope.

It was already a few days of the new year and Oreo felt cold. The snow was getting thicker that his grave, as well as the others, were already buried that one had to be familiar with the place to pinpoint the loacation of the graves.

Oreo started to shiver in the cold. How he missed the warmth of the fire from the Dalakoi headquarters. He also missed the food that he ate at Grazilda's shack.

Then, Oreo realized that he was already a ghost so the cold winter air had no effect on him anymore. However, the power of his imagination was still great that he longed for the comfort and care given by Grazilda.

He silently sat by his grave. He shall lead Grazilda to the right spot when she comes so that she won't get lost. He knew deep in his heart that she will return soon.

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Post by Ghost_of_Genova »

Genova mumbled something incomprehensible when she returned to the graveyard. She rubbed her sore behind and walked aimlessly.

"How can I be forced out of the camp? Moreover, how come I'm banned from the camp? How will I talk to Grazilda if I can't reach her home?" She sighed in dismay.

She sat on one of the benches in the graveyard. "Let's see..." She started talking to herself. "I saw her here. She might end up coming back. That's it! I'll wait for her. I'll drop by here from time to time until she comes back so I can talk to her."

She placed her frying pan beside her and fell asleep, at least temporarily.

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Post by Grazilda »

A lot of creatures purchase flowers to give their loved ones in the month of February. Thus, Grazilda bought some roses.

"Roses are red, violets are blue, I'm going to the graveyard and will eat there, too," she laughed at herself. She could consider the graveyard as her third home considering how often she goes there. In fact, she already made an acquaintance in a form of a frying pan-swinging ghost. But that one is for another story.

"Hello Oreo, Noah and Zechin. Did you all miss me?" Grazilda smiled at the three adjacent graves of her dog, her cousin and former lover/business partner.

She made herself comfortable and brought out the basket of cookies. "I've declared cookies as my official graveyard food," she munched on one.

She looked around and sighed. "I am NOT going to plant any roses for obvious reasons. I bought fresh ones, though," she said and laid a bouquet for each grave.

"And with that, I have to go. Happy Love Month to the three of you. See you all next time!" She got up, waved by and left the graveyard as she chewed on a mouthful of cookies.

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Post by Oreo_TheGhost »

Oreo made it a habit to check for scattered roses, or any nice flowers, on the roads of Cork. Somehow, there were so many of them on the 14th of the month. He didn't understand why a lot of people gave flowers to each other on that day.

He was unsure if it was the cold air or the abundance of flowers lately, but he found more flowers lying on the ground. He picked up three: one for himself, one for Noah and another one for Zechin.

When he returned to the graveyard, he gently placed one per grave.

He wagged his tail and barked after looking at the flowers.

He wondered if next time, he should be picking up some leaves to make the ground more green.

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Post by Oreo_TheGhost »

Oreo's ears perked up. He heard that Grazilda is going to Widu.

This information made him get up run around with glee. It's been a while since he went to Widu and he won't miss this chance.

Thus, he took care of what little stuff that he had, which was mostly his magic diary, magic ink and quill.

Thus, he invited himself to Genova and Grazilda's trip to Widu..
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