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Re: ✿ Orange Blossom Bakery ✿

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@Wyllow Balerion coughs a bit.
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Re: ✿ Orange Blossom Bakery ✿

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((Apologies for my delay @balerion ))

Hmm.. adventure? I'd have to think about that. She rubbed her belly. Trying my best to stay out of adventurous ways currently.. for now, that is. She smiled at him but cradled her stomach protectively. A boat isn't that bad of a place to live, honestly. Have you seen the size of some of these Galleons? I hadn't known they were such size until recently! Her eyes went wide and her thoughts were to their recent sea voyage she was freshly returned from.

She chuckled at the bird's squawk. Oh, I sure do. She passed the bird a good chunk of stale bread, which he took up with one foot and balanced marvelously on the other as he snacked. I hope this little guy doesn't give you away. He is cute though. She smiled at the bird. She was a lover of all living things. What kind of adventures are you seeking? I know sometimes it can be terribly dole, but that also makes a good time to enjoy yourself too. She thought for a moment, then added, But I suppose, Not Dragons have different ideas of fun than others maybe, so that does put things in a pickle.
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