Zaturdays in May

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Zaturdays in May

Post by Amaryllis » Wed May 03, 2017 9:15 pm

Ever felt like your character wanted to drink or chat with Mage Zachrin in the tavern? Over time, players have enjoyed the RP interaction with the developer of Secfenia as he plays the Mage Zachrin. There will be plenty of drinks to be had, maybe a mischievous Idunno, and conversations. But when will he be there? We all know sometimes finding the one we want to chat with can be a roll of the dice. In May, we've rigged the dice for you and Zachrin will be in the taverns off and on during Saturdays in May.

Don't worry about affording drinks, Zachrin's got you. So, come on, come all, and let's make Zaturdays in May a fun time.

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