March 2021 Updates

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March 2021 Updates

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Greetings all! I've been working on some ways to improve our ability to gather feedback from players. One of these changes is the creation of a "World of Secfenia" Discord server. This was a player suggestion to help address issues, give updates on upcoming code changes, gather feedback, and share ideas as well. If you would like to check it out, go to:

This is a test and tweaks will be done as necessary. This is NOT required for any player to join. We wanted to offer this as another optional way to get ahold of us. With this, we will be removing the support chat pop-up button that was part of the site as it was under utelized.

I have been working on 3.1.016 which will implement some of the ideas given in feedback from the last survey. Thank you to everyone who participated. I look forward to getting more of your feedback over time.

You may have also noticed there is a now a "Buy a Coffee" button at the top. This is a feature to allow those who do not want to buy pandora points, but do want to support the game the option to do so. Thanks to those of you who have already used it.

As always, thanks for creating and exploring in the World of Secfenia!
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