Blood, bones and meat

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Blood, bones and meat

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"You have worked well for me, Mister Axcahua. You warned me about the upcoming sunrise every single day." Eztli gently stroked his neck. She dropped her voice to a whisper. "Now it is time we part."
Her grip on his neck tightened before she twisted it, killing him. One last time, she stroked the rooster's shiny feathers, and then began to pluck him.

She had nothing against animals, but people had to eat. And by providing her with eggs and meat, Eztli's chickens ensured a steady supply of blood. The peasants of Widu liked eggs and fried chicken, but they didn't always have enough money to pay for them. Fortunately for them, Eztli was generous and a donation of blood was as good a payment as freznics were.

Now, after months of hard work, Eztli had her own butchery shop. Father would be proud of her. Many years of living in wealth had not made her forget how to work hard. The difference with her childhood was that she now worked for herself.

Eztli paused to look up at the clear sky. The elders of the village she grew up in had told her they were the spirits of wise men and women who passed away. Their spirits illuminated not only the sky, but the futures of those who still walked on the land, sharing glimpses of wisdom with those who knew how to interpret their signs.
But father had told her the stars were like smaller suns, further away and more forgiving to their kind. Their purpose was to guide the sea faring folk, so they may always return home safely. Or die trying.

Eztli mused that wherever she went, the sky looked rather similar. One would have to travel much, much further for that to change, father had said. Her siblings might now be out hunting under that same sky. Her brother... perhaps, if he wasn't busy drinking somewhere.

A sudden pang in her stomach overtook her. It wasn't hunger. Loneliness, a desire to be with her siblings. It had been too long since she had met with them.
I must visit them soon, she thought. And then I must write to father.
We all will take more human wine, and we toast to the night
Sister to Zara, Napoleon and Riley
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