Peasants, Peasants, Peasants!!

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Peasants, Peasants, Peasants!!

Post by Amaryllis » Wed May 03, 2017 9:18 pm

- Peasant Towns will now buy Popcorn, Stone, Wood, Iron, Gold, and Parchment from both the town market and VR Fair as part of the ongoing measure to make Peasant towns more active.
- Peasant towns can use Popcorn to improve their Clerical Happiness by 1% per popcorn.
- Peasant Population formula is being adjusted as it has been noticed that Peasant towns are now more populated than Player towns by a great amount. There will be a period of adjustment where they will lose more peasants to get it closer in line to where it is desire to be. In addition, a few addition changes were added to the formula. During winter, spring, and fall, there is a greater chance of gaining peasants than during summer. Also, if your town is a capitol, there is an additional function designed to give a chance for more to move in

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