A reply to Nikola -

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A reply to Nikola -

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Shepherd's Pies
Mon Jan 16, 1663
8:56 pm
From: ● Nikola (In Character) Message Status: Read
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I do hope you are not buying my Shepherd's Pies to resell at an outrageous price as most of your baked goods are done. Those are for the good folk of Secfenia who need multi stat food at an affordable price and I know how you like to price your goods out of reach of the ordinary citizen.

Re: Shepherd's Pies Sent: Tue Jan 17, 1663 2:54 pm
To: Nikola Message Status: New
How about you dont contact me ever again with your attitude.
You put it for sale, it is mine to do as I wish. It isnt on a market it was in a tavern.
I am not sure what your problem is, but you can kindly bug off.
I can price MY wares any way I wish. It is none of your business.

Kindly take a flying leap,
She reads the two written letters aloud, then speaks towards anyone listening, but hopes the person called Nikola hears her as she is indeed angry, enough that her lips curled and a slight growl escaped.:

What I do with my own items is my own business, unless suddenly there is a law on who and what can buy from your tavern?? If there is, I would love to have someone show me where it is located, as YOUR laws, however, to my knowledge does not stretch across the full lands in Secfenia, I will kindly thank you for never contacting me again in such an accusatory way in my weeks return from a deep, deep, sleep for more years than I care to count, because of creatures like you and more.

I have no idea what your problem is, but what other people put for sale in their taverns or on their markets in THEIR corner of Secfenia is none of your business or concern. Kindly bury your nose in your own business and stay out of mine.

I have NEVER, harmed the land of Secfenia. I have never manipulated markets in all of the many many years I have been alive here.
I have NEVER harmed others either. My prices are MY concern. People choose to buy them or dont, I have no problem with that, and it isnt for ME to sell at the cheapest price because YOU think that everyone should be able to afford everything. That is your opinion and your opinion only. In a land that has so much wealth, you feel you can push your beliefs onto others.

As I said, please feel free to never contact me again. I can be civil, but when an accusation like this comes to me like this, is when I take acceptation to the person that dares to cross me in a way that is utterly and completely unwarranted. I dont know if your cat was killed or something today, so I will give you slight leniency on your brain malfunctioning.

A little information on my Tavern prices, since you were stupid enough to Assume, rather than ask me-
I price my goods in my tavern at elevated prices FOR ME to buy from MYSELF. As in I do not expect people to buy them. Ever. I have access to an easy location when I travel for secure money and secure goods so as to never run out of food or money while I travel. Would I be angry if it was purchased? Not at all, because I allow ALL to purchase off of my market and out of my Tavern Shop.

How about this- if you dont want it purchased, how about you keep it out of your Tavern Shop?
Most people would be happy someone could afford to drop 1500$ cash in your Tavern.

Also, a tip: I have not really had anything on sale anywhere in a good number of years for the above mentioned reasons. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.
Be aware, make this mistake again and treat me this way once more without thinking it through, and you will find yourself placed on my never to work with, enemy list.
That would make you the first. This is not a threat, but a promise.

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